WWE Money In The Bank 2017

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

We kicked things off with a piece of WWE history, the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Four of the contestants all run outside to grab ladders, leaving Tamina alone in the ring and she manages to fight them off. Tamina shows her dominance early, but she’s attacked from behind by Charlotte. Charlotte gets on a roll taking out both Nattie and Carmella but Tamina soon comes back to dominate them all. Tamina viciously slingshots Nattie face first into the rungs of the ladder. She uses a ladder to take out Becky but Charlotte again attacks from behind. Becky launches the ladder into Tamina as her and Nattie fight over the ladder, instead they double team Tamina. Natalya drops Becky across the ladder as she’s left alone in the ring. She climbs the ladder but as she’s got her hands on the briefcase, Charlotte drops her to the floor with an Electric Chair. Flair begins her climb but she’s interrupted by Carmella who goes to reach for the briefcase herself. The two ladies fight on top of the ladder, they battle back and forth until Tamina pushes the ladder over taking out both women. Nattie runs back in and takes out Tamina with the ladder. Becky, Carmella, Charlotte & Natalya are all back in the ring as they fight amongst themselves. Becky once again uses the ladder to her advantage as she takes out Natalya. Becky tries to climb but she’s soon halted by Carmella, Charlotte pulls her down this time. Charlotte attempts to climb the ladder but Tamina climbs up to stop her and both ladies fall to the floor as a result of the battle. Charlotte takes Tamina to the outside and tries to take her out. She climbs to the top rope and hits a beautiful Twisting Moonsault to take out both Tamina and Natalya. With the ring clear, Carmella attempts to climb the ladder but she gets cut off by Becky, who takes her out with a powerbomb before beginning her own climb. Out of nowhere, Ellsworth runs in. He tips the ladder over and takes Becky out of the match, he then climbs the ladder himself to retrieve the briefcase and tosses it down to Carmella. The referee’s debate amongst themselves as Ellsworth wasn’t an official participant. He grabs the mic and announces Carmella as the winner. Carmella is Ms Money In The Bank.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day vs The Usos

Jimmy and Kofi start the match as they battle back and forth, Kofi gets an early near fall. Jey gets the tag in, but New Day begin to take control as Big E is tagged in. Kofi comes back in to pick up a near fall. Jimmy drops the top rope as Kofi flies over the top and drops to the floor. Jimmy continues his assault on Kofi down on the outside. The Usos continue to dominate as they suplex Kofi into the ringpost. The double teaming continues, with Kofi getting the worst of it. Quick tags allow The Usos to remain in control, Kofi begins a fight back and manages to tag in his partner. Big E comes in and the momentum shifts as he picks up a near fall. New Day take out both Usos but they fight back locking Kofi in a brutal submission. Jey breaks the hold so he can take out Big E, Kofi locks in a dragon sleeper. Kofi picks up a near fall after the SOS. A blind tag from Big E allows him to the Big Ending. Jey tries to roll him up but to no avail. Kofi launches himself to the outside taking out both opponents with a trust fall. Jimmy pulls his brother out of a pin after the Midnight Hour. The Usos grab their belts and walk out of the match. The New Day win via Count Out. The Usos are still Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Naomi vs Lana

Naomi goes on the attack early but a cheap shot form Lana allows her to take control. Naomi battles back but after she misses a crossbody attempt, Lana picks up a near fall. Lana begins to take the fight to the Champion as she goes to work on her right knee. Another near fall from the challenger, as Lana remains in control. Naomi once again kicks out to give Lana another near fall. Naomi manages to break Lana’s momentum momentarily as she fights back. Naomi hits the Rear View but it’s only a near fall. Lana fights back and gets her own near fall after the Sit Out Spinebuster. The music hits and Carmella makes her way out to ringside. She teases a cash in and continues to observe the match. Lana carries on to beat down the Champion. Naomi rolls Lana into a modified Rings of Saturn submission. Naomi wins via Submission. Carmella walks away with her briefcase.

The Fashion Files

Fandango tells Breeze they’ll find out who attacked him. They receive a VHS tape of someone telling them they trashed the office and attacked them. They challenge them to a match.

The music hits and out comes the returning Maria Kanellis and with her, the debuting Mike Kanellis, her husband. Maria proclaims that the First Lady is back in WWE.

WWE Championship Match: Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

Orton rushes the Champion early as he goes on the attack from the start. Orton beats down Jinder on the outside before he rolls him back inside. Randy tries to hit his signature Hangman’s DDT, but Jinder tosses him over the ropes to the outside and immediately pounces to take control. Mahal goes to work on Randy’s injured knee. Orton fights back on the outside and drops Mahal right in front of his father, Cowboy Bob Orton. Mahal soon regains control as he slams the injured knee down on the announcer’s desk. Jinder locks Orton in a knee bar back inside the ring as the two men trade back and forth. Back on the outside and once again, Jinder goes right to the injured knee as he regains control. A massive kick from Mahal leads to a near fall, he keeps up his offence with another submission hold tearing apart the knee of The Viper. Jinder locks in the Figure-4 submission hold as Ric Flair looks on shocked. Orton fights out of it as he manages to roll over and reverse the pressure. Mahal immediately jumps on the offence as he works away at the knee. A quick roll up only gets Orton a 2-count. Orton starts to fight back as he executes a suplex from the top rope, however it’s only enough for a near fall. Champion and challenger trade shots as Orton gets the better of the exchange and finishes off that sequence with his signature Hangman’s DDT. Orton nails the RKO, but the Singh Brothers put Mahal’s foot on the rope forcing a rope break. The ref throws them out, but instead of leaving they get in the faces of the legends at ringside including Randy’s father. Orton sees this and snaps he goes on to viciously assault the two men. He even sends one of them through the announcer’s table with a beautiful RKO. Randy makes his back inside the ring but he gets caught by the Champion with The Kalaas. Jinder Mahal wins via Pinfall.

