Rest In Peace 


We kick off Raw with The Undertaker’s music and images of a graveyard. Could The Deadman be here?

Bayley talks about how much she loves Wrestlemania. Bayley is cut off by Charlotte as she begins to talk about the match at Wrestlemania. Charlotte calls Bayley a paper champion and tells her to wake up because Sasha is using Bayley. Charlotte claims after Wrestlemania she will be a 5 time Women’s Champion. Charlotte digs out an old tweet from The Boss. This brings out The Boss. Sasha says Charlotte is out of her mind for trying to break up their friendship. Sasha claims she walks out champion at Wrestlemania. Nia Jax calls the women pathetic with all their drama. Nia claims she will eliminate every competitor. Charlotte says Nia is only in the match because Sasha didn’t care about Bayley and the women brawl.

Sasha Banks/Bayley vs Charlotte/Nia Jax

Sasha and Charlotte start this march as they fight inside and outside the ring. Sasha punishes Charlotte with a bow and arrow submission. Charlotte tags in Nia, Sasha uses her speed to avoid her opponent and tags Bayley. Charlotte comes back in and goes back and forth with Bayley. Sasha and Nia come in and Jax takes control for her team. Nia and Charlotte dominate The Boss as they begin to take control and wear her down. Sasha tags Bayley who comes in taking the fight to Charlotte. Bayley gets a near fall. Charlotte attacks Bayley’s knee but the attempt at the figure 8 is stopped by Sasha. As Sasha and Nia fight outside, Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly. Bayley and Sasha Banks win via Pinfall.

Nia Jax attacks all the other women in the ring. She holds the title high and then leaves.

Sami Zayn announces his intentions to enter the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. He’s interrupted by Stephanie, she tells Sami he will have to earn his way into the match. Stephanie announces Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens in a No DQ Match.

Austin Aries vs Noam Dar

Aries attacks early with a turnbuckle drop kick. Dar fights back but can only get a near fall. Dar begins to take control but Aries fights back. Aries gets distracted by Alicia Fox but Noam Dar only gets a near fall. Aries fights back and connects with the Discus 5-arm and then locks in the Last Chancery. Austin Aries wins via Submission.

Seth Rollins Decision 

Rollins limps down to the ring. He calls out The Game, who brings with him the Hold Harmless Agreement. HHH tells Seth to listen to him, he threatens to call the match off. He says Seth signing the contract will mean Seth gives up all right to hold the company viable for anything that could happen to him. Seth tells HHH to sign the contract. HHH says he will sign the contract but Seth will not win. He tells Rollins he’ll walk into Wrestlemania but he won’t walk out. Seth says he liked himself before he met HHH. He accomplished a lot alongside The Game but he wants redemption because Seth gave up everything for The Game. Seth says nothing will stop him at Wrestlemania. He signs the contract and Hunter attacks Rollins targeting the injured knee. Seth counters the attack and attempts the Pedigree. HHH attempts his own Pedigree but Rollins counters throwing him outside as he rolls backs in Seth attacks him with the crutch and stands tall as The Game leaves.

Over The Top Rope Challenge

Big Show starts against Jinder Mahal. Big Show eliminates Jinder and Bo Dallas enters. It isn’t long before Show eliminates Dallas. The Shining Stars enter and try to double team Big Show but they fail as he eliminates them. A number of superstars rush the ring and eliminate Big Show. Show enters the ring and beats down all 5 men who eliminated him. Braun Strowman says he could kick Big Show’s ass if he really wanted to but the fans will have to wait until Wrestlemania.

The Club are interviewed and claim Enzo & Cass were never their partners and proceed to mock them.

Roman Reigns reacts to the graveyard vignettes by saying he’s a grown man and he doesn’t believe in deadmen and mind games, he believes in the big fight.

Sheamus and Cesaro say they wouldn’t let Mick Foley down, they’re blindsided by The Club who viciously beat down their challengers.

Neville vs Jack Gallagher

Both men go back and forth with either man unable to take a clear advantage. Neville hits a release German Suplex. Gallagher connects with signature Headbutt however Neville rolls out of the ring but Gallagher dives out into the Champion. Neville hits a top rope suplex and locks in the Rings Of Saturn. Neville wins via Submission.

Austin Aries News Network

Aries hosts his new segment with guests the New Day he asks who they think will win the Cruiserweight Title match at Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns says the biggest moment in his career will be this Sunday when he puts The Undertaker down for good. Roman claims “This is My Yard!” The gong hits, we’re in the graveyard with The Undertaker saying he’s made a grave mistake because the ring is his yard and the graveyard will be Roman’s yard. He says at Wrestlemania the Roman Empire will fall and the Ultimate thrill ride will be his last ride. The lights go out and the gong sounds in the arena Taker appears behind Roman in the ring. He tells Roman “At Wrestlemania you will Rest In Peace.” Again the lights go out and The Undertaker disappears.

Enzo & Cass vs The Club

The Club are attacked from behind by Sheamus & Cesaro. They storm the ring and go after Big Cass and Enzo. Cass fights back but he’s clipped from behind by the champions who use the ladder on every one wiping out all of their opponents for Wrestlemania.

Kevin Owens wants to make it clear that Chris Jericho was never his best friend. He admits that’s he was a fan of Chris Jericho when he was younger. Owens says KO Mania 2 will be Chris Jericho’s ultimate demise.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Zayn takes the fight to Owens. Owens takes control of the fight outside. Zayn dives off the stage onto KO. Owens hits a DDT onto the steel steps and gains a near fall. Zayn prevents OwensCannonball and counters with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle. He flies through the turnbuckle and hits the tornado DDT. Owens counters the Helluva Kick but can only get a near fall. Sami gets a near fall after connecting with the Blue Thunder Bomb. Samoa Joe runs down but outcomes Jericho, he attacks Joe from behind. Zayn rolls up Owens. Sami Zayn wins via Pinfall.

Jericho saves Zayn as he beats down KO with a steel chair. Jericho puts Owens onto the List Of Jericho for betraying him.

Brock Lesnar Face-off With Goldberg

Paul Heyman introduces himself and Brock Lesnar. Heyman says everything will get settled at Wrestlemania. He talks about the importance of Universal Championship. He says Brock Lesnar wants and needs the title. He calls Goldberg a real life super hero he says he’s The Man but his client is The Beast. Brock doesn’t fear the spear because Goldberg can’t survive the F5. This brings out Goldberg. Goldberg says the fans came to see a fight. Goldberg takes down Lesnar as he tries to cut him off. We close the show with Goldberg celebrating in the ring and Lesnar in retreat.

Well it wasn’t a great episode of Raw to be honest it was mostly promos and recaps etc. But that is to be expected with the go home show to Wrestlemania. However, Seth Rollins vs Triple H finally became official for Wrestlemania. I’m going to give Raw 6/10.


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