Have A Nice Day!

Monday Night Raw


Mick Foley begins by reading out what is clearly a scripted apology. Foley announces he will take a leave of absence. Then he finally snaps but the mic repeatedly cuts out. Stephanie makes her way to the ring,  she claims she gave him a golden opportunity to be the Raw GM and another to say his farewell. She claims he only cares about himself and she’ll make the tough decisions for him. Stephanie fires Foley.

Sami Zayn comes out and tells the Commissioner she is wrong. Zayn backs Foley up claiming she is disgracing Mick’s legacy and tells her she should be ashamed. Stephanie tells Sami to go and think how he’ll make it up to her. He refuses to leave and says he doesn’t do the smart thing he does the right thing.

Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe

Zayn gets the jump early as he flies onto Joe. The two men go back and forth but Joe takes control as he starts to wear down his opponent. Joe gains a near fall. Sami begins to fight back but Joe counters with a power slam and shuts down all his momentum. Joe attempts the Muscle Buster, Sami fights out but is knocked to the floor. Joe takes to the outside flying through the ropes, knocking Zayn down. Joe beats him down outside. Zayn narrowly beats the count out. He fights back and gains a near fall. The two men fight outside again, this time Zayn gets the better of the fight. Joe locks in the cocina clutch. Samoa Joe wins via Submission.

Mick thanks Sami and tells him he’s proud of him. Cesaro and Sheamus thank Mick for believing in them. As Mick is on his way out, he’s confronted by HHH who tells him to have a nice day.

Charlotte vs Dana Brooke

Dana takes the fight to her former mentor. She wears Charlotte down. Charlotte tries to fight back but Dana remains in control. Charlotte connects with a big boot. Charlotte wins via Pinfall.

Stephanie announces Nia Jax vs Bayley after a backstage confrontation with Bayley.

The Highlight Reel

Y2J says he will expose the real Kevin Owens. It’s a picture of a young KO in a Y2J shirt. He brings up old DMs between himself and Owens. He claims they aren’t friends because he is Owens idol and hero. Jericho goes to put Kevin Owens on the List of Jericho but out comes Joe to distract Jericho as Owens jumps him from behind. Owens throws the pen and the clipboard and then rips up the List of Jericho.

TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

TJP takes early control of the match as he has Kendrick on the defensive. Kendrick fights back and hits sliced bread 2. Brian Kendrick wins via Pinfall.

After the match, Kendrick mocks Tozawa as he calls him out and says he won’t make it as he pulls out Tozawa’s passport.

Stephanie announces Sheamus & Cesaro vs The Club & Enzo and Big Cass.

Bayley vs Nia Jax 

Nia beats down the Champion and takes control. Nia remains in control as Bayley tries to fight back. Nia continues to wear down Bayley. Nia decimates Bayley on the outside. Bayley starts to fight back and gets a near fall. Nia connects with the Samoan Drop. Nia Jax wins via Pinfall. Nia Jax is added to Raw Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania.

Michael Cole is in the ring and he brings out HHH for his interview. Hunter mocks him saying he’s having a nice day. Cole asks for his reactions to the news of Seth’s injury. HHH says he’s disappointed because he wanted the fight and he is in the best shape of his life. He claims Seth is responsible for this as he stopped listening to The Game and started listening to the fans. He claims the fans ruined Seth Rollins. HHH says he is officially done with Seth Rollins. HHH says that the fans want to see it so he is going draw up contracts for an unsanctioned match at Wrestlemania. He tells Seth to show everyone he’s Seth freakin Rollins. He drops the mic and leaves.

Cesaro/Sheamus vs The Club & Enzo/Big Cass

The Club attack their partners. Sheamus hits Anderson with the brogue kick as he tagged in by Cesaro. Sheamus/Cesaro win via Pinfall.

The New Day discuss their most anticipated Wrestlemania matches for this year.

Austin Aries vs Tony Nese

Nese overpowers Aries as the two men go back and forth, Nese takes control. Aries sends Nese to the outside then dives out after him and takes control. Nese regains control as he locks Aries in a Torture Rack submission. Nese misses from the top rope allowing Aries to comeback and gain some momentum. Aries hits his Discuss Forearm. Austin Aries wins via Pinfall.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

The two big men battle back and forth. Roman attempts the drive by on the outside but Strowman just wipes him out. Strowman continues his attack and starts wearing down Reigns. Roman starts to fight back but after a failed attempt at the Samoan Drop, Strowman regains control. Roman connects with the Samoan Drop but Strowman kicks out. He brings the steel steps into the ring, but Roman connects with a superman punch but his second attempt is blocked. The two men go through an awesome exchange and Roman hits another superman punch. As he readies himself for the spear, the lights go out the gong sounds and Undertaker appears in the ring. Taker chokeslams Strowman and turns around into a spear from Roman Reigns.

Not the best Raw in all honesty, it was very predictable and boring really the only thing that really gripped me was HHH’s interview with Michael Cole and his challenge to Seth Rollins for Wrestlemania. Although the ending to the Main event was awesome Taker vs Roman is going to be amazing. I’m going to give Raw a 6/10 this week really wasn’t that impressed.


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