I’ll Be The Guy Who Retires Him!

WWE Raw 13/3/17

We kick off Raw with the arrival of The Beast, Brock Lesnar . Advocate Paul Heyman, laughing maniacally. He says Goldberg will go down at Wrestlemania as will his resurrection and his title reign.

Stephanie approaches Mick, she says tensions have risen, she says that business isn’t personal and things can be said in the heat of the moment. She tells him to find one member of the Raw roster to fire at the end of the night.

Sasha Banks vs Dana Brook

The two lock up and Dana over powers The Boss. Dana takes the fight to Banks. Dana gets a near fall. Sasha rolls up Dana. Sasha Banks wins via Pinfall. Charlotte gets into the ring and berates Dana, she says she’s a disgrace and Dana doesn’t deserve to be by her side. Dana has heard enough, she nails Charlotte and the two brawl in the ring until Charlotte manages to get away.

Eric LeGrand named recipient of the Warrior Award and gets inducted into the 2017 Hall Of Fame. 

TJ Perkins/Akira Tozawa vs Brian Kendrick/Tony Nese

Nese takes early control of Tozawa as he attacks him from behind and immediately tags in Kendrick. Tozawa fights back, knocking him to the outside and even diving out after him. Kendrick begins to wear down Tozawa. Nese and Kendrick attempt a double team but Tozawa fights back. Nese locks in a body scissors on Tozawa who manages to fight out but Nese keeps the distance between Tozawa and TJP. Tozawa eventually makes the tag and TJP comes in on fire and gains a near fall. Tozawa knocks Kendrick off the apron