Phenomenally Worse

Smackdown Live


AJ confronts Daniel Bryan in his office Daniel claims if it was upto him AJ would’ve remained fired. He tells Styles that Shane is different to the other McMahon’s and AJ has no idea what he’s in for. AJ makes his way down to the ring. He says he’s not sorry for his attack on Shane and it felt so damn good as he got to put him through a car window. AJ mocks Shane’s decision to make the match at Wrestlemania as he accepts the challenge. Styles claims he’s untouchable as he was rewarded for his actions with a match at Wrestlemania. AJ announces his intentions to once again attack Shane when he arrives.

Daniel Bryan calls up Shane and tells him AJ will be waiting for him. Baron Corbin interrupts asking if Ambrose accepts his challenge for a match at Wrestlemania. As Corbin says he’s got the night off, Bryan announces Baron Corbin vs Randy Orton.

Smackdown Tag Title Match: American Alpha vs The Usos

Jason Jordan starts off against Jimmy Uso as he uses his technical skills to ground him. Jey runs in but Jordan counters the attack and tags in Chad Gable. Jordan comes back in and takes control of the match before bringing back in Gable. The Champions make quick tags and take down The Usos. The Usos regain control as they pick apart and wear down Chad Gable. The Usos prevent Gable from making the tag by pulling Jordan down from the apron at the last minute. Gable rolls in and beats the count he tries to fight back but Jimmy continues the attack. Jimmy misses his move and goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Tags are made on either side and Jordan comes in dominating his opponents with suplexes. The Champions attempt at the Steiner Bulldog is countered but an Usos double team only leads to a near fall. Gable launches Jey off the top rope before he tags in Jason Jordan and they successfully execute the Steiner Bulldog but the Pinfall is broken up. The action is fast and wild on the outside as Gable is thrown into the crowd and The Usos double team Jason Jordan. The Usos win via Pinfall.

The Usos are NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Luke Harper says he’s seen what Sister Abigail can do how she turns a good man into a mad man. Orton opened Pandora’s box according to Harper as he unleashed a new evil on the world. Next week Luke Harper will destroy him.

Unseen footage of Total Bella’s

A total mockery of the Bellas and Cena perpetrated by Miz and Maryse.

Baron Corbin vs Randy Orton

Orton goes for an early RKO but Corbins rolls out the ring. The two men battle back and forth until Orton gains the upper hand. Corbin comes back into the match as Orton crashes into the ring post. Corbin takes control and begin wear down The Viper. Orton tries to build some momentum but Corbin counters twice before he eventually falls victim to Randy’s power slam. Orton gets a near fall. Corbin counters the RKO into the Deep Six but only gets a near fall. Ambrose appears on top of a forklift. Orton takes advantage of the distraction and hits the RKO. Randy Orton wins via Pinfall.

Ambrose makes his way to the ring and accepts Corbin’s challenge for an Intercontinental Championship Match at Wrestlemania. He hits Corbin with the Dirty Deeds and then leaves.

Orton is caught by an army of Bray’s followers in sheep masks as they hold him back. Bray tells Randy that Sister Abigail’s power inside him now as he thanks Randy for what he did.

Fandango vs John Cena 

Tyler Breeze accompanies Fandango dress terribly as Nikki. The Fashion Police give Cena some tickets and Cena brings out the real Nikki Bella. Cena takes down Fandango and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. Breeze his way into the ring but Nikki spears him and the couple simultaneously hit the AA and Rack Attack before locking their opponents in the STF and the Fearless Lock. John Cena wins via Submission.

Becky Lynch vs Carmella

Becky takes down Carmella and knocks her out the ring. Carmella catches Becky with a super kick. Natalya interferes as she takes out Carmella. Mickie joins in the fight and soon after the Champion Alexa Bliss runs down. Bliss stands tall in the middle of the ring with her title held high.

Another video segment is played mocking Cena and Nikkis relationship.

AJ is in position but as he goes to attack, Rhyno and Heath Slater get out the car.

Shane makes his entrance into the arena. Shane understands AJ is looking for him but he’s looking for AJ now. Shane says he’s waiting for AJ and he’s going to give him the opportunity to prove how tough he really is. AJ makes his way out into the arena. AJ comes out offering Shane an apology claiming he made a mistake. He also thanks Shane for the match at Wrestlemania. AJ says he’s going to shake Shane’s hand but as he gets in the ring he gets jumped by the commissioner and the two men brawl to the outside. Shane lays out AJ across to the table and goes to the top rope he crashes down onto Styles and sends him through the table.

A really good episode of Smackdown tonight! We finally got the announcement for Ambrose vs Corbin. We had an awesome tag team match with new champions being crowned, the always amazing and creepy Bray Wyatt segment and of course the brawl at the end between Commissioner Shane McMahon and AJ Styles. I’m going to give Smackdown 8/10, really good show with key points on the Road to Wrestlemania being addressed.


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