Chelsea FC Pre-season

So just a small introduction into this series guys. I wanted to do this save for a while because Chelsea are amongst Europe’s so-called Heavyweights even after a disappointing season. Since the takeover by Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, their fortunes have changed for the better and it seems they only get stronger as times goes by. Chelsea are known to complete a number of high-profile signings and it’s very well known just how good Chelsea’s academy products are. My aim for this series are too return Chelsea to their former glories an I want to try and minimise the spending habits and produce some home-grown superstars, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be competing for the big players should they become available.

The Tactic

Antonio Conte has transformed Chelsea this season with the introduction of the Wing Back system, that he plays in a 3-4-3 formation. I’m using the same system however a slightly different formation. I’m going to play a 5-2-3 formation:

Chelsea tactic (2)

I’m hoping that the 3 Centre-Back’s will provide protection for Courtois and lay the ball off to either Fabregas or one of the Wing Backs. Then I’m hoping that the ball goes from one of them players out wide to the wingers and then eventually end up with a Diego Costa goal. I’m hoping that N’Golo Kante can be as influential for me as he was for Claudio Ranieri in Leicester’s title winning season or even as influential as he was this season for this Chelsea, a year that saw him dominate the Player of the Year Awards.


So I deployed my new tactic in a series of friendlies that saw us go on tour in America before finally returning home to South-west London.

tbb chelsea save (2)

As you would imagine, a new manager and a new tactic doesn’t exactly bring immediate results. That’s just how it went down, as you can see we played 7 games and won 4 of them. They weren’t great performances in truth but it was pre-season and it wasn’t a full strength squad as I gave a lot of game time to some of the younger players in the team but even still a win is a win. I’m hoping to cut out these narrow margin wins because they’re way too tense for my liking especially when you’re fighting to win the Premier League.

John Terry

So, in real life Terry has called time on his Chelsea career and his immediate future is not yet known. However, I am pleased to announce that on the save I’ve managed to get John to extend his current deal with the club to 2018. Terry is a club legend and he’s a great leader on and off the pitch. I’m also going to try and see if John will tutor some of the emerging youngsters in the team and may even suggest a possible coaching role at the club.

The pre-season is almost over and we’re due to kick start our League campaign very soon, so in the next post I’m going to come back at the end of the first month where we’ll look back at the results and talk about the transfer business conducted in the window both the in’s and out’s.


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