UFC 211 Miocic vs Dos Santos 2

The biggest MMA event of the year, the UFC have assembled the biggest card they can and possibly the best card ever. Live from the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, Texas. It’s time!

Krzysztof Jotko vs David Branch

Round 1

Branch looks for a quick start on his return to the UFC. Jotko keeps his distance and tries to use his range and keeps Branch on the back foot. A take-down by Branch leads to a fight on the ground. Branch is in complete control on the ground but Jotko gets to the cage and makes it to his feet. Branch keeps up his offence and the two exchange strikes against the cage wall. Another take-down this time by Jotko but Branch is back up quickly. The go back and forth on the cage wall much to the dismay of the fans as the boos ring out.

Round 2

A careful start to the round by both men, a little kick boxing exchange and Jotko has Branch on the cage wall. Jotko gets the better on the defence keeping his range perfectly. Jotko hits a couple counter punches, but Branch executes another take-down only for Jotko to immediately get back up. Another take-down attempt from Branch is foiled as Jotko is back up quickly.

Round 3

Another dull round, both men barely connect with anything. The clinch is again up against the cage wall. The fans are booing, they came to see a fight and this one really hasn’t lived up to it. Barely any action in this round or the fight as a whole. Saying that, Branch goes for another take-down but Jotko fights back up and once again more boos as the clinch is up against the wall. The fights ends with both men going back and forth.

The judges award a split decision victory to David Branch.

Frankie Edgar vs Yair Rodriguez

Round 1

Both men make a quick start connecting early. An action packed first round plenty of shots thrown and a take down leads to Edgar trying to his opponent away. Yair fights back just as well constantly looking for the submission, but with Frankie on top the punches fly in. Yair tries to push Frankie off, but he can’t as Edgar unleashes some brutal punches cutting Yair and bruising his face. A massive round for Frankie Edgar.

Round 2

Frankie gets the take-down early but Yair defends well as he pulls off a knee bar submission. Frankie fights out of it and begins to punch away on Yair once again. Yair to his credit still manages to fight back but again Edgar regains control and tees off on his face. Yair struggles to fight out as Edgar keeps looking for an opening to fnish the fight. Yair is completely beat up.

Frankie Edgar wins by TKO due to doctor’s advice for a stoppage.

Demian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal

Round 1

Maia shoots for the take-down early on but Masvidal holds his own and fights him off. Masvidal is in a body triangle as Maia is behind him looking for the choke hold. Maia works on Masvidal but he has a good defence. Masvidal shakes him off and unloads on Maia, a strong finish to the round.

Round 2

Masvidal gets the better of the round, he blocks the take-down but Maia keeps coming back even though he doesn’t have any control. Masvidal catches his opponent with some good shots but Maia uses his grappling to keep Masvidal grounded as he looks for a submission.

Round 3

Masvidal hits some strong kicks early hurting his opponent. Masvidal stalks Maia in the octagon looking for his strikes. Every time Maia goes anywhere, Masvidal catches him. Maia eventually gets Masvidal on the ground as Maia tries to lock in a submission. Masvidal tries to roll his opponent but Maia is in full control on the ground.

The judges award a split decision victory to Damien Maia. A very controversial decision, I felt like Masvidal had this one as he connected with more strikes.

UFC Strawweight Championship: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Jessica Andrade

Round 1

Both women try to make a quick start with some kicks finding their range early. They engage in a brawl and Jessica takes Joanna down. Andrade takes the fight to Joanna swelling her head up early in the round. Andrade gets another takedown in and just throws her opponent around the octagon.

Round 2

Joanna connects with some early leg kicks as she keeps her distance from the powerful Andrade. Joanna dominates the round connecting with almost everything as keeps Andrade at bay. Joanna tees off at will but Andrade closes the gap and gets the take-down. Joanna is right back up and in control.

Round 3

Joanna gets the better of the early exchanges, once again keeping Andrade at bay as she goes to work. Joanna catches Andrade with the vast majority of her strikes. Andrade tries to close the gap again but every time she comes forward, Joanna knocks her back.

Round 4

Joanna again avoids Andrade, and tries to keep her at bay. Joanna goes at Andrade from distance, but finally Andrade closes the gap with a clinch as she attempts a take-down. Andrade manages the take-down but again Joanna bounces right back up and regains control.

Round 5

Joanna again dominates this round, Andrade can’t get anything going. Joanna fights a clever round avoiding Jessica’s offence while unleashing her own.

Joanna Jerdzejczyk wins via unanimous decision. Joanna retains the UFC Strawweight Championship.

UFC Heavyweight Championship: Stipe Miocic vs Junior Dos Santos

Round 1

Junior throws some early legs kicks hurting Stipe early. The two men engage in little brawls around the cage as Stipe tries to pin JDS down. He catches him with a big shot and the goes to work as JDS drops to the ground.

Stipe Miocic wins via TKO. He retains the UFC Heavyweight Championship.


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