UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway

We’re live tonight, from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. It’s time for UFC 212.

Erick Silva vs Yancy Medieros

Round 1

Silva gets hurt early but Medieros fails to capitalise, he uses his range early on to figure out his opponent. Silva begins to fight back as he connects with some big shots. Silva drops his opponent with a big shot but Medieros gets back up immediately.

Round 2

Another good round for both men, both delivering and connecting with some heavy shots. Silva gets dropped by Medieros again this round but this time Medieros pounces on his opponent and the referee calls for the stoppage. Silva really wasn’t impressed with the referee’s decision to stop the fight.

Yancy Medieros wins by TKO.


Paulo Borrachinha vs Oluwale Bamgbose

Round 1

Bamgbose connects early with a big body shot early and he keeps on his toes with good movement early on. Borrachinha connects with some big kicks of his own. Bamgbose gets caught out as Borrachinha goes in for the kill and piles on the offence. Bamgbose is taking some big shots late on but he manages to stay in the fight.

Round 2

Bamgbose comes out with big shots again, but Borrachinha drops him and goes on the attack. The referee steps in and calls for the stoppage.

Paulo Borrachinha wins by TKO.

Vitor Belfort vs Nate Marquardt

Round 1

A beautiful take-down by Marquardt and presses his opponent but Vito keeps him close not allowing him to pass the guard or get shots away. Both men are stood up by the referee and a patient battle ensues. Both guys connect with good shots.

Round 2

Another patient start from both men but Vito begins to unload on his opponent. Marquardt shakes off the offence and stays on his feet. Marquardt begins to take control of the round but neither man is backing down.

Round 3

Tentative start from the fighters in the final round but Marquardt seems in control with Vito just waiting to pounce on the counter. Vito presses late on but nothing comes of it as both men go the distances. Over to the judges. Vito Belfort wins by Unanimous Decision.

Claudia Gadelha vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Round 1

Karolina leads most of the offence but Claudia takes her down and assumes control. She locks in a choke hold and Karolina taps out. Claudia Gadelha wins by Submission.


UFC Featherweight Championship: Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway

Round 1

Holloway doesn’t back down, as he comes forward to try catch Jose. Aldo catches his opponent and begins to unload. Holloway shakes it off but Jose stalks him around the octagon. Aldo again catches his opponent but this time can’t take advantage.

Round 2

Good combinations from Jose keeping Holloway at bay. Holloway comes alive finally and catches Jose with a right hand. A powerful exchange between the two men as the fight begins to open up. Holloway very arrogantly drops his guard and Jose looks for some big shots to make his opponent pay.

Round 3

Massive round for Holloway he’s really got into the fight, so much so he drops Jose and pounces down on him and doesn’t let up. Aldo fights back for as long as he can but Max pounds away at will. He tries for the choke but Jose gets out and again Max unloads. Pure heart and determination from Jose to stay in the fight as long as he did, Jose is a true warrior. However, in the midst of all this the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Max Holloway wins by TKO. Max Holloway is the new UFC Undisputed Featherweight Champion.


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