Me And You, We’re Through! 


A quick look back at the June 19 edition of Monday Night RAW, live from the Ford Centre in Evansville, Indiana.

Roman Reigns’ Summerslam Announcement

Roman tells the Universe how he can’t be beaten one-on-one and he backs it up by reminding everybody he retired The Undertaker. Roman says at Summerslam, that he wants the WWE Universal Champion and he doesn’t care if it’s Joe or Brock Lesnar. Joe interrupts Roman as he makes his way out. Joe claims Roman has forgotten his name and that offends him. He says that Reigns has a long list of guys he’s beaten, but he’s never beaten Samoa Joe. Reigns says he agrees with Paul Heyman, he says that Joe will never be Samoa Joe to him he’ll always be Just Joe. Joe looks incensed as he cheap shots The Big Dog and begins to beat him down. Joe’s attempts the Coquina Clutch but it’s blocked and Roman sends Joe into retreat with a massive Superman Punch.

The Hardy Boyz vs The Club

Karl Anderson faces off with Matt Hardy as the Hardys take control early with a series of quick tags. Anderson fights back and corners Matt as he brings in Gallows. A little flurry from Gallows is stopped by the Poetry In Motion. It’s only good enough for a near fall though as Gallows begins to turn the tide and bring in Anderson. He takes control of the match heading into the break. Back from the break and The Club continue to dominate Jeff Hardy. Anderson picks up a near fall against the resilient Hardy. Jeff tries to fight back as Anderson tries desperately to prevent the tag. Gallows tags in and knocks Matt down not allowing Jeff to make the tag. Jeff continues to fight back as he drops both members of The Club and gets the tag to Matt. Matt turns the tide as he gets a pin off the Side Effect but its broken up. The action begins to break down and The Club regains control. They hit Hardy with the Boot of Doom but Matt manages to kick out just in time for a 2-count. A blind tag to Jeff allows the Hardys to hit the Twist of Fate, followed by the Swanton Bomb. The Hardy Boyz win via Pinfall.

Goldust returns with another Shattered Dreams Production, he says that he’s had his dreams shattered and he’s pieced himself back together. He invites R-Truth to the debut of the Shattered Truth next week on RAW.

Elias Samson is once again in the ring as he entertains the Universe with his terrible mini concert. He gets interrupted by Finn Balor. Samson backs away and leaves the ring as Balor stands face to face.

Finn Balor vs Bo Dallas

Bo starts quick as he goes right after Balor before the bell. The bell rings and Bo continues with his assault. Dallas takes the fight to the outside and lays Finn out with a vicious knee to the jaw. He rolls his opponent back in but only gets a near fall. Balor starts to fight back as he drops Bo with an overhead kick. Balor displays his own aggression as he takes the fight to his opponent. Balor attacks Dallas outside the ring before he rolls him back in. The Swingblade, corner dropkick and Coupe De Gras combination hits Dallas with lethal precision. Finn Balor wins via Pinfall.

Corey once again leaves the announcer’s desk to head backstage presumably in relation to the ongoing Kurt Angle saga.

Kurt is met backstage by Corey Graves and the two are then interrupted by Enzo & Cass. Kurt questions Enzo’s tweet to Conor McGregor. Enzo & Cass want to know who attacked them from behind. Kurt promises to find out by the end of the night.

Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring and he talks about the WWE 2K18 cover. He recaps all of his past events including his time with The Authority. Seth says the Universe gave him a second chance when he was at his lowest. He says the cover is all of theirs not just his. Seth wants to make a promise but he’s cut off by Bray Wyatt. He appears on the tron and tells Rollins that he’s contradicting himself again. He says he can feel the struggle within Seth’s soul. Bray tells him he’s not an honest man. Seth retaliates claiming he’s not that man, he’s THE man. Seth says Bray maybe a God in his own world but in Seth’s world he’s nothing more than a coward. Bray says he warned him he’d be punished. The lights go out as Bray makes his way out to the arena. As the lights comes back on Seth is positioned on the top rope and he launches himself onto Wyatt.

Finn Balor is interviewed backstage and he claims that he’s only looking forward to the Universal Title. As he’s giving his predictions on Roman vs Joe, he’s attacked from behind by Elias Samson.

Akira Tozawa vs TJP

Titus O’Neil makes his way out before the bell rings and presents the match on behalf of the Titus Brand.

Tozawa takes early control of TJP. Perkins fights back but this doesn’t last very long as Tozawa quickly regains control. Neville makes his way out to scout his future challenger. TJP fights back and picks up a near fall. The two men battle back and forth as TJP gets the upper hand. Tozawa fights back with the Pump Kick dropping TJP. Perkins rolls out of the way, but Tozawa doesn’t let this top him as he launches himself to the outside after TJP. TJP suckers his opponent in with a Gut Buster but only gets a near fall. Tozawa fights back and hits the Senton Bomb. Akira Tozawa wins via Pinfall.

Titus tells Tozawa he will be the next Cruiserweight Champion and Neville interrupts calling Titus a peasant and tells Tozawa he will be annihilated. Titus claims the Neville Level will be annihilated by the Power of Tozawa.

R-Truth is back from his What’s Up Studios. He accepts Goldust’s invitation.

Bo Dallas is spoken to backstage by Curtis Axel whose trying to cheer up Bo. They get interrupted by Miz who ridicules them both and tells them to wake up! He offers them jobs in his entourage and says he’ll make them stars.

Samoa Joe is interviewed about the main event, he says it’s all about how Roman Reigns is preparing for Joe. He says that he’ll beat Brock and then go onto to beat Roman at Summerslam.

