I’m Still Seth Freakin’ Rollins


We kick Raw off with a special celebration. Alexa Bliss’ coronation as the new Raw Women’s Champion. Alexa thanks all of the women in the division for their attendance at the celebration. Alexa claims that the Queen is dead and proclaims herself the “Goddess of WWE.” Alexa personally thanks Mickie. She then thanks Sasha Banks. Sasha squares upto Bliss as she backs into Nia Jax and Alexa tries her very best to suck up to Nia. Alexa steps onto the podium. She also thanks Bayley as Alexa beat her in front of her family last night at Payback. Alexa insults Bayley’s family and she snaps tipping Alexa’s podium and a brawl ensues with all the women in the ring.

Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox & Emma vs Bayley, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke & Mickie James

Bayley starts the match against Emma and takes control early before tagging in Mickie, who carries on the momentum. Dana and Alicia tag in for their teams. Dana gets the better of Foxy and tags in The Boss. Sasha and Bayley double team Foxy. Quick tags with Sasha’s team as they continue to wear down Alicia Fox as The Boss re-enters the fray. Fox dumps Sasha out of the ring and the two teams go face to face on the outside. Foxy is in control of The Boss as she gets a near fall. Nia tags in and continues to wear down Sasha. Bliss tags in as her team continues their domination over Sasha but The Boss gets the tag to Bayley. She comes in on fire really taking the fight to Alexa. Nia breaks up the pinfall on Bliss and all hell breaks loose, all the women brawl on the outside. Alexa counters Bayley with an eye rake and a DDT. Alexa Bliss, Emma, Alicia Fox & Nia Jax win via Pinfall.

Enzo Amore vs Luke Gallows 

Anderson & Gallows jump Enzo & Cass. Gallows takes early control and dominates against Enzo. Gallows continues his domination as Enzo attempts to fight back but his comeback doesn’t last very long as Gallows immediately shuts him down. Enzo finally mounts a comeback but again Gallows is right back in his face. Enzo gains a near fall after a counter manoeuvre into a small package roll up. A distraction allows Gallows to capitalise. Luke Gallows wins via Pinfall.

TJ Perkins confronts Neville about his actions last night against Austin Aries, he claims that some people are saying Neville cheated and escaped with his title. Neville manages to manipulate TJP once again as he tells him he’s going one on one tonight with Aries.

Seth Rollins comes to the ring and tells the Universe, he’s feeling really good. Seth explains that he’s realised he’s still Seth freakin’ Rollins and then tells the Universe to their delight that he wants Brock Lesnar! Seth is interrupted by Finn Balor who tells him he respects Rollins. He says Seth’s the one legged man who won at Wrestlemania but he’s the one armed man who was the first ever WWE Universal Champion. Finn highlights that he never lost the championship and says the line to face Lesnar starts with him. He’s interrupted by Dean Ambrose who claims Brock does what he wants whenever he wants and he doesn’t fight all that often. Ambrose proclaims himself the number 1 champion on RAW and says he’ll fight anybody at anytime. He’s interrupted by The Miz, he calls Dean an embarrassment and says Seth and Finn haven’t earned anything. Miz claims he’s the guy who made the IC Title mean something. Balor says he’s also the latest guy to join the “Finn Balor just kicked my ass club.” Miz calls Balor a coward and runs down Ambrose some more before he gets to Seth. He mocks Rollins and all 3 tell him to shut up. Ambrose questions the crowd as to who they’d like to see beat up Miz. He calls up RAW GM whilst in the ring, Ambrose announces The Miz vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins for #1 Contendership to the Intercontinental Championship.

Tony Nese/The Brian Kendrick/Noam Dar vs Rich Swann/Akira Tozawa/Jack Gallagher 

Tozawa and Kendrick start the match as Tozawa is getting the better of the two, Tony Nese runs in and takes control for him team. Nese locks in the Torture Rack but Tozawa fights out. Tags made on either side leaving Dar and Gallagher the legal men. Back from the break, and Kendrick and his team are wearing down Tozawa. Dar, Nese and Kendrick work together well to isolate Tozawa. Tozawa eventually makes a tag and Rich Swann comes in and takes apart all of the opposing team. Tag is made to Gallagher who gets a near fall. Kendrick’s Captain’s Hook submission is broken up and Gallagher follows up with the Gentleman’s Dropkick. Jack Gallagher, Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa win via Pinfall.

