All Eyez On Me! 


Live from Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona its Monday Night Raw. It’s the go home show before the first ever Great Balls Of Fire PPV.

Enzo kicks the show off. He recaps the events of this year and says it all happened as the Universe had his back, but for 5 years Cass never had his back he was always looking past him. He questions what Cass can do to him that hasn’t already been done. He claims he’s one of the toughest guys to step in the ring. Enzo claims he’s confident and grateful. He’s grateful for all the support from the Universe. He says the Universe is the reason why he gets back up every time he gets knocked down. Enzo says he’s going straight to the top and he’s reaching for new heights. He calls Cass a 7 foot catchphrase that he wrote. Enzo tells Cass to get some new merch, a shirt that says Casshole. He that says they were brothers and that part of him is now dead, but he’s breathing new life as an army of one. He pays homage to 2pac before he leaves.

Cass says Enzo won’t be walking after Sunday, and says he’s the star. Enzo attacks Cass during his backstage interview and two men get pulled apart.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

Bayley starts off with Nia Jax and Nia immediately takes control of the fight. Bayley slows Nia down and tags in Sasha. Banks takes the fight to Nia and uses her speed to send her out to regroup. Nia throws Bayley off the apron and then crushes her against the barricade. Back from the break, Alexa and Sasha are the legal women. Sasha takes the fight to the Champion in what is now a 2-on-1 situation, she gets a near fall. Banks misses the double knees and Nia comes into the match. Immediately Nia beats down The Boss and gets a near fall. Alexa comes back in and carries on the assault on Banks. Sasha tries to fight back but Nia uses her power to throw her across the ring and regain control. Bliss comes in to pick up a near fall. Sasha fights back and knocks Nia off the apron and locks in the Bank Statement on Bliss. Sasha Banks wins via Submission.

Braun Strowman meets Kurt and asks what he’s going to do if Roman can’t compete on Sunday. Kurt says Roman will be there but he says no one wants to face him tonight. Braun says he will get competition tonight.

Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar

Cedric calls out Dar and challenges him to a match. Dar makes his way out and brings with him the returning Alicia Fox. Cedric takes the fight to Dar early sending him into retreat. Dar uses the distraction of Foxy to take control as he picks up a near fall. Dar starts to wear down his rival as he works the arm. Cedric comes back, but another distraction from Foxy fails this time, as he hits the Lumbar Check. Cedric Alexander wins via Pinfall.

Miz TV

Miz arrives with his wife Maryse and his Miztourage. Miz claims he exposed the Ball family for what they really are and says Lonzo Ball will be the biggest busy in NBA history. He calls Lavar Ball a raving lunatic and says Ambrose represents wasted potential. He claims Ambrose was supposed to be the next Rowdy Roddy Piper. He says Dean can’t handle success and that’s the truth. He says Ambrose is the biggest joke of them all and right on queue, The Lunatic Fringe makes his way out. Ambrose says he heard everything Miz said is all true and Ambrose demands his title rematch for tonight. As he makes his way to the ring, he’s joined by Heath Slater and Rhyno. Slater says he was the last person to beat Miz and he wants a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. Slater says he earned his opportunity. Ambrose tells him to wait his turn and get to the back of the line. Miz says Ambrose will get his rematch when Miz says so and says Heath’s shot won’t happen. Kurt Angle comes out he tells Miz that he makes the matches. Miz tells Kurt to stay out of his business and tells him to go and talk to Corey Graves about his personal problems. Miz says he’ll do Kurt a favour and defend his title at Great Balls Of Fire. Kurt says he’ll face Heath Slater right and then Dean Ambrose on Sunday.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Miz vs Heath Slater

Slater rolls Miz up early but he kicks out. Slater and Miz go back and forth in a gold technical exchange. Miz cheapshots Slater and takes control. Slater comes back with a quick hip toss and a near fall. Slater picks up a series of near falls as he goes for quick pins in attempt to upset Miz. Slater takes the offence to the Champion and gets another near fall as Miz scurries away. Miz takes control as we come back from the break and he picks up a near fall. Miz carries on his assault as he gets another near fall. Slater counters the Miz Kicks as he tries to mount a comeback. Slater builds momentum as he drops Miz and picks up a near fall. A neck breaker leads him to another near fall. Slater misses his corner splash and Miz climbs the top rope Slater sprints to the top and powerslams Miz over in a very Kurt Angle like spot. Axel tries to distract the ref but Rhyno runs round to confront the Miztourage he almost runs into Maryse and as he backs away he gets attacked from behind by Axel and Dallas. Slater gets distracted by this and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz wins via Pinfall.

Miz sends Slater to his Miztourage and they continue the assault but Ambrose runs to the rescue, the numbers are too much for him as the Miztourage take him out.

Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neill discuss taking on Braun Strowman tonight, but Titus tries to convince Apollo to take up the challenge. Titus tells him Crews can’t lose.

The Shattered Truth

Goldust welcomes us all to the world premiere of The Shattered Truth. Goldust thanks the little people for making this possible and also thanks Truth for being so naive, jealous and selfish. It wouldn’t be possible without Truth. He says he’s going to make Truth a star and the only thing that shines better than a star is gold as he rolls the clip. Truth appears in the ring after he clip ends with popcorn as he tosses it at his rival as the two men brawl.

Kurt Angle is met by Sheamus & Cesaro in his office he tells them he has a stipulation for the Tag Team Title Match at Great Balls Of Fire. The match will be a 30 Minute Iron Match. Cesaro asks for a match with Finn Balor and Kurt grants the match. Kurt takes a call presumably in relation to this mystery story-line.

