I Will Slay The Beast!

A look back at WWE RAW, live from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Bray Wyatt kicks off the show telling the Universe to stand up and rejoice for their saviour as the slaves of the beast will soon be liberated. Wyatt tells us the beast lives in everyone of us and claims to be in control saying he will slay the beast. Bray tells us he will protect us. He claims there are no friends in his world, just followers. He says that even the Demon King Balor will realise that only he can slay the beast. He asks what Roman’s yard means when Bray owns the world.

Reigns makes his way out to the ring and tells Bray to run his mouth directly to his face. He tells Roman he’s the only one who can beat Brock Lesnar. Roman retaliates saying he’s going to beat 4 guys at Extreme Rules and then he’s going to beat Brock Lesnar. He then tells him, that right now he’s only thinking about how to get Wyatt out of his yard.

The two men are interrupted by RAW GM, Kurt Angle. He makes a match Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt 

Wyatt gets the better of his opponent in the early going as he goes to work on Roman’s existing injuries. Reigns tries to mount a comeback but Wyatt floors him. Samoa Joe’s music hits and he charges to the ring and locks in the Coquina Clutch on Reigns. Wyatt attacks Roman but Joe gets the Coquina Clutch on Bray. Rollins charges the ring and sends Joe to the outside. Reigns catches Wyatt with a Superman Punch and the former Shield brethren stand tall. Amidst all the chaos, Roman Reigns wins via Disqualification.

Rollins and Reigns debate in the back but they’re interrupted by Kurt Angle who announces tonight’s main event, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt & Samoa Joe.

The Drifter walks in again and Kurt Angle says he finally got his attention, he then announces Dean Ambrose vs Elias Samson.

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Tozawa goes on the attack early on as he picks up a near fall. Daivari fights back to earn his own near fall. Tozawa regains control of the match and hits a top rope Senton Splash. Akira Tozawa wins via Pinfall.

The Boss is interviewed backstage saying she can’t wait to beat Foxy and get away from this mess.

Dean Ambrose vs Elias Samson

The Drifter is in the ring singing much to the dismay of the WWE Universe. Ambrose makes his way to the ring with Miz & Maryse on commentary. The two lock up and Samson gets the better of it but Ambrose fights back. The back and forth contest continues as once again, Samson comes back and begins to beat down The Lunatic Fringe. Samson continues to wear Ambrose down. Ambrose finally manages to fight back and turns the tide with a neckbreaker. Ambrose flies off the top rope but Samson pulls out a wicked counter with a knee straight to the jaw, but it’s only good enough for a near fall. The Miz charges the ring and attacks The Drifter. Elias Samson wins via Disqualification.

Ambrose chases The Miz but Samson attacks him from behind.

Referees are backstage checking on an unconscious Enzo Amore as Big Cass rushes to his aid. Enzo is back and he says he doesn’t know what happened. Cass threatens Kurt saying Kurt better hope that he finds the culprit before Cass does.

Finn Balor vs Karl Anderson 

Finn tells the Universe in attendance that he’s focused, he’s then interrupted by Paul Heyman, the advocate for The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Heyman tells us he’s here to scout the potential #1 Contender. Heyman claims that everyone will become the victims of Brock Lesnar. Heyman tells Balor he’s not a victim and he’s no underdog. Heyman tells Balor he believes that he’s the most talented in ring performer in the WWE. Paul points out that Balor believes that Brock Lesnar will be his victim. Heyman wishes him well and say he looks forward to Balor vs Brock. Finn says he’ll win at Extreme Rules and he’ll reclaim his Universal Championship.

The match finally begins and Anderson beats his opponent down early on but Balor fights back with a vicious onslaught. The two men battle back and forth but Balor begins to build up momentum. He takes down both Gallows and Anderson. Anderson gets a near fall. Balor flies to the outside and again takes out both men. The Swingblade, corner dropkick and finally the Coupe De Gras lead to a pin. Finn Balor wins via Pinfall.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox

Banks takes the fight to Foxy early on, but a distraction from Noam Dar allows Foxy to get a near fall. Sasha fights back trying to build some momentum but the two women battle back and forth. Sasha hits the Double Knees and pins Alicia. Sasha Banks wins via Pinfall.

