Roman opens the show, the crowd going wild as they always do the night after Wrestlemania with the crowd always going mental not allowing Roman to speak. He simply stares down the camera and says “This is my yard now!” He then drops the mic and leaves.

Raw Tag Title Match: The Hardys vs The Club

After an early flurry from The Hardys, The Club take control. Matt manages to make the tag to Jeff. After another flurry, The Club hit the Boot of Doom but only manage a near fall. Matt breaks up an attempt at the Magic Killer which leads to a Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb combination. Hardy Boys win via Pinfall.

Neville vs Mustapha Ali 

Neville addresses the crowd he tells us he did everything he said he would. Neville makes a valid point when he says you may not respect his tactics but you can’t deny his results. He’s interrupted by his opponent. Neville absolutely dominates Ali. Ali has a little flurry but nothing stops the King of the Cruiserweights. Out of nowhere, Ali hits the Springboard Spanish Fly as he begins to fight back. Ali gets a near fall. Ali misses his Inverted 450, Neville locks in the Rings of Saturn. Neville wins via Submission.

Vince McMahon comes out and announces the new Raw GM as Kurt Angle much to dismay of Teddy Long.

The New Day come out and issue an open challenge out comes The Revival, a tag team from NXT.

The New Day vs The Revival 

The Revival isolate Xavier Woods and dominate the match. Woods manages to fight back and makes the tag to Big E at the same time, Dash tags in Dawson. Big E dominates until he crashes to the outside but with Woods the legal man, he goes back and forth until The Revival hit their finisher The Shatter Machine. The Revival win via Pinfall.

After the match The Revival attack and try injure Kofi Kingston.

Enzo & Cass question the involvement of The Hardy Boys in the match at Wrestlemania. Kurt makes a Tag Title #1 Contender’s Match, Enzo & Cass vs Sheamus & Cesaro.

Bayley, Dana Brooke & Sasha Banks vs Charlotte, Nia Jax & Emma 

Emma starts off with Dana and the two women go back and forth. Dana tags in Bayley and Emma takes control of the champion. Emma, Charlotte and Nia begin to dominate. Bayley makes the tag to Sasha who comes in on fire and takes the fight to her opponents. Charlotte attempts Natural Selection, Sasha counters into the Bank Statement. Sasha Banks, Bayley & Dana Brooke win via Submission.

Charlotte lashes out at her teammates after the match and gets destroyed by Nia.

Kurt tells Sami Zayn he possesses all of the 3 I’s. Intelligence, Intensity and Integrity. Jinder interrupts Sami and Kurt announces Sami Zayn vs Jinder Mahal.

Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring alongside Paul Heyman. Paul recalls the events of last nights Wrestlemania. He mocks Goldberg saying he’s a bedtime story now. He says Goldberg took a trip to Suplex City. He says that happily ever after the Universe won’t be seeing Goldberg anymore. Heyman says Brock needs new challenges now he reels off a list of names as challengers. He talks about the 2 in 23-2. He says it should be Roman vs Brock. They call out Roman but out comes Braun Strowman. He tells Brock, that he’s got his attention. The two men go face to face and Braun backs away.

Chris Jericho is interviewed claiming he will have revenge on Kevin Owens . He’s attacked by KO and Samoa Joe and put through a table.

Kurt promises to find Seth a partner after Jericho was injured.

Enzo/Cass vs Sheamus/Cesaro

The teams go back and forth with Enzo and Cass taking control. Cesaro and Sheamus take control of the match and isolate Enzo. Cass breaks up the Sharpshooter and gets tagged in. Cass hits Empire Elbow and tags in Enzo. A double team attempt is foiled as Sheamus throws Enzo into a European Uppercut. Sheamus & Cesaro win via Pinfall.

Jinder Mahal vs Sami Zayn

Jinder attacks Zayn before the bell. Jinder carries on the assault with the match officially starting. Jinder dominates the match. Zayn fights back and hits the Helluva Kick. Sami Zayn wins via Pinfall.

Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Finn Balor

Owens and Rollins go back and forth no one establishes clear control. Joe is brought in and takes control, KO and Joe take over but Seth fights back and tags in Balor. Finn takes control of the match. Rollins comes back in and flies to the outside onto Joe and KO. Joe and Owens take advantage of Seth’s knee as they begin to takeover. Seth fights bravely on one leg and he eventually tags in Balor. Finn takes the fight to KO. Owens gains a near fall. Finn hits the Coupe De Gras. Finn Balor & Seth Rollins win via Pinfall. 

A crazy episode of Raw tonight but that’s to be expected after Wrestlemania. I totally agree with Kurt Angle as new GM. I loved The Revival’s debut beating The New Day. Glad to see Finn Balor back although I thought an angle with Brock would’ve been more suitable seeing as though Finn never lost the Universal Championship. Braun vs Brock is a stupid idea in my eyes, Braun isn’t on the same level as Brock, Roman vs Brock made a lot more sense. I’m going to give Raw this week 7/10.


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