GGG vs Jacobs 

Gennady Golovkin v Daniel Jacobs Middleweight Title Fight 

Round 1

GGG is in the black/white trunks with Jacobs in the camouflage trunks. Careful start to the fight with both fighters just feeling each other out. The crowd at Madison Square Garden is firmly in favour of Golovkin. The bell rings to end the first round a very quiet round for both fighters, Jacobs seems to have got the better of his opponent in the first round.

Round 2

Golovkin starts the second round on the front foot as he stalks Jacobs around the ring. Jacobs works his jab from range. Another quiet round from GGG. Probably another round for Jacobs as he got away more offence.

Round 3

A more open round with both fighters getting away more punches than the previous two. Jacobs catches GGG with a quick left hand to the face and brings the round to a close. Another round for Jacobs but don’t write off GGG. He will find his range in the fight.

Round 4 

Golovkin catches Jacobs with a big right hand knocking down his opponent. GGG senses blood now he goes on the attack. The bell sounds easily a GGG round with the knockdown.

Round 5 

A big right hand early in the round puts Jacobs under some early pressure. The influence of GGG is growing into the fight now as he seeks to take control. Another round for Golovkin.

Round 6

Jacobs tries to launch attacks off his jab. The two men trade punches with Jacobs connecting with some big body shots. Jacobs out boxes GGG and seems to have won the round.

Round 7 

Jacobs connects with more body shots in this round as he seems to be making it difficult for GGG. Golovkin does manage to connect with a right hand to the face. Jacobs uses his reach advantage to keep GGG at bay but Golovkin continues to stalk his opponent around the ring. Another round for Jacobs as he connected with more punches and he seems to be out boxing GGG one round at a time.

Round 8

A tentative round from GGG as Jacobs continues to outbox his opponent. Jacobs absorbs the big punches from Golovkin showing a strong chin. Yet again another Daniel Jacobs round GGG really needs to do something special to turn this around.

Round 9 

Jacobs uses his jabs here and there to pick up the points. Jacobs boxes a very clean round but GGG unloads a late onslaught in the round. Golovkin edged that round for me as he caught Jacobs sleeping with that big combination right at the end.

Round 10

Jacobs connects with some early punches. Jacobs is fighting smart, he keeps his movement up not allowing Golovkin to find his range. Golovkin unleashes another late onslaught. Jacobs takes that round but GGG really needs to start the rounds at the bell not the last 30 seconds.

Round 11

Golovkin actually starts this round from the bell leading an attack but nothing really comes of it. Golovkin is on the attack trying to get back into the fight. Jacobs connects with a few big shots of his own.

Round 12

Jacobs boxes a safe round with the fight presumably in the bag. Jacobs hitting with some big shots as he seeks to dethrone GGG. The fighters end the fight throwing big punches.

The fight goes 12 rounds and the judges score the fight 115-112, 115-112 and 115-113 to the winner by Unanimous Decision, Gennady Golovkin!

In my opinion I feel GGG got out of jail tonight he got lucky because I personally feel Jacobs was the better boxer on the night and won more rounds. However, Daniel Jacobs really made a statement being the first man to take GGG to the 12th round and also he largely out boxed the number 1 ranked middleweight in the world. GGG can now look forward to a showdown and a big fight potentially with Canelo Alvarez.


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