UFC 213 Romero vs Whittaker

UFC 213

Live from the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada it’s time for UFC 213.

There was some big news earlier in the day as main event star Amanda Nunes was taken to hospital ill, therefore there is a slightly different card than previously advertised but UFC has still put out a stacked card.

Rob Font vs Douglas Silva De Andrade

This one was supposed to be put on the preliminary card but due to the unfortunate events surrounding Amanda Nunes, the two men have been bumped up to the main card.

Round 1

Tentative early start, both men getting shots away and Font takes control with a beautiful Double Leg Takedown as he has Andrade up against the cage. Andrade fights out but Font continues the offence. Font catches his man with a smooth knee to the face. Good movement from Font as he avoids his opponent’s strikes and gets a few of his own away. Font grounds his man at the end of the round with a Guillotine Choke.

Round 2

A slightly better display from Andrade as he gets his strikes away hitting the target. Sloppy mistakes from Font keep allowing Andrade to get in, he lands some big hits in this round but Font to his credit holds his own. He manages to rock Andrade and tees away on him against the cage. A Takedown allows Andrade to take a breather as he catches Font in a Choke. Andrade slams his man down but Font latches on a lethal Guillotine Choke and Andrade taps. Rob Font wins via Submission.

Jim Miller vs Anthony Pettis

Round 1

Miller opens with a series of low leg kicks to take Pettis off his feet early. Pettis keeps his distance as he keeps the fight on his terms within his range. Miller gets some more kicks away but Pettis responds in kind and proceeds to pin him to the cage and unloads on his opponent. Pettis connects with the Spinning Backfist as his confidence continues to grow.

Round 2

Pettis gets caught and Miller sweeps him off his feet, as the two men continue their brawl on the ground the blood just pours out his face and even covers Pettis its an extremely graphic visual. Pettis gets back to his feet but immediately jumps back on Miller. Pettis keeps the pressure on as Miller begins to fade away. A brilliant display on the mat as both men go back and forth.

Round 3

Both men start this round a bit more cautious after that thrilling 2nd round. Pettis‘ movement is good and lively as he circles his man getting strikes away. Pettis gets Miller against the cage, as both men jockey for control. Both men show off big kicks in the closing seconds. They embrace as the fight comes to an end.

The Judges rule 30-27 all in favour of the winner by Unanimous Decision, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis.

Curtis Blaydes vs Daniel Omielanczuk

Round 1

Blaydes get his opponent up against the cage early but the referee steps in and restarts them from a neutral position. Blaydes again backs his man into the cage as he looks for the takedown, but there some great defence on show from Omielanczuk. Blaydes movement dazzles Omielanczuk as he swings and misses. Another takedown attempt is defended by Omielanczuk. Blaydes repeatedly tries again but he continues to fail in his pursuit of a takedown.

Round 2

Again Blaydes tries, for a takedown as he makes 0-6 in his attempts. The crowd row restless and begin to boo. Blaydes appears to be playing it safe. Both men throw strikers in the middle of the octagon. Another failed takedown for Blaydes as he remains in control. A 9th failed takedown and Blaydes starts to throw strikes. A 10th failed takedown closes a terrible round leaving the fans booing.

Round 3

Omielanczuk attempts to throw strikes, as Blaydes again launches another takedown and fails again. Omielanczuk throws sloppy strikes as he begins to tire. Blaydes goes for the face with the strikes. A rather strange and desperate takedown from Omielanczuk but he succeeds only for Blaydes to quickly roll away. The fighters exchange big strikes to close the fight.

The Judges score the fight 30-27, all in favour of the Winner by Unanimous Decision, Curtis “Razor” Blaydes.

Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum

Round 1

Werdum misses early as he flies in fast with a knee strike. Overeem goes in with a big head kick and Werdum presses his opponent back to the cage. The fans are already restless and booing with seemingly nothing going on. Overeem lands a right handed body shot, as he looks to fight off his counter attacking skills. Werdum keeps his movement light as he looks to land some strikes with Overeem looking flat-footed.

Round 2

Overeem gets in some early strikes as the two men tumble to the mat. Overeem on top in the guard but he breaks out and gets the fight standing up again. Overeem lands a beautiful combination as he begins to show his movement more in this round.

Round 3

Cautious start to the final round as Overeem goes for big strikes. The round opens up as both men begin to throw strikes but not much is happening whatsoever. Werdum drops his opponent with a huge knee strike but Overeem slips out of the Guillotine. Werdum continues to press his man as he gets the takedown. Werdum strikes away, but Overeem keeps him in the guard.  The fight comes to an end with Werdum in the better position striking away on his opponent.

The Judges score the fight, 28-28, 29-28 and 29-28 in favour of the Winner by Majority Decision, Alistair Overeem.

UFC Middleweight Championship: Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker

Round 1

Tense start to the main event as they both look for openings. Both connect with some significant strikes, Romero with his kicks and Whittaker with his hands. Romero shots the takedown and lands it but Whittaker fights out. Another attempt is stopped by some superb takedown defence. Whittaker defends another takedown well as he begins to move gingerly.

Round 2

Romero comes out on the offence as Whittaker bounces about predominantly on one leg. Romero gets the takedown again, Romero tries to pass the guard as the two return to a standing position with Romero in control. The elongated clinch comes to nothing and two men are separated. A big right hand from Romero and a shoot for a takedown leaves both men back at the cage.

Round 3

Whittaker is more the aggressor in this round as he’s landing strikes galore, a nice variety of punches and kicks as he backs Romero up. Whittaker is all over Romero in this round, the frenzied attack isn’t allowing him to get anything away. Great strategy. Whittaker is just picking his shots as he pounces after his opponent all over the octagon. Miles better from Whittaker that time.

Round 4

Romero gets started fast in this round with his own frenzy as he looks for the takedown. Whittaker fights back and presses Romero back repeatedly. Whittaker defends another takedown and then drops Romero with a right hand. The round comes to a close with both breathing heavy having expending a lot of energy much to the delight of the crowd.

Round 5

Both men connect with strikes early on as they both look for the win. Neither man is taking to the mat, they’re slugging it out in a stand up brawl and the Vegas crowd is loving every second of it. Romero is cut badly as Whittaker looks to his hand speed to finish the fight. Romero slips and Whittaker immediately pounces. The fighters jockey for position on the ground and finally Whittaker lands some heavy hits. Both men go out swinging as the fight comes to an end.

Michael Bisping enters the cage as we await the judges decision.

The Judges score the fight, 48-47 all in favour of the winner by Unanimous Decision, Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker.

Robert Whittaker is the new Interim UFC Middleweight Champion.

The fight is announced, for the UFC Undisputed Middleweight Championship, Robert Whittaker vs Michael Bisping.

Bisping chucks his belt at Whittaker and tells him to take it and fight him.

A rather disappointing show tonight, but its safe to say the Main Event saved the whole show, it was a real back and forth fight and they went out fighting. Fight of the Night without a doubt. Performance of the Night had to be Robert Whittaker, in my opinion he came back from 2 rounds down with an injured knee to win the fight.


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