The Battle Of Brisbane

The Battle Of Brisbane

Live from the Suncorp Stadium, in sunny Brisbane, Australia. It’s 12 rounds of Welterweight boxing for the WBO Welterweight Championship of the world. Top Rank Boxing and MP Promotions presents the “Battle of Brisbane” as Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao faces the Aussie challenger Jeff “The Hornet” Horn.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Seconds out…

Round 1

Horn tries to strike early but the veteran, Pacquiao’s movement is too good for him. He finds a way through as he catches Manny with a rapid fire combination. Horn backs his opponent up on the ropes and foes to work with the body shots. Pacquiao can’t seem to get going in the 1st round. Pacquiao catches the Aussie with a right hand but it does nothing to him as he comes back with his own combination. Jeff Horn wins the 1st Round.

Round 2

Another strong start for Horn, as he presses his opponent and makes it difficult for Pacquiao to get anything away. Pacquiao catches his opponent with a clever left hand, but again it doesn’t phase The Hornet. Pacquiao starts to get into the round as he starts to pick his punches, but Horn matches him every step of the way. Better round for Pacquiao, but he didn’t do enough. Jeff Horn wins the 2nd Round.

Round 3

Horn presses again with blistering hand speed to back up Pacquiao. The veteran gets a couple shots away as he starts to find his range against the challenger. Horn took everything Pacquiao had and gave it all back. Jeff Horn wins the 3rd Round.

Round 4

Manny picks his punches again, showing his veteran instinct. Horn seems to have slowed down from his earlier pace looks like he might start to tire. Horn catches his opponent with a clever shot, but Manny remains calm throughout as he continues to target the cut on the right eye. Pacquiao showed his true prowess in that round. Manny Pacquiao wins the 4th Round.

Round 5 

Horn comes forward and takes the fight to Pacquiao backing him around the ring. Horn repeatedly presses forward with the jab and follows up with some big combinations. Pacquiao has a few moments also where he hit Horn hard but not enough to win the round. Jeff Horn wins the 5th Round.

Round 6

Midway point of the fight and Horn has answered all critics in this one, including myself who thought Manny would’ve finished him a long while back. He really presses Pacquiao again working away at the Champion. An accidental headbutt leads to a very deep cut on Pacquiao’s head. Horn stalks him around the ring like a shark in water with is prey. Horn lands some big shots towards the end of the round. Jeff Horn wins the 6th Round.

Round 7

Manny gets a couple left hands in early but it barely phases the challenger. Horn picks his shots in particular his right hand just like he predicted. He chases down the Champion, putting him on the backfoot. Another apparent accidental cut and Pacquiao is a bloody mess. Horn goes looking for the kill now as he really pushes forward but Manny stands with him punch-for-punch. Jeff Horn wins the 7th Round.

Round 8

A more tentative round from both men, presumably as the fatigue sets in. Horn is pushing forward but not connecting with very much. Pacquiao in frustration throws his opponent to the floor after Horn connects. A very cautious round from both fighters. Manny Pacquiao wins the 8th Round.

Round 9

Pacquiao tries to press forward, but the deceptive movement of Horn doesn’t allow for too much. All of a sudden, Pacquiao stalks his man as he begins to unload and go to work. Big shots in a totally dominant Pacquiao round here. Horn is out on his feet and there for the taking. Manny Pacquiao wins the 9th Round.

Round 10

Horn goes out on the front foot, after the ref threatening to stop the fight. Pacquiao picks up where he left off and gets shots away. Horn still comes forward though getting Manny in the ropes as he tries to unload. Pacquiao comes back again as he starts to unload on Horn, but the challenger matches the champions punch-for-punch. Manny Pacquiao wins the 10th Round.

Round 11

Penultimate round here and Horn bounces out of his corner again. He takes the fight to Pacquiao knowing if he wins the next rounds he’s won the fight. Pacquiao catches his man, but Horn rides the shot well and comes back with his own. Horn breaches Pacquiao’s guard but Manny boxes well. Tight round but I think I’ll have to side with the Champion. Manny Pacquiao wins the 11th Round.

Round 12

Final round! A very quiet round from both men, not many punches connecting in the early stages. The round comes alive though, as both men trade big shots in a brutal exchange. Horn tries to press Pacquiao in the latter stages. Horn finishes strong with a big combination. Very close round I’m not too sure who won that round in all honesty, I think the strong finish favours Horn though. Jeff Horn wins the 12th Round.

The judges score the fight 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113 all in favour of winner via Unanimous Decision Jeff “The Hornet” Horn.

Jeff Horn is the new WBO Welterweight Champion.

What a fight! Horn proved all of his critics wrong and he gained respect from millions today after that stunning display. He held in and stood toe-to-toe with one of the best in the world. He even took the win by Unanimous Decision over a boxing legend. Right now though, Pacquiao needs to think about his next step because for most of that fight he wasn’t the same Manny Pacquiao at all. However, many congratulations to Jeff Horn although I don’t agree with the way he called Floyd “Money” Mayweather after the fight.


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