Smackdown Live 

Kevin Owens opens the show and he proclaims it the new “Kevin Owens Show.” He says Smackdown just got a huge upgrade. He claims Canadians are better than Americans. He speaks French and calls the Universe morons. Owens claims he’s here to be the new face of America. This brings out Baron Corbin who says Kevin may be able to beat everyone in the arena and most of the roster but he can’t beat up Baron Corbin. Corbin essentially claims himself the #1 Contender for the US Title This brings out Sami Zayn. Sami announces his arrival as Corbin tells him nobody cares out comes the Phenomenal One AJ Styles. AJ says this is Smackdown Live not The Kevin Owens Show. Another interruption this time the GM Daniel Bryan, he says that Payback will go ahead as scheduled with the winner of KO/Y2J becoming a member of Smackdown. He announces Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles.

Erick Rowan vs Randy Orton

The two men go back and forth no one able to establish control. Orton connects with a Powerslam and uses this to take control. He follows up with a Hangman’s DDT. The lights go out and Bray appears on the Tron calling out to Orton. He will see Randy very soon in the House of Horrors. Rowan uses this distraction to hit Randy with the steel steps. Randy Orton wins via DQ.

Smackdown Tag Team Title Match: American Alpha vs The Usos

The two teams battle back and forth until American Alpha clear the ring and establish control. The Usos isolate Jason Jordan but a big miss from The Usos leads to a tag to Gable who begins to take control of the match. Gable gains a near fall. American Alpha hit the Steiner Bulldog but only get a near fall. A smart tag and double team attempt for the Usos leads to a Pinfall. The Usos win via Pinfall. The Shining Stars attack American Alpha.

Mojo Rawley vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder and Mojo battle back and forth. With Mojo down, Jinder goes to get in the face of Rob Gronkowski and he gets attacked by Mojo who takes full control back inside the ring. Mojo Rawley wins via Pinfall.

Shane’s State of the Smackdown Women’s Division

Shane thanks Smackdown for the showing that this is the land of opportunity. Shane brings out the whole division in order to introduce the newest addition to the roster. Shane introduces Tamina Snuka and then also brings out Charlotte.

Sin Cara and Rusev join Smackdown.

Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger

English fights back after an early flurry from Dillinger. Tye fights back and hits the Tye Breaker. Tye Dillinger wins via Pinfall.

Lana joins Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler is in the ring saying everyone is talking about #SuperstarShakeUp, he then tells us he’s staying on Smackdown. He gets interrupted by Shinsuke Nakamura. Dolph hands over the mic and Shinsuke introduces himself. Dolph tries to blindside him Shinsuke is ready for him as he taunts him.

The New Day joins Smackdown.

Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles

Corbin takes early control and overpowers both men. Zayn and AJ take out Corbin and square off one on one. Corbin regains control one of the outside but Zayn takes out both is opponents. Corbin dominates both men and gains a near fall. All three are down after a brilliant exchange. Sami Zayn gains a near fall after the Blue Thunder Bomb. A Tower of Doom leads to Sami gaining another near fall. Corbin hits Deep Six but Styles breaks up the pin. Styles hits the Springboard 450 splash but Zayn breaks up the pin. Sami knocks Corbin down with the Helluva Kick and turns into the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ Styles wins via Pinfall.

A great show tonight, not many big acquisitions in #SuperstarShakeUp however the Tag Title match and main event were amazing. Smackdown could’ve done so much better, yes they got Owens, Zayn and Charlotte but I was hoping they’d also add Sasha and The Club. Primo & Epico are a joke as is Jinder Mahal. Although it finally looks like Lana is going to wrestle. I’m going to give Smackdown 7/10.


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