Nobody Owns Me 

A look back at May 29th edition WWE Monday Night RAW, as RAW is live from Greenville, South Carolina.

Miz TV

The Miz kicks off RAW, with an edition of Miz TV. Miz recaps the events of his rivalry with Dean Ambrose and then welcomes his guests, Cesaro & Sheamus. He tells them they are the hardest working superstars in the WWE. Sheamus says it’s a shame how the Universe turned on Cesaro. Miz says the Universe don’t understand what goes on in the ring. He goes on to say that he was the one who made the Intercontinental Championship mean something. Ambrose interrupts him and says someone needs to shut Miz up. He hasn’t come alone though, he’s brought back up as he and the Hardy Boyz charge the ring.

Dean Ambrose & The Hardy Boyz vs The Miz & Sheamus/Cesaro

Jeff takes control early of Cesaro and tags in his brother Matt but the opposition soon regain control as Sheamus gets a near fall. Matt tries to fight back Sheamus drops him a high knee. Hardy gets the tag to Ambrose who comes in and takes out everyone. Ambrose counters the White Noise but only gets a near fall. A distraction from Miz allows Sheamus to drop Ambrose on the outside. Miz is in clear control of the match but Ambrose still manages a near fall. Miz brings in Sheamus who carries on the offence. Ambrose fights back just enough to bring in Jeff, a blind tag by Matt leads to Poetry in Motion and a near fall. A chaotic finish sees Ambrose take out Sheamus and Cesaro, the Hardys hit the Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb combination on The Miz. Dean Ambrose & The Hardy Boyz win via Pinfall.

Corey Graves is summoned to Kurt’s office they’re apparently talking about some information that Corey has relayed to Kurt. Apparently whatever the news is could seriously ruin Kurt Angle.

Elias Samson vs Zach Evans

The Drifter takes on a local jobber and he absolutely destroys him. Elias Samson wins via Pinfall.

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe vs Bray Wyatt

Samoa Joe is interviewed prior to the match and he tells the Universe he’s analysed Finn and knows how to hurt him. Bray cuts him off and claims himself the “devil you don’t know” and says that whilst Joe, his blind his eyes are wide open. He sees a future where The Beast is running wild and only he can defeat him.

Bray slides out early and just watches along with the Universe as Finn and Joe battle back and forth. They bring Wyatt back into the ring and Balor battles with him as Joe looks on. Balor makes a pin but Joe breaks it up and begins to beat down Balor. Wyatt and Joe attempt to go one-on-one but Balor repeatedly breaks them up. Wyatt flattens Finn with a huge crossbody. Joe and Balor battle on the top rope before Wyatt gets involved bringing down a Tower of Doom. Bray attempts Sister Abigail on Finn, but the move is broken up by Joe who locks in the Coquina Clutch only for Balor to break up the submission. Balor battles both men to the outside before he flies to the outside flooring them both. Wyatt and Joe form a temporary alliance as they team up. Balor attempts to fight back but he’s overpowered by Joe. The alliance comes to an end after Wyatt cocks Joe and turns his attention to Balor. Finn mounts a comeback taking Wyatt down but he’s caught from behind by Joe. Balor fights back clears the ring of both men and then attacks both on the outside. Back inside the ring, Balor continues his attack on Joe until a massive counter swings the momentum back in his favour. It’s not for long though as Balor fights back and even takes out an on rushing Bray Wyatt. Joe runs straight into Sister Abigail only to be attacked from behind by Finn Balor. He connects with his signature combination, the Swingblade precedes the corner dropkick and Balor finally finishes this beautiful offence with the Coupe De Gras. As he goes to cover Wyatt, Joe rushes back and steals the pin. Samoa Joe wins via Pinfall.

Seth Rollins is interviewed following the match as he discusses the main event with Roman Reigns. He claims tonight will be a war and goes on to say that he owns Roman.

Rich Swann vs Noam Dar

Dar jumps Swann from behind to jump start the match, but Swann fights back before he’s dropped by Dar for a near fall. Noam begins to take over in the match as he beats down Swann. Swann fights backs and hits a beautifully modified Hangover manoeuvre, only a near fall though. Foxy attempts to distract Swann who’s perched on the top rope but she’s cut off by The Boss as Swann hits the beautiful Phoenix Splash. Rich Swann wins via Pinfall.

