The Era Of Carmella 

Smackdown Live

A look back at the June 20th edition of WWE Smackdown Live, direct from Dayton, Ohio coming out of the Wright State University Nutter Centre.

We open the show with the losing participants from the Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match all debating about the controversy surrounding the ending of the match and the decision to allow Carmella to win the match. Daniel Bryan interrupts saying he’ll hear them all out and make a decision.

Carmella and James Ellsworth make their way out as she addresses the controversy. Carmella tells the Universe she’s been trending worldwide but it’s not because she won its more to do with how she won. Carmella says everyone is saying she disrespected history and she made a mockery of the WWE women’s division. Carmella says she doesn’t care because she’s been over looked, even to the point that she was the last superstar to be drafted. She goes on to say how everyone is always talking about all the other women but no one is bothered about her. Carmella says none of their attributes mattered because she was intelligent, they all made history but she made plans for her future. Carmella talks about when Kane helped Seth Rollins win the briefcase or when Bray Wyatt stopped Roman Reigns from winning, so she won fair and square. She calls the Universe pathetic! She says you can’t break rules if there isn’t any, she won the match.

Charlotte talks to Bryan she says she doesn’t need him to worry about her neck, she just needs him to do the right thing. Bryan highlights that Carmella is right in saying that the match was a no DQ match but Charlotte argues that the stipulation only applies to those competing in the match.

Big E vs Jimmy Uso

New Day come out with their usual promo material as they address the situation at Money In The Bank, when The Usos walked out of the match to keep their Championships. They get interrupted by The Usos, who make their way out for the match. Back from the break, and Jimmy is in control of the match early on. The tide turns when Jimmy gets caught coming off the top and Big E hits a series of suplexes. Jimmy fights back quickly as he catches his opponent with a Samoan Drop but only manages a near fall. Jimmy nails Kofi on the outside but this allows Big E time to fight back. Jimmy slips out of the Big Ending and The Usos try to walk out once again, only this time they’re halted by Kofi who takes out Jey, leaving Jimmy trapped between all 3 members of New Day. Jimmy misses his Superkick and Big E capitalises, finally landing the Big Ending. Big E wins via Pinfall.

Natalya and Tamina interrupt Daniel’s phone call. Nattie tries to suck up to the GM, Tamina interrupts asking if he’s really going to let Carmella and Ellsworth get away with the stunt they pulled on Sunday. Daniel promises an official decision soon.

Naomi is interviewed backstage about the Money In The Bank controversy. She says it’s unfortunate because they all worked hard and its shame that, that’s how it all went down. She’s confident Daniel Bryan will make the right decision and she doesn’t care who holds the contract because she’s ready for anyone. She’s interrupted by Lana, who claims that if it wasn’t for Carmella’s distraction she would be the new Women’s Champion right now. Lana challenges Naomi to a rematch, she accepts.

Randy Orton sits with Tom Phillips and says he lost control on Sunday and snapped. He claims that Jinder Mahal didn’t beat Randy Orton, Randy Orton beat Randy Orton. Orton says he knows how the numbers game works and he can’t deal with it but he refuses to deal with someone making it personal. He says Jinder crossed the line and he’s going to hurt him! There’s no turning back now.

Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura

A very careful start from both men who proceed with caution. They lock up and Dolph seems to get the better of it until Nakamura goes for an arm bar forcing Ziggler to roll out to the floor. Dolph tries to finish it early as he goes for a series of quick pins. Nakamura begins to take control as he shows off his signature Strongstyle. Dolph counters Nakamura throwing him into the turnbuckle as he starts to take over and gets a near fall. Dolph starts to wear his opponent down but Nakamura comes back immediately as he sends Ziggler to the outside. Back from the break and Nakamura continues his comeback as he drops Dolph with a lethal series of kicks, Dolph soon gets back into the bout but it doesn’t last long. Nakamura goes on a roll as he starts to dominate, he gets a near fall. Nakamura misses the Kinshasa and Dolph hits the Fame Asser, its only good enough for a near fall. A back and forth exchange leads to Nakamura locking in the cross armbreaker. Dolph gets out of the hold with a thumb to the eye. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag but again Nakamura kicks out at 2. Ziggler immediately locks in the sleeper hold submission but Nakamura manages to break out of the hold. Nakamura catches Dolph with the Kinshasa. Shinsuke Nakamura wins via Pinfall.

Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn are backstage discussing the Money In The Bank Ladder Match and he tells Sami he’s booked to face Baron Corbin next week.

Becky walks in and puts her point across to Bryan as she physically had her hands on the briefcase. She says no matter what she does people always get in front of her.

Kevin Owens Face Of America Open Challenge

Owens says the other competitors in Money In The Bank conspired against him and that’s why he didn’t win. Owens states the challenge is open to anyone from Dayton, Ohio. AJ Styles walks out even though he’s from Atlanta, Georgia. Owens tries to back out and says the challenge is for a local resident. Chad Gable walks out to accept the challenge. Gable says he’s eligible to answer the challenge as he now lives in Dayton, Ohio. AJ endorses the match and joins commentary.

Kevin Owens vs Chad Gable

Gable attacks Owens from behind with a series of suplexes and takes control heading into the break. Owens fights back as he pulls Gable off the top rope. Owens can’t capitalise as Gable hits a Moonsault off the top, but only gets a near fall. Gable avoids the Cannonball and gets a near fall off a stunning German Suplex. Owens hits the Pop Up Powerbomb. Kevin Owens wins via Pinfall.

The Hype Bros are putting forward a case for an opportunity at the Tag Team Championships. They say they earned the opportunity. Daniel tells them to earn the opportunity again, by beating The Usos next week.

Daniel Bryan says he’s going to sort out the controversy surrounding the Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. He introduces all of the participants. Bryan says Carmella made some valid points. He also points out that out that what happened has never ever happened before. Ellsworth interrupts telling Daniel he’s gone soft as well as insulting his daughter. Daniel tells James to shut up and says if he mentions his family again he’ll punch him in the face and fire him. Carmella interrupts running her mouth saying she holds all the cards, she gets interrupted by Becky who tells her she didn’t win anything and she didn’t beat anyone. Nattie interrupts telling Becky to stop sucking up to the Smackdown Live GM and says she’s about as pathetic as James Ellsworth. Charlotte interrupts and says she came out to the ring for a decision she then threatens her rival saying if she doesn’t shut up, then she’ll make her look like Ellsworth. Tamina gets involved and says that Charlotte might start looking like Ellsworth if she’s not quiet. Bryan tells them all to calm down and says they all made history on Sunday and says Carmella is going to get a chance to make history as well as he says she’s going to be the first person ever to hand back the Money In The Bank briefcase. He then announces a rematch under Money In The Bank rules for next week. Daniel snatches the briefcase off Ellsworth and leaves the ring. A brawl breaks out in the ring as Charlotte and Becky clear the ring, leaving Carmella trapped between them both. She gets by Charlotte’s Natural Selection and Becky locks in the Disarmer.

Jinder Mahal vs Luke Harper

The Champion starts fast as he takes the fight to Harper. The momentum doesn’t last long however, as Harper soon takes control and sends Mahal out to regroup. Harper dives to the outside, but Jinder throws the Singh Brothers into his path. He takes full advantage as he drops Harper and rolls him back in the ring for a near fall. Mahal starts to wear down his opponent. Harper fights back as he goes on a roll and a big boot leads to a near fall. The Champion mounts a come back as stops Harper on the top rope and hits a huge top rope suplex. While both men are down, the music hits and out comes Baron Corbin, the Money In The Bank contract holder. Corbin teases a cash in and leaves the ringside area. Harper rolls up Mahal from behind but only for a near fall. A distraction from the Singh Brothers leads to Mahal hitting The Kalaas. Jinder Mahal wins via Pinfall.

Randy Orton makes his way out following the match, Mahal sends the Singh Brothers to meet Randy on the ramp and they get absolutely destroyed by The Viper. Orton charges the ring and goes after Mahal even following him around the outside. Orton hits the Hangman’s DDT off the barricade onto the floor. He rolls his prey back into the ring and gets set to deliver the RKO. As he measures Mahal up, the Singh Brothers get back in on the action as they attack Orton from behind. The Champion exits as Orton fights them off and hits a pair of RKOs.

A good episode of Smackdown tonight. The Money In The Bank controversy is great! Even though I feel Carmella is a deserved winner I won’t turn down the opportunity to see the match again. The feud between Orton and Jinder is really heating up and I can’t wait for the next instalment. However, it looks like sadly I was wrong about the potential Styles/Nakamura feud as it looks like Styles will be feuding with Kevin Owens in the near future. This is still great though as I feel they can put on some classic matches. I’m going to give Smackdown Live 7/10.


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