Breezango vs The Ascension

The Ascension reveal themselves as the culprits from the attack on Tyler Breeze. All four men battle in the early going but a big knee from Viktor hands control to The Ascension. They begin to dominate the match as they double team Breeze keeping him away from his partner. Conor picks up a near fall for his team as a result of their attack on Breeze. Fandango gets the tag in and he comes in looking to change the course of the match. Fandango gets distracted but it only leads to a near fall. Ascension regain control briefly but Fandango gets a quick roll up. Breezango win via Pinfall.

Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

As Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance, he’s attacked from behind by Baron Corbin taking him out of the match early as all the participants start to brawl. With all 5 remaining men battling on the outside, Shinsuke is carried to the back. As Zayn fights with his rival KO, he flies to the outside taking him out. Meanwhile on the other side, Ziggler and Corbin double team AJ as they use the ladder against him before Corbin drops Ziggler. Dolph takes him out with a Super Kick but he gets taken down by Sami Zayn. Owens pulls the ladder out of the ring and Zayn goes after him on the outside. AJ clears the ring but has to battle Dolph for possession of the ladder. Styles knocks him down on the outside and readies for the Phenomenal Forearm. Ziggler sprints up and knocks AJ off the ropes before he can take flight. Ziggler then runs straight into the Deep Six on the outside. Corbin turns his attentions to Sami Zayn, but that’s to no avail as he takes out Corbin. KO rushes back in and begins to viciously attack Styles inside the ring. Owens begins to attack anyone in his path with the ladder. He takes one shot too many though as AJ counters with a drop toe hold and Owens falls into the ladder. Owens tries to set up the ladder but he gets cut off by Zayn as the two battle back and forth. Owens climbs to the top but his plans are foiled once Zayn launches him into ladder down below. Ziggler comes back in and uses another ladder to take out Zayn he immediately sets up the ladder and begins his climb. Dolph gets interrupted by Sami Zayn as the two men go back and forth. After a Blue Thunder Bomb to Dolph, Sami begins his climb. He’s knocked off the ladder by Baron Corbin, but he’s joined in the ring by AJ. Styles positions the ladder and begins him climb, Corbin climbs the other side and both men battle atop of the ladder. Ziggler enters the fray and drops AJ. Corbin pulls Ziggler down and begins his own climb. He’s immediately caught with the Zig-Zag off the ladder. Zayn, Ziggler and Styles all battle on the ladder. AJ drops down leaving Zayn and Ziggler to battle. Zayn gets the better of the exchange as he catches his opponent with a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder. Owens pulls Zayn out of the ring and the two men battle on the apron. Zayn tiger suplexes Owens over on the apron. Zayn once again starts to climb up the ladder, when out of nowhere, AJ Styles flies in with the Phenomenal Forearm knocking him off the ladder. Corbin pulls out Styles and beats him down on the outside. AJ gets caught and gets chokeslammed into a ladder set up by Baron Corbin. Corbin makes his way back in but he’s immediately taking out by the Helluva Kick as Sami frantically races to position the ladder. Ziggler tries to stop Zayn but he gets knocked back down, Owens run in and takes down Zayn then climbs up himself. Styles pulls KO down and the two men battle. Styles drops Owens across the ladder positioned by Corbin earlier in the match. With everyone out, Styles begins his climb. Ziggler pulls the ladder away from AJ leaving him dangling from the hook in the mid air. As he tries to unhook the briefcase, he loses grip and falls to the ring canvas. Corbin runs in for another attempt but as he begins his climb, the music hits and Nakamura re-enters the match. Shinsuke comes in on fire and beats down Corbin. He turns his attention to Ziggler who he hits with a pair of the Kinshasa kicks. Zayn also gets a Kinshasa for his troubles. As he pulls the ladder inside the ring he returns to the outside and takes out Owens with a Kinshasa. Nakamura attempts to climb the ladder but he goes face to face with AJ Styles. The two superstars leave the ladder and trade some big shots back and forth. Neither man gives an inch in this epic encounter. Nakamura gets the better of AJ hitting him with the exploder suplex. However, AJ cuts off his attempt of the Kinshasa with a Phenomenal Forearm. Both men climb the ladder and battle at the top. Corbin knocks the ladder over taking them both out, clearing the way. Baron Corbin climbs the ladder and unhooks the briefcase. Baron Corbin is Mr Money In The Bank.

Not a great show in all honesty, the Women’s Money In The Bank Match was a great match with a terrible ending. However, I love how Jinder is slowly becoming the ultimate heel. And on the subject of the men’s Money In The Bank Match, it was a great match and Corbin will do great things with the briefcase. Although if you’re going to reintroduce Shinsuke back into the match, he could’ve at least won it other wise it seems pointless. I can see a potential Styles/Nakamura feud coming soon and I can’t wait for that one they will surely put on some classic matches.


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