The Revival are back and they’re interviewed backstage in relation to Enzo Amore’s beatdown. Scott Dawson claims the Top Guys will be back on RAW very soon and tries to deflect all of the questions. The Revival admit they were at RAW but they’re not going to waste their time on Enzo because he’s a bottom-feeder. Corey claims Big Cass will be interested in the footage.

Cass confronts Corey and says he hopes that Graves isn’t implicating him for the attack of Enzo.

Kalisto vs Titus O’Neill

Kalisto takes the fight to Titus early using his speed to his advantage. Kalisto attempts a manoeuvre, but Titus sits down on Kalisto and pins him. With a handful of his opponent’s tights, Titus gets the 3 count. Titus O’Neill wins via Pinfall.

Bayley: This Is Your Life

Alexa reiterates her claim that Bayley can’t get extreme. Alexa mocks Bayley with a host of dolls and trophies. She even brings up Bayley’s “Yearbook.” Alexa goes on to introduce her guests. First up Bayley’s 4th grade teacher. The lady mocks Bayley saying she was a good student and says Bayley would cry if her father wasn’t there. Next up, Bayley’s supposed ex best friend. This woman goes on to say Bayley took the blame for everything everyone else did. She says they were totally inseparable until Bayley refused to hang out because she was watching WWE. Finally, Bayley’s supposed ex-boyfriend. This man again backs up the story of Bayley’s father being there because she couldn’t go anywhere without him. He claims he only dated Bayley to get close to Bayley’s “best friend” and the two make out. Bayley seems to have heard enough as she charges the ring and gets in a brawl with Alexa. With the Champion laid out, Bayley attempts to retrieve the kendo stick until she’s cut off and Bliss uses her own kendo stick on her challenger.

Back from the break and once again Enzo Amore is laid out injured. Angle intervenes guaranteeing it wasn’t The Revival as he saw them leaving the building.

Austin Aries/Jack Gallagher vs Neville/TJP

Aries and TJP start the match off, Aries gains complete control before he tags in Gallagher. TJP and Gallagher wrestle back and forth until TJP forces him back and brings in Neville. A quick exchange between Neville and Gallagher leads to a quick tag bringing in Aries. Gallagher and Neville are back in as the legal men and the Champion is really wearing down his opponent. TJP comes in and continues the attack. Gallagher fights back and nails TJP with a head butt and gets the tag. On the other side TJP tags Neville, champion and challenger go one on one in the centre of the ring. Neville falls into the Last Chancery. Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher win via Submission.

Roman Reigns makes it crystal clear, no one owns Roman Reigns and he’ll show Seth and the world why he’s the Big Dog and why the WWE is his yard.

Neville is questioned about his loss ahead of Extreme Rules and a seemingly distraught Neville storms off.

Another Shattered Dreams production is aired and Goldust says that we all go mad sometimes and it takes a lot to make us snap like a twig but now he’s back in the director’s chair. He claims R-Truth held him back as a supporting act and didn’t let him shine.

This is followed up the What’s Up Productions, R-Truth mocks Goldust and says movie stars were his inspirations and claims he will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns 

A quick exchange results in Reigns displaying his power advantage over Rollins who subsequently shows his speed with a roll up, Reigns kicks out. Rollins takes control as he sends Roman into a temporary retreat to the outside as he attempts to regroup. Roman begins to beat down Rollins and even hits a Drive-By, sending The Kingslayer into the ring post. Reigns continues to beat down his opponent. Rollins fights back and drops Roman with the Swingblade. Seth sends his opponent to the outside and follows him out with a Suicide Dive. Roman nails Seth with a Superman Punch but only gets a near fall. Rollins sidesteps the Spear and picks up a near fall of his own. Both men battle on the top rope it ends with Rollins hitting Roman with the Buckle Bomb. Immediately Reigns rebounds with another Superman Punch. They brawl back and forth but eventually Rollins connects with the Frog Splash, however it’s only a near fall again. Rollins heads to top again but he misses the Phoenix Splash. The two men again have a great back and forth sequence before Reigns connects with another Spear. Roman Reigns wins via Pinfall.

Wow! An amazing show on Monday, the main event was an absolute epic and a potential match of the year candidate. The triple threat was also a great match and I really can not wait for Fatal 5-Way. The double main event matches were the only really good matches from tonight, the 6 man tag was okay but nothing special. Extreme Rules does promise to be very exciting though with some big matches on the card. I’m going to give RAW 7/10.


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