You Can Call Me, Mr. Money In The Bank!

A look back at the May 23rd edition of WWE Smackdown Live, live from The Huntington Centre in Toledo, Ohio.

The new WWE Champion Jinder Mahal arrives with a police escort as the Commissioner kicks off the show.

Shane recaps the events of this past Sunday at Backlash and announces that Randy Orton will get his rematch for the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank. He then goes on to address the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Shane introduces the 5 men who will compete in the match, the first of which is AJ Styles. He’s followed by Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and finally Kevin Owens. Shane tells Owens he’s not part of the match. He then introduces the fifth and final participant, Shinsuke Nakamura. Owens highlights the fact that Corbin, Ziggler and AJ all lost at Backlash yet they’re all part of the match, taking KO’s point into consideration Shane makes it’s a 6 man match and adds Owens into the mix. Corbin intervenes and tells Owens to stop talking, he goes on to tell the other wrestlers they don’t stand a chance int he match. AJ reminds everyone that this is the house that he built he then says he’ll show the world he’s the franchise player on Smackdown Live. Zayn and Corbin trade insults and Zayn challenges Corbin to a match. Owens and Ziggler get involved and Dolph reminds them all that he’s the only one in the ring who’s actually won the Money In The Bank match. Nakamura introduces himself to those who don’t know him and closes by saying “You can call me Mr Money In The Bank!”

Shane makes some matches: Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler/Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura.

Becky Lynch/Charlotte vs The Welcoming Committee 

Natalya and Carmella will represent their stable in this match. Carmella and Becky start for their teams as they lock up early on with Becky getting the better of the exchange early on, but Carmella fights back. Becky and Charlotte take the ring as they send their opponents to the outside to regroup. The Welcoming Committee begin to fight back and take control as they isolate Becky from her partner. Lynch fights back and eventually makes the tag to Charlotte. The momentum switches as Charlotte comes in on fire and even gets a near fall. Tags are made on both sides and Becky locks in The Disarmer on Carmella. Becky Lynch and Charlotte win via Submission.

Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin

A quick match ends with Zayn getting a surprise roll up over Corbin. Sami Zayn wins via Pinfall.

The shock loss causes Corbin to snap and sends him into outrage. Corbin viscously and violently beats down his rival.

AJ confronts Nakamura backstage and welcomes him to Smackdown Live. AJ says the two have earned each other’s respect and tells Shinsuke to follow his lead in the main event. Nakamura says they’re a team tonight but at Money In The Bank, he’ll grab the briefcase and turn AJ’s house into his own personal playground.

The Fashion Files

Breezango tell Shane they’re not worthy as they turn in their badges, guns and all the stuff they used whilst being the Fashion Police. Shane tells them this isn’t the case as they really proved themselves on Sunday and announces the the members of Breezango will face The Usos in singles action. Tyler Breeze vs Jey Uso and Fandango vs Jimmy Uso.

Punjabi Celebration

Jinder enters the arena escorted by dancers, drummers and the Singh Brothers. Jinder says that the great nation of India is celebrating the fact he’s the new WWE Champion. He says that now the Universe boos him because he exposed them all because no one believed he could beat Randy Orton. He claims to already be the greatest WWE Champion of all time. Jinder says no one will hijack his celebration as he celebrates for Punjab and for India. He then addresses the crowd in Punjabi and says he told the whole world that Randy Orton would lose at Backlash and he would become the WWE Champion. Jinder raises the title aloft as the pyro goes off all around the arena.

Yet another sultry video of Lana is aired, promising us she’s coming soon.

Jey Uso vs Tyler Breeze

Jey tells Breeze he doesn’t deserve the match as The Usos already won at Backlash. A distraction from Fandango allows Breeze to get a quick roll up on his opponent. Tyler Breeze wins via Pinfall.

Jimmy Uso vs Fandango

Jimmy takes the fight to Fandango. Breeze distracts both Usos and Fandango gets a roll up. Fandango wins via Pinfall.

Breezango challenge The Usos to a title rematch and The Usos agree to an immediate rematch. It’s made official as the match is announced.

Smackdown Tag Team Title Match: Breezango vs The Usos

The Usos control the match early but Breeze gets the tag to his partner. Fandango takes control of the match but only gets a near fall. A series of double super kicks from The Usos floors the challengers. Fandango reverses the top rope splash into a small package but again its only a near fall. The Usos make the numbers count as a tag from Jey ends with Fandango’s Last Dance being followed up by the top rope splash. The Usos win via Pinfall.

Natalya demands an opportunity at the Women’s Title but she’s then she’s interrupted by Carmella. Becky also demands an opportunity at the title before Tamina interrupts saying she wants her shot. Charlotte interrupts and demands her shot. Shane announces a Fatal 5-Way match pitting Carmella vs Tamina vs Natalya vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte.

AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens/Dolph Ziggler

Styles and Ziggler start the match and go back and forth showcasing their technical wrestling skills. AJ takes control as he floors Dolph with a dropkick and both men tag out. Owens and Nakamura go face to face in the ring. Nakamura strikes fast with Owens busy trash talking. Both men are back in the ring and Nakamura starts to take control as he unleashes strong style on Owens. Owens fights back and turns the action over to Ziggler. Ziggler begins to wear down his opponent. The offence on Nakamura continues as Owens re-enters that match. Nakamura tries to fight back Owens and Ziggler remain in control. Shinsuke fights out of the opposing corner but he’s dragged back as Owens picks up a near fall. Nakamura refuses to give up as as he continually tries to fight back to no avail. Ziggler charges and misses Nakamura and he finally gets the tag to AJ Styles. Styles comes in on a roll taking both men out and even gets a near fall over Dolph. A distraction from KO allows Dolph to take out his opponent. Owens is tagged in and he starts to beat down his rival. Ziggler comes in to continue the wear down process of the Phenomenal One. AJ avoids a top rope suplex and gets the tag to Nakamura. Ziggler also manages to tag in KO but Nakamura doesn’t let that effect him as he picks up a near fall. A brawl breaks out and Nakamura catches Owens with the Kinshasa. AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura win via Pinfall.

Not the best episode in truth some very messy finishes to most of the card. I think the only clean finish had to be the main event which was simply awesome. However it wasn’t good enough to warrant an amazing show. We saw the Money In The Bank Ladder match announced and also a Women’s Fatal 5-Way has been announced for next week as rumours emerge of a possible Women’s Money In The Bank match. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds. I’m going to give Smackdown 6/10.


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