Seth Rollins vs Curt Hawkins

Hawkins says he should be facing Braun Strowman tonight instead of Seth Rollins, he says that the people of LA didn’t believe in Curt Hawkins last week. Seth snatches the mic and shuts Hawkins up then drops him. Seth immediately hits his new finisher and pins Hawkins. Seth Rollins wins via Pinfall.

Seth calls out Wyatt and says every time Seth is looking for a fight, he’s nowhere to be found. Seth says he doesn’t need to be saved from anybody as he embraces his transgressions because they made him who he is. Seth says he’ll prove Bray isn’t a God as he’ll cleanse his mystique.

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar have one last interview before they face off for the WWE Universal Championship at Great Balls Of Fire. Michael Cole speaks on a live mic as he introduces Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar who’s joined by Paul Heyman. Joe says no one came to hear questions and Joe has no idea why he’s answering questions so he wants to ask Brock a few questions. He asks Paul how it felt to be in the Coquina Clutch, Lesnar interrupts saying he’s not fighting Paul he’s fighting Brock Lesnar. He tells him he walks in to the PPV as Champion and he walks out Champion, Joe gets nothing. Joe says Brock has done nothing highlighting all of his recent attacks on the duo. Brock calls Joe a coward. Joe says he’s beat people too as Joe goes looking for Brock. Kurt and security tries to talk Joe down and they pull him back as Brock taunts him.

Mustapha Ali vs Neville

Ali takes control early as he rocks the Champion. Ali gets an early near fall. Neville rolls out of the way of the Inverted 450 Splash and brings Ali back in the ring with an Atomic Drop from the top rope. Ali lands on his feet and spikes Neville with a DDT and picks up a near fall. Ali goes to the top rope again but Neville throws him off the rope and head first into the barricade. Neville brings Ali into the ring and begins to beat him down in the corner. Neville continues his momentum as he locks in the Rings of Saturn. Neville wins via Submission.

Bray Wyatt appears out in a wasteland, he calls the Sun merciless and sadistic. He refers to himself as the chaos that feeds the fire and says he made RAW this way because he’s everywhere.

Alexa Bliss claims she let Sasha win to give her a false sense of security heading into Great Balls Of Fire.

Finn Balor vs Cesaro

Team Xtreme come out to join commentary. Balor takes early control of Cesaro as he grounds his opponent early in the match. Cesaro turns the tide as he catches Finn mid air and hits a backbreaker. Finn battles back as he chops away at Cesaro. Balor shows a slight mean streak as he stomps away on Cesaro but a distraction allows Cesaro to regain control. The two men go back and forth as Cesaro sends Balor to the outside. Back from the break, and both get a near fall each as they go back and forth. Balor uses his quickness but Cesaro catches him and gets a near fall. The two men continue to battle back and forth with neither man getting a clear advantage. Balor starts to build some momentum as he hits Cesaro with a series of high impact manoeuvres. The Swingblade hits Cesaro but he takes his time making it to his feet as Samson comes out to distract Balor and the distraction allows Cesaro to hit an uppercut and get a near fall. Samson fights back but Samson trips Balor and the Hardy Boyz meet Sheamus and Samson on the outside. With Cesaro sent to the outside, Balor flies and takes out everybody. Finn hits the running dropkick on Cesaro and rolls him back in the ring for the Coupe De Gras. Finn Balor wins via Pinfall.

An ambulance backs into the arena and parks next to the stage.

Braun walks to the ring and says he likes hurting Roman Reigns because he’s too stubborn to stay down. Strowman says Roman will leave in an ambulance on Sunday. Braun demands competition immediately. Titus O’Neil comes out and introduces Braun’s competition, Apollo Crews.

Braun Strowman vs Apollo Crews

Crews goes to right to work using his quickness to his advantage as he hits and moves early. Strowman grounds him with a big boot and launches him out of the ring. Crews comes back in Strowman continues with the assault as he locks in a nerve hold. Crews tries to fight back using his agility as he grounds Strowman. Apollo goes for his Standing Moonsault but Braun kicks him across the ring whilst he’s in mid air. Strowman hits a huge Powerslam and refuses to pin Crews, he hits another and then refuses to pin him again. He finally pins him after a third Powerslam. Braun Strowman wins via Pinfall.

Braun tries to attack Crews after the match, but Titus pulls him to safety and tries to attack Strowman who runs through him and hits him with a Powerslam also. He takes Crews to the ambulance, he throws him in to the ambulance and tells the driver to take him away. The sirens go off but the ambulance doesn’t move. Braun checks on the driver and Roman gets out the driver seat and ambushes him. Strowman regains control as he again throws him across the stage but Reigns fights back and drives him into the screen. He Spears his rival off the stage and through a table down below. Strowman gets back up as the show comes to a close.

A great show tonight!! Amazing matches I loved Balor vs Cesaro and Ali vs Neville, they were absolutely brutal. Miz TV was great too I’m loving the whole Miztourage angle, it would really kick off if Dallas and Axel could somehow win the Tag Titles and they go on to dominate RAW. We also had the Joe/Lesnar interview which nearly ended in a full scale brawl, only Joe got held back. We did get a brawl in the end though as Roman returned to ambush Strowman. Even after he was Speared off the stage, Braun still got back up! I cannot wait for Great Balls Of Fire this Sunday! I’m going to give RAW 8/10.


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