Actions Speak Much Louder Than Words 

WWE SmackdownLive

Quick recap of the June 6th edition of Smackdown Live, direct from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York.

We kick the show off with the 5 Women’s Money In The Bank participants in the ring and they’re joined by Shane McMahon. He introduces them all one-by-one before he reveals the Money In The Bank case they’ll be competing for. Shane explains the contents of the briefcase but he’s then interrupted by James Ellsworth. Carmella claims she’s going to win. The Queen speaks up and says the contract will add to her legacy. Natalya speaks up and cuts her usual promo. Becky says she’ll become the first ever Miss Money In The Bank. Tamina comes in and says she’s going to win and shut everyone up. Naomi makes her way out to the ring. Naomi says she wishes she could be in the match, she claims she’s ready for anyone. The music hits and out comes Lana. Shane tells her it’s not the correct time for her opportunity. Lana says she’ll make it all work for Shane and throws her hat in to be the sixth participant. Naomi laughs and Lana questions what’s funny. Naomi questions who Lana has ever beaten and she steps up and claims she can beat Naomi. Shane interrupts telling her to earn the Women’s Championship Match.

Naomi/Charlotte/Becky vs Carmella/Natalya/Tamina

Charlotte and Natalya start for their teams as they battle back and forth. Charlotte begins to take control of the match and turns the action over to Becky. Nattie tags in Carmella but she doesn’t fare much better as Becky takes control. Carmella sends Becky out to the floor and a wicked shot from Nattie floors the Lasskicker. The Welcoming Committee begin to take over as they isolate Becky with Tamina grounding her opponent. Nattie comes in and nearly gets caught out as Becky gets a near fall. Becky eventually makes the tag to Naomi who comes in on fire and lays a beat down on Carmella before she gets a piece of Tamina. Nattie and Tamina double team the Champion but she gets taken out by Lana allowing Tamina to hit a Super Kick. The Welcoming Committee wins via Pinfall.

Shane is backstage with Mojo Rawley, Mojo describes wining the Andre the Giant Battle Royal as the greatest moment in his career but he wants an opportunity. Shane announces Jinder Mahal vs Mojo Rawley. If Mojo wins he’s in the Money In The Bank Ladder match.

AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler 

Both men exchange holds in the early going. Ziggler assumed control and gets a near fall. The two trade shots in the centre of the ring as Styles ends up winning that exchange and taking control. Ziggler gets a near fall after he hits the Fame Asser. A back and forth exchange leads to another near fall for Ziggler. Styles manages to transition a cover into the Styles Clash. AJ Styles wins via Pinfall.

The Fashion Files

Fandango thinks it’s not the Colon’s cologne. The New Day enter ask them to take on a case as they gift them some rompers, Fandango says they won’t take the case. The New Day ask for some intel on The Usos, so they had over all of their evidence.

Mojo Rawley vs Jinder Mahal

Mojo fires away at the Champion early as he gains an early advantage. Mojo sends the Champion to the outside as he continues to dominate. A distraction from the Singh Brothers allows Mahal to take over. Rawley fights back and regains control of the match. Jinder takes the eyes and hits his signature move, The Kalaas. Jinder Mahal wins via Pinfall.

Mahal reminds the Universe he’s the WWE Champion, he claims he will dismantle Randy Orton’s dream. He claims to be the antidote for the WWE Universe.

Randy Orton says actions speak louder than words.

The Colons vs The New Day

Primo and Woods start the match for their teams as Xavier takes control early. Primo brings in Epico but Woods remains in control. Big E comes in and New Day begin to dominate. Back from the break and The Colons turn the tide. Woods fights back and hits a spectacular dropkick from the ropes and brings in Big E. Big E begins to dominate. Woods takes out Epico, but Primo gets a near fall over Big E. The tag is made back to Woods, the New Day hit the Midnight Hour on Primo. The New Day wins via Pinfall.

The Usos come out following the match, and call them “old news” they joke about New Day and poke fun at them. They say the jokes will be over at Money In The Bank.

Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage and he says he’s been watching a lot of footage but he can’t figure out Nakamura. He says that he’ll be on commentary for the main event. Corbin interrupts the interview and drops Zayn before attacking him with a Ladder. Baron Corbin says he’ll be on commentary.

Shane is in his office, Naomi demands a match with Lana at Money In The Bank. Shane makes it official a Women’s Championship Match Lana vs Naomi.

Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura

A very tentative start for KO but the two men eventually lock up. Shinsuke takes down Owens as he rolls out. Back from the break and KO is starting to dominate. Owens picks up a near fall. Nakamura fights back into the match and gets a near fall. Owens rocks Nakamura and attempts a top rope suplex but Shinsuke fights out. Owens still manages to hit the Cannonball. Nakamura again fights back and he levels him with the Kinshasa. Shinsuke Nakamura wins via Pinfall.

Baron Corbin attacks from behind and takes out Nakamura with the End of Days.

Not the best show to be honest wasn’t all that impressed the build to Money In The Bank was good, however the matches weren’t great at all. I’m going to give Smackdown 5/10.


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