Noam Dar argues with Banks and gets a slap for his troubles, Foxy attacks The Boss from behind and hits her with the Scissors Kick.

Kalisto and Apollo talk backstage, Kalisto tells his friend to stop fighting Titus O’Niell’s battles. Titus interrupts and offers Kalisto the chance to join the Titus Brand but he refuses so Titus announces Kalisto vs Apollo Crews for tonight.

A vignette of Goldust is aired and he claims The Golden Age is back.

Alexa Bliss is interviewed backstage, she doesn’t feel bad for Bayley and says she wants to use the kendo stick again on her because Bayley isn’t capable of getting extreme.

Kalisto vs Apollo Crews

The two men go back and forth in the early going but Crews gets control and picks up an early near fall. Apollo continues to wear down Kalisto. Out of nowhere, Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol. Kalisto wins via Pinfall.

Matt Hardy vs Sheamus 

The two lock up as Sheamus overpowers his opponent, but Hardy comes back. Matt sends Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus takes control on the outside and begins to beat down Hardy. Hardy comes back and gets a near fall. Matt remains in control as he wears Sheamus down. The Celtic Warrior fights back but only manages a near fall. Sheamus continues the beat down but a distraction from Jeff Hardy leads to a near fall for Matt. A back and forth battle leads to a near fall for Sheamus. Chaos on the outside leads to Hardy hitting a Twist of Fate. Matt Hardy wins via Pinfall.

The Hardy Boyz announce that the match at Extreme Rules will be a Steel Cage Match.

Tony Nese vs Austin Aries

Nese goes straight to the injured knee, but Aries is in firm control. Aries gets a near fall for his efforts. With Aries distracted by Neville on the outside, Nese takes advantage as he goes after the knee. The two men trade big shots and Nese drops his opponent. Austin Aries locks in a Guillotine and transitions into the Last Chancery. Austin Aries wins via Submission.

Neville attacks Tony Nese inside the ring and locks in the Rings of Saturn.

Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James

An early back and forth technical exchange ends with James getting the better of the champion. Bliss backs her opponent into the corner and beats her down, Mickie fights back immediately as she starts to take control of the match. James gets a near fall. A lethal shot from Alexa leads to a vicious DDT. Alexa Bliss wins via Pinfall.

Alexa once again goes to the Kendo Stick and uses it on Mickie. Bayley rushes the ring but Bliss retreats before she can use the Kendo Stick.

Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe/Bray Wyatt

Seth starts the match against Bray and he comes out the blocks firing as he sends Wyatt to the outside and goes after both of his opponents. Bray knocks Rollins off the apron, sending him into the barricade. Rollins get the tag to Reigns and he comes into dominating his opponent. A distraction from Joe, allows Wyatt to capitalise and he even starts to beat him down before tagging in. Joe continued domination leads to a near fall. Wyatt comes back in, he immediately goes after Reigns‘ injuries. Roman gets the tag to Rollins who comes in taking out both opponents. Rollins flies through the air to take out both opponents. Wyatt and Joe attempt a double suplex off the ropes but Seth fights them off. Roman attempts a Superman Punch but catches Rollins, as the two argue Wyatt pulls Reigns outsides. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Samoa Joe & Bray Wyatt win via Submission.

Finn Balor demands to be in a match with one of the participants from Fatal 5-Way. Kurt announces, Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe vs Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns for next week’s Raw.

A good showing tonight from the RAW brand, not the greatest though in truth although we did get to see a few more developments in the current story lines. We saw a very good debut from Elias Samson, albeit a DQ win it was a very good showing against a game Dean Ambrose. The build up to Fatal 5-Way is getting interesting, a  big tag match and two huge matches announced for next week. I’m going to give Raw 7/10.


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