You Can’t Trust Anybody


The New Day & Breezango vs The Colons & The Usos

The New Day enter with a lot of fanfare and celebration. They claim they’ll walk into Wrestlemania as WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions. The Usos interrupt and say they’re the ones who’ve been grinding and they’re the ones who will remain Tag Team Champions at Money In The Bank. They get interrupted by Breezango. Fandango says there’s been a major break in the case, The Usos day one is not so H. They say their day one is G for Gross. Breeze tells Fandango to book ’em. They’re interrupted by The Colons who call them the worst detectives ever who have horrible fashion sense. They say they didn’t trash their office but they will trash them.

Kofi starts with Epico. The two men go back and forth with Kofi eventually taking control. He tags in Woods and they double team Epico for a near fall. Woods turns the action over to Fandango but Epico manages to fight back. Fandango resumes control and gets a near fall. Epico takes control of Breeze and brings in Jimmy Uso. Primo continues to wear down Tyler Breeze. A double team from Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze results in a near fall. Woods and Primo exchange chops as they battle back and forth. Chaos erupts as New Day & Breezango clear the ring. Back from break, The Colons are dominating Tyler Breeze. They bring in Jey Uso, who continues the beat down and gets a near fall. Breeze tries to make a tag but he’s cut off by Epico. Breeze mounts a comeback and finally gets the tag as he brings in Woods. Tag made from Kofi as he hits the Boom Drop on Jimmy Uso. Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise but the pin is broken up by Jey Uso. Primo comes in and falls victim to Up Up Down Down. Breezango & The New Day win via Pinfall.

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are talking backstage. Styles is warning his friend about how excited Sami gets for big matches. Sami comes in and starts to talk strategy.

Mojo is interviewed backstage he thanks Shane for the opportunity last week. Mojo says he’s glad he lost because he knows he can bounce back. A returning Zack Ryder shows up and it looks like the Hype Bros are reunited.

Naomi vs Tamina

As the women go face to face in the ring, the music hits and Lana makes her way out to ringside. It’s power vs quickness in this one as both women display their strongest attributes early. Tamina takes control and begins to throw the Champion around and wear down. Naomi tries to fight back but continues to beat down her opponent. Tamina gets a near fall as she continues to dominate. Another fight back from Naomi is quickly stopped as Tamina gets another near fall. Naomi pushes Tamina off the ropes and pulls her down so she can hit the Spilt Leg Moonsault. Naomi wins via Pinfall.

After the match she’s attacked from behind by Lana. She holds the title high over a wounded Champion.

The Singh Brothers introduce Jinder Mahal into the arena. The three men make their way to the ring, where Mahal speaks. Mahal demands respect from the WWE Universe. He says he’ll prove Orton is a coward. He says Randy fears Jinder Mahal. He says he’ll cut out Randy’s legacy. He addresses the crowd in Punjabi and he’s cut off by Randy Orton. Mahal sends the Singh Brothers to meet Orton on the ramp. Randy literally RKOs Jinder outta nowhere and leaves through the crowd.

Owens, Ziggler and Corbin are backstage talking strategy.

Orton is interviewed backstage and he says the time for conversation is over.

Charlotte vs Natalya

A very technical start to the match as the two women go back and forth. Nattie takes control heading into the break. She continues to wear down The Queen as we comeback from the break. Charlotte starts to mount a comeback as she begins to take control. Charlotte hits a flawless moonsault from the top rope but gets a near fall. Nattie gets her own near fall after a powerbomb. Charlotte fights off the Sharpshooter and the two women go back and forth. Charlotte hits Natural Selection. Charlotte wins via Pinfall.

The Fashion Files

The Fashion Police go out to celebrate. Fandango finds Breeze beaten down in their trashed office. Breeze describes the culprits.

Lana is interviewed backstage, she says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and her actions. She says she will crush Naomi.

Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn

Ziggler and Nakamura go back and forth to kick off this huge match. Nakamura takes control by Dolph’s team takes control. They begin to isolate Nakamura with quick tags amongst themselves. Nakamura gets the tag to AJ who takes out everybody. Chaos erupts as Zayn takes out KO leaving AJ and Ziggler in the ring. A counter of the Styles Clash leads to a near fall. Zayn comes in with Corbin and runs right into the Deep Six, Nakamura breaks up the pin. Back from the break, Ziggler takes control and brings in Owens. Owens beats down on Zayn. Owens cuts off Sami from making the tag and in comes Corbin to carry on the beat down on Zayn. Corbin cuts off the tag this time as he brings in KO. Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Owens but once he’s stopped from making the tag. Zayn levels Corbin and tries to make the tag once again but his partners get pulled down by Owens and Ziggler. Out of nowhere,¬†Zayn hits the Helluva Kick. Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles win via Pinfall.

Ziggler and Owens attack their opponents from behind following the match. Corbin takes both his partners out and climbs the ladder. Nakamura pushes the ladder hits Corbin with the Kinshasa as he climbs the ladder and takes the briefcase.

A good showing tonight from Smackdown Live. The matches were great tonight not much in the way of promos so it was almost pure wrestling. I’m going to give Smackdown 7/10.


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