Cesaro & Sheamus explain their actions of last night. Sheamus claims he never liked the Universe because he was treated like a red-headed step child. He says he believed in the Cesaro Section until Wrestlemania when the Hardy Boyz stole their moment. Cesaro goes on to explain that the Universe don’t appreciate the present they live nostalgically through superstars of the past. He calls the Hardyz a novelty act. Sheamus says this is the WWE that belongs to Sheamus and Cesaro not the Hardyz. As they go to leave the ring, they are confronted by the Champions who thank them for the explanation and says they came to offer their response. The response was the “Delete” taunt as they charged the ring.

Miz is interviewed about his triple threat match and he says preparation is all the same. Ambrose interrupts the interview and Miz walks away.

Heath Slater vs Apollo Crews

An early technical back and forth exchange starts the match. Crews takes control of the match but a counter from Slater leads to a near fall. Crews takes control and hits a Sit-out Powerbomb. Apollo Crews wins via Pinfall.

Kurt Angle provides medical updates on both Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman. Roman has re-injured his ribs and has other internal injuries. Braun has a torn rotator cuff. He also says that both men aren’t finished with one another. Kurt goes on to explain how he’ll deal with the situation but he’s interrupted by Bray Wyatt. The Eater of Worlds, introduces himself to the GM and tells him he means Angle no harm. He tells Kurt he’s here as his saviour. Bray claims to reborn as he has risen from hell. Wyatt he holds the cure to the poison and tells Kurt that he needs him. He asks Kurt if he’ll walk by his side or stand in his way. Kurt tells Bray that RAW in his show. Bray laughs and tells Kurt “This is MY WORLD!”

Ambrose interviews Rollins, a total improvisation although it seems that the former Shield brethren are on relatively good terms. Seth tells Ambrose he’s beaten him before and Ambrose claims that he looks forward to a match with Seth if he wins.

Austin Aries vs TJP

Aries takes control of the match early on bouncing TJP around the ring. TJP tries to comeback but Aries remains in control throughout. TJP capitalises with Aries on the ropes as he goes to work on his knee. TJP continues to dominate as Aries attempts to fight back. Aries mounts a comeback as he flies to the outside taking out TJP. TJP starts to fight back but Aries keeps control of the fight. An attack on the knee from TJP fails to materialise as he counters an attempt at the Detonation Kick into the Last Chancery. Austin Aries wins via Submission.

TJP attacks Aries after the match as he locks in a knee bar submission.

Ambrose interviews Finn before his triple threat match. He asks if Balor is nervous, he claims to eat nerves and produce results.

The Golden Truth explain the vision of The Golden Quest to Kurt Angle and ask for a Tag Title shot. Angle says he can’t sanction the match and Goldust pleads with his old friend. He announces Tag Team Turmoil for next week with the winners becoming #1 Contenders for the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match: Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

Miz rolls out leaving Balor and Rollins to go one on one. The two men go back and forth before they chase down the Miz and force him to be part of the match. Balor and Rollins go to work on Miz before Seth attempts to roll up Balor. Finn and Seth battle back and forth until Miz interjects himself into the match taking down Balor. Balor takes control of Miz in the match but Seth flies into the ring taking him out. Miz gets a near fall. Miz begins to dominate the match. He wears both men down with the Yes Kicks. Miz misses the final kick of the combination and Balor takes out both his opponents. Balor connects with 1916 on Rollins but his pinfall attempt is broken up. Miz takes Balor out of the match and he begins to work over Rollins, but only gets a near fall. Balor breaks up Miz’s Figure-4 submission and gets a near fall. Seth gets another near fall over Finn after a mean back and forth kicking exchange. Rollins hits a double Blockbuster on both men but then Balor kicks out after the Frog Splash. Rollins gets another near fall after an amazing top rope suplex into a Falcon Arrow as Miz kicks again! With all 3 men out of the ring, Joe assaults Rollins taking him out of the match. With Miz distracted, Finn hits the Swingblade and corner dropkick. As he goes for the Coupe De Gras, Bray Wyatt appears and takes out Finn with Sister Abigail. Miz crawls to the pin. Miz wins via Pinfall.

A massive improvement from last week’s show and a great show in general. I love the Sheamus & Cesaro heel turn that’s going to be great to see but I’m so excited about the prospect of the Broken Hardyz. The main event was absolutely awesome, it got off to a slow start but what a match and what a finish! Great building in the Balor/Wyatt feud and it seems Joe/Rollins isn’t close to being finished. I’m going to give RAW 8/10.


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