WWE Great Balls Of Fire 2017

Great Balls Of Fire

Live from the American Airlines Area, from Dallas, Texas the WWE RAW brand presents the first ever Great Balls Of Fire PPV.

Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins

Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins kick off the inaugural Great Balls Of Fire. Seth controls the match early on as he wrestles a technically sound game. Rollins doesn’t let up as he goes all out attack in the early going, but he gets caught out as he attempts a Suicide Dive but Wyatt cuts him off and takes over. The two men fight on the apron, Seth has control until Bray throws him face first into the steel steps. Wyatt continues the attack outside the ring. He rolls Seth back into the ring and begins to wear him down. The two men battle on the top rope as Wyatt lands a huge Suplex from the top. It’s only good enough for a near fall though. Bray spikes his opponent on the apron with a DDT but again can only get a near fall. Rollins starts to build some momentum as he sends Wyatt to the outside and this time the Suicide Dive finds its target. He rolls his opponent back inside the ring and gets a near fall. The Swingblade, Blockbuster combination leads to a near fall. Rollins fights out of the Sister Abigail as Wyatt starts to fight back. Rollins hits the Falcon Arrow but only manages a near fall. Bray drops his opponent from the top rope and gets a near fall. He plants Seth with a Urinagi but it’s another near fall! Seth hits out with a frantic frenzy as he loses all control. With the ref in the way, Wyatt pokes Seth in the eye and hits Sister Abigail. Bray Wyatt wins via Pinfall.

The Hardyz say they make history and they break bars in WWE

Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

Enzo says the past was love but now it’s war and all is fair in love and war. However, life isn’t fair. Enzo cuts one of the most passionate promos I’ve ever seen.

Enzo runs right after Cass but her gets dropped by one shot. Enzo uses his quickness to try and get an advantage but Cass‘ power proves too much. Cass‘ domination of his former partner continues as he beats him down. Enzo admirably fights back but Cass lashes out once again. Cass picks Enzo up and drops him from over 7 feet straight to the floor outside. Enzo barely beats the referee’s count and Cass nails him with a Big Boot. Big Cass wins via Pinfall.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match 30 Minute Iron Man Tag Team Match: Sheamus & Cesaro (C) vs Hardy Boyz

A diversion by Cesaro allows Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick. Sheamus & Cesaro score a pinfall (1-0). Jeff comes in and goes to work on Sheamus and Cesaro as he fights them both off and begins to wear down Cesaro. Cesaro fights back and tags in Sheamus. Jeff fights back and brings in Matt as he goes to work on Sheamus. He takes the fight to the outside as well. Matt picks up a near fall over Sheamus. Jeff Hardy comes back in as Team Xtreme are in firm control. A double team move leads to another near fall. Sheamus fights Jeff off, as he throws him out of the ring. Cesaro attacks Jeff on the outside and Sheamus joins him as the match breaks down on the outside. Back in the ring and Cesaro is in control of Jeff as he starts to wear him down. Cesaro & Sheamus continue to beat down Jeff. Sheamus carries on the domination as he picks up a near fall. He turns the action over to Cesaro who cleverly takes our Matt as Jeff fights back. Sheamus & Cesaro score another pin fall (2-0). Sheamus presses immediately looking for a 3rd fall. A mistake from Sheamus sends him to the outside and finally Jeff gets the tag to Matt. Cesaro and Matt battle in the ring with Matt getting the better of it. Matt picks up a near fall. Hardy gets another near fall and tags in Jeff. Poetry In Motion is followed by the Side Effect and Twist of Fate. The Hardy Boyz score a pinfall (2-1). Jeff gets an early near fall over Cesaro who fights back and tags in Sheamus. Jeff fights back against Sheamus but it’s only enough for a near fall. The Hardys pick up another near fall as the match breaks down on the outside. Cesaro drives Matt face first into the steel post and Sheamus & Cesaro score a Count Out (3-1). Cesaro picks up a near fall as he and Sheamus beat down Matt. Sheamus shoves Matt down off the apron into the announcers table. Cesaro keeps the pressure on and Sheamus gets a near fall. Out of nowhere, Hardy gets a near fall as he surprises Sheamus with a Side Effect. Cesaro cleverly again takes out the Hardy on the apron and locks in the Sharpshooter. Jeff breaks up the submission. Sheamus takes Jeff off the apron as Cesaro continues to beat down Matt inside the ring. Matt gets a surprise tag to Jeff and a backslide pin gives the Hardy Boyz another pinfall, (3-2). Jeff picks up a quick near fall after he hits Whisper in the Wind. Matt dumps Cesaro to the floor as Jeff takes control in the ring and gets a near fall. A tag from Matt allows him to spike Sheamus with a Tornado DDT but it’s only good enough for a near fall. Matt rids the ring of Cesaro and Sheamus regains control of the match. Matt knocks Sheamus down off the rope and hits a Moonsault, but Cesaro breaks up the pin. Matt hits the Twist of Fate off the top rope and scores another pinfall for his team, (3-3). A quick tag brings in Jeff who immediately goes on the attack. Jeff climbs to the top but Cesaro pulls his partner out of the ring and Jeff flies to the outside. A double team of top rope splashes only gets a near fall as Cesaro breaks up the pin. Sheamus gets a near fall. Cesaro runs in amidst confusion and quickly pins Jeff Hardy. Cesaro & Sheamus score another pinfall, (4-3). The buzzer goes mid pin and Sheamus & Cesaro keep their 4-3 lead. Sheamus & Cesaro win Tag Team Iron Man 4-3.

WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss (C) vs Sasha Banks

The two women lock up as they go back and forth. Bliss drops Sasha, but Banks comes right back sending the Champion to the outside. Banks takes control back in the ring and gets a near fall off the double knees. Alexa suckers Sasha in with a dislocated elbow and then cheap shots her to take control. Banks fights back as she attempts to lock in the Bank Statement, but Bliss rolls out. She tries to walk away but Sasha drags her back. Alexa drags Boss off the apron and her back hits hard. Bliss regains control and gets a near fall. Bliss continues her attack with a Bow & Arrow submission hold. Bliss picks up a series of near falls after some quick pins. Sasha fights back in and gets herself a near fall. A sunset flip pin only gets her a near fall. Sasha locks in the Bank Statement and Alexa claws her way to the ropes and forces a rope break. Sasha sends Bliss into the barricade and rolls her back in. Alexa fights back and again rolls out. Alexa allows the referee’s count to elapse. Sasha Banks wins via Count Out. Alexa Bliss is still RAW Women’s Champion.

Sasha snaps as she attacks Alexa on the stage. Bliss fights back but Sasha hits the double knees from off the announce table onto Bliss down on the floor. 

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz (C) vs Dean Ambrose

Ambrose leaves the ring and takes out Curtis Axel, then runs back in the ring and takes control of Miz. Back on the outside, he takes out Bo Dallas this time. Back inside the ring and a distraction from Axel allows Miz to take control. Miz carries on his offence but he can only get a near fall. Miz begins to methodically beat down his challenger. A quick roll up gets Dean a near fall. Ambrose begins to build some momentum but he can’t capitalise on a wounded Champion. The Lunatic Fringe picks up the pace but only gets a near fall. Miz drops downs and targets the knee of Ambrose to regain control. Miz locks in the Figure-4 submission. Miz hits his signature It Kicks, as he wears out Ambrose. He misses the final kick and Ambrose fights back to get a near fall. Maryse gets on the apron and the Miztourage get involved, but Dean takes out everyone. He hits Dirty Deeds but Maryse ours Miz’s foot on the rope. Ambrose chases after the Champion. Chaos ensues and Miz capitalises on some interference by Bo Dallas. Miz wins via Pinfall.

Ambulance Match: Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

Braun takes early control as he takes the fight to Reigns. The Big Dog gets back in as he shoves Strowman into the ring post. Braun fights back as he’s destroys Roman on the outside. Reigns tries to build some momentum, but Strowman is one step ahead at all times. Strowman drags Reigns out of the ring and begins to take him over to the ambulance. Reigns drops down and gets back in the ring. Strowman furiously charges at him but Reigns fights back and begins to target the previously injured arm. Roman attacks the elbow with a steel chair as he begins to take control. Strowman shrugs off the chair shots and regains control. Strowman sets up to put Roman through the announce table but Reigns fights back. However, just like on RAW Strowman launches Reigns into the side of the ambulance. Roman fights back again at the doors of the ambulance to prevent going inside. A Superman Punch almost has Strowman in the ambulance but he fights back only to get a second Superman Punch from Roman. Braun grabs a backboard and uses it to beat down Reigns. Braun tosses Roman back onto the stage but misses as he charges at Roman. Roman battles with Strowman and sends him straight through the LED screen. Strowman pulls himself back onto the stage and Reigns tries to drag him to the ambulance. Braun throws him off the stage once again and Roman hits the floor hard. Reigns misses his Spear and Braun immediately shuts the doors. Braun Strowman wins the Ambulance Match.

Roman gets out and Spears Strowman and attacks his rival after the bell. He puts Braun in the ambulance and speeds off to the parking lot. At full speed he reverses onto a stationary trailer as the back of the ambulance collapses. Kurt Angle watches on in disbelief as they hurry to see the condition of Strowman

Heath Slater vs Curt Hawkins

An impromptu match is put as Hawkins takes on Slater as the officials try to help Braun. The camera cuts as sirens fill the arena as emergency services arrive to help Strowman. Heath Slater wins via Pinfall

Emergency services continue to help Braun. They finally get the doors open as the paramedics move in to the ambulance. Strowman crawls out in a heap as he’s unable to stand, he repeatedly collapses. Somehow he miraculously walks away under his own power. 

WWE Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Samoa Joe

Joe jumps Brock midway through the introductions and beat him down on the outside. He sends The Beast crashing through the announce table with a Urinagi. Brock pulls himself to his feet and drags himself upto his feet with the help of the ropes. The bell rings and Joe launches his attack again. Both men fight and grapple around the ring as Joe gets the upper hand. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch but Brock fights out and unleashes his first German Suplex to open up Suplex City. He hits two more as he grows into the match. Joe prevents a 4th Suplex as he cleverly blinds the ref and low blows Lesnar. Joe gets a near fall off the Urinagi. Joe again goes back to the Coquina Clutch. Brock fights out with a Sidewalk Slam. Brock charges at Joe but all he gets is ring post. He counters Joe to unleash another 3 German Suplexes. Brock tries for the F5 but Joe again applies the Coquina Clutch. Brock starts to fade as Heyman screams on from ringside, the Universe is silent in awe. Lesnar somehow hits an F5. Brock Lesnar wins via Pinfall

Wow! What a night! What a show! We got some good stuff tonight, Banks vs Bliss clearly isn’t finished after that brawl. Sheamus and Cesaro are presumably done with Team Xtreme now after that brilliant win. And in one of the best moments of the night, we might have just seen the infamous double turn when Roman snapped and destroyed Braun inside the ambulance. Strowman miraculously walked away under his own power turning away all medical attention. As for the main event, wow! What a match I love how Joe is almost playing the ultimate heel. He jumped Brock before the bell and could’ve easily beat him but The Beast walked away with the win and the Universal Championship. This backs up the rumour, that WWE will keep the the belt on Lesnar until next years Wrestlemania which I find awesome, I love Brock and I love Paul Heyman even more. 
Goodness, Gracious Great Balls Of Fire! 


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