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

The two men go back and forth in the early going. Roman seems to get the early advantage as he attempts the Superman Punch, Joe rolls out of the ring to regroup. Joe fights back with his quick strikes as he backs his opponent into the corner. Roman fights back briefly but Joe remains in control. Roman rolls out as Joe attempts the Coquina Clutch. Reigns gets back in and the two men brawl with Joe dropping Roman. Outside the ring, Joe takes control as drives Reigns into the steel post. Back from the break and Joe gets a near fall over Roman. Joe continues to wear down and dominate The Big Dog. Reigns tries to fight back but Joe stays in control. Reigns starts to fight back again and begins to build some momentum as he gets a near fall. Reigns stands tall as he sizes up for the Superman Punch. Joe rolls out of the ring but Roman catches him with the Drive-By. Joe begins to mount a comeback out of nowhere inside the ring but it’s only good enough for a near fall. Roman counters Joe and catches him with a Superman Punch by Joe kicks out at 2! He blocks the Spear and hits the Urinagi but only gets a near fall. Joe tries to lock in the Coquina Clutch but Roman fights out and hits the Spear. Joe gets his foot on the rope at 2 to force a rope break. Joe only just manages to beat the referee’s count. Roman sizes up for the Spear again, whilst an ambulance backs into the arena Roman turns his attention to the tron and Braun Strowman gets out of the ambulance. The distraction allows Joe to lock in the Coquina Clutch on Roman. Samoa Joe wins via Submission.

Strowman makes his way out and he grabs a mic and tells Roman he’s not finished with him. He slams Roman to the mat and then challenges him to an Ambulance Match at the Great Balls Of Fire PPV.

Miz TV

Miz’s guest this week is his wife Maryse in attempt to reconcile with her after recent events. Miz apologises for the last couple of weeks and presents her a gift. Maryse unwraps the gift, it’s a grandfather clock. Miz fixed the one that he destroyed. He flattered Maryse and asks for her forgiveness they go to kiss and make up until Ambrose interrupts. He enters the ring and Miz pulls Maryse in front of her and throws her champagne all over her. He once again charges after Ambrose but misses and ruins the grandfather clock again. Maryse tells him to back off as she almost slaps him and Ambrose tries to hit Dirty Deeds but Miz retreats. The two bears attacks Ambrose and reveal themselves to be Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The Miz joins in and finishes Ambrose off with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Sheamus & Cesaro vs Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews

Cesaro and Crews start the match for their respective teams as they go back and forth early on. Sheamus tags in and continues to wear down Crews as he gets a near fall. Cesaro comes back in as the Champions continue to isolate Apollo. He eventually tags in Titus as he fights off the Champions. Sheamus tags in as he gets flattened by Titus, Apollo tags and a smooth double team manoeuvre leads to a near fall as Cesaro breaks up the pin. Cesaro cheap shots Apollo with an Uppercut and a neat double team move allows Sheamus to get the pin. Sheamus & Cesaro win via Pinfall.

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

Alexa Bliss makes her way out to watch the match from the commentary position. Nia dominates the early going as she overpowers The Boss. Sasha hits the double knees from the top rope as she drops Nia. Emma appears and chases Bliss around the ring. Bliss hides behind Nia but she hands Alexa over to Emma. She accidentally hits Jax. Nia Jax wins via Disqualification.

A brawl erupts as Sasha climbs on top of Nia to try bring her down as Bliss also gets in on the action. Emma joins in as a three on one beat down begins on The Boss, Dana and Mickie run to her aid but Nia Jax takes over taking everyone out. The music hits and Bayley runs down to the ring and immediately goes after the Champion. She then takes out Emma leaving Nia in a 4 on 1 predicament. The four women clear the ring and stand tall.

Who attacked Enzo & Cass?

Kurt promised to get the to the bottom of this situation so he calls a meeting in the ring. Enzo & Cass come out first and say they’ll find out who attacked them and they’ll find them. Kurt then brings out The Revival and Big Show. Kurt questions Show and he says he wouldn’t attack anyone from behind. He then tells Kurt that if that’s what he thinks of Big Show then maybe he doesn’t need to be on his show anymore, he walks out of the investigation and leaves the arena. Cass taunts Show as he leaves. Kurt turns his attention to The Revival and Scott Dawson says that they’re innocent this time and he agrees with them saying he’s spoken to referees and officials backstage. Corey interrupts, as he speaks up on a live mic from the commentary position. He says he can help the investigation, he points out Big Cass was lying. He says no medical team treated Cass for his injuries. He goes onto questions why Cass would compete if he wasn’t medically cleared last week. Cass says he’d never leave Enzo’s side. Corey then says he knows exactly what happened to Cass last week. He shows some footage of Cass faking his own attack backstage. Corey points out Cass attacked Enzo. With Enzo looking on in shock, in one of the most shocking heel turns Cass screams at Enzo “You’re damn right I did it!” He points out he has to clear up everything Enzo gets himself into and he’s sick of it. He points out nobody likes Enzo and he felt bad for him so he put up with him. He tells Enzo it felt good attacking him from behind. He says he wants to see Enzo suffer for everything he put him through. He says Enzo is dumber than he looks and he’s nothing more than dead-weight. Cass tells Enzo “Me and you, we’re through!” He boots Enzo in the face and stands over him taunting him as Kurt ushers him out of the ring.

A brilliant episode of RAW! Great matches and good segments, my favourite match had to be Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns. It was an absolute brawl that had little bits of everything and to top it all off, we saw the return of the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. The best segment of the night was by far the closing segment, such a brilliant heel turn from Cass as he turned his back on his long time partner and friend Enzo Amore. I’m going to give RAW 8/10.


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