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Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Live from Las Vegas, Nevada in the newly built T-Mobile Arena, the pride of Mexico is on the line here and a massive clash between two of the biggest Mexican boxers of the modern era: Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Julio Cesaro Chavez Jr. It’s a major fight on a massive weekend for Mexico as it’s Cinco de Mayo weekend and the winner here will surely be crowned the king of Mexico. The wait is finally over it’s time to go to war.

12 Rounds of Boxing in the Super-Middleweight Division.

Round 1:

Both fighters look to come forward in the early stages to try and draw each other out. Both men connect with some good shots in a nice exchange. Canelo looks to be pressing forward more and looking to lead with the jab, but he’s unable to create too much early on. Canelo won that round for me he seemed to have more offence.

Round 2: 

Another physical exchange between the two, but Canelo is getting the better of it again early on with some big body shots. Big combinations from Alvarez as he presses Chavez back. Canelo leads well from the jab and uses it to press Chavez back and stalk him around the ring. Another solid round from Canelo again. I have to say Canelo won that round again.

Round 3:

Another slow start from Chavez, he’s getting bullied by Canelo. Alvarez is working so much harder he’s more mobile he’s more aggressive. Canelo draws blood from his opponent here in another solid round. Chavez offers some fight in this round but not enough to win the round. Canelo wins the round.

Round 4: 

A very aggressive powerful start from Canelo again in this round as he stalks his wounded prey around the ring. Canelo is landing some bombs on his opponent and Chavez just appears to be walking around offering very little if any fight back at all. Another dominant round for Saul Canelo Alvarez. Canelo wins the round.

Round 5: 

Canelo dominates again! Chavez is doing absolutely nothing. Alvarez is stalking his opponent as he picks him apart one punch at a time. Big shots landed from Canelo in this round. Chavez swings and misses, but that’s it that’s all he’s offered all round. Canelo wins the round.

Round 6:

Slightly better round from Chavez as he at least tries to fight back as Canelo appears to have worn himself out. Canelo blocks all of Chavez’s punches as he comes back out on the attack. Better from Chavez but still not good enough. Canelo wins the round.

Round 7: 

An explosive start from Canelo as the punches flow freely and the vast majority of them connect. The Canelo attack prompts a Chavez fight back but Canelo’s response is even better a vicious combination to back Chavez up. Chavez tries his best to get back into the fight but Canelo is just too good for him. Chavez eye is almost swollen shut and the blood is flowing from his nose meanwhile there’s barely a scratch on Canelo. Canelo wins the round.

Round 8: 

Brilliant start to the round for both men, Canelo leads with the first attack but Chavez backs him into the ropes as he unloads. Canelo with another great round, Chavez got one good attack all round as Canelo continually pressed the offence and put pressure on his opponent. Canelo wins the round.

Round 9:

Canelo attacks first but again covers up well as Chavez fights back or tries to. Canelo is and has always been in complete control of the fight. But this is a massive round for Chavez, he totally brings the fight in this round and I reckon he did just enough. Chavez finally wins a round.

Round 10:

Canelo leads the attack and stalks his opponent around the ring as he just picks and chooses when and wear to connect with his punches. Canelo dominates the round and just toys with Chavez. Canelo wins the round.

Round 11:

Canelo tees off at will on Chavez as he goes on the attack in the round. Constantly firing punches and stalking Chavez around the ring, Canelo is still light on his feet even though he’s done all of the work in this fight. Canelo wins the round.

Round 12: 

Canelo sees the round out professionally but Chavez gets away more punches than previous rounds. Canelo gets back on the attack and finishes the fight with an offensive display. Canelo wins the round.

All three judges rule 120-108 to the winner by unanimous decision to the winner Saul Canelo Alvarez.

Quite a disappointing fight in truth, Chavez was absolutely hopeless, he offered nothing, I myself had him win just one round. But the judges at ringside scored all 12 rounds in favour of Canelo. Even though his opponent was less than poor on the night, you cannot take anything away from Saul Canelo Alvarez. Canelo was thoroughly professional on the night he boxed every round to perfection and he did not let up, he 100% completely deserved to win.

Before the fight, Oscar De La Hoya summed up how important this bout was when he said that the loser wouldn’t be able to return home to Mexico. With the fighting pride of Mexico on the line and the nature of Chavez’s performance in the fight, he let his country down and he shouldn’t be returning home. And to add that, Chavez let his family down. However, on a more positive note after the record breaking attendance at the Joshua vs Klitschko fight a Wembley Stadium, another potential super fight has been confirmed. Saul Canelo Alvarez will fight “GGG” Gennady Golovkin on September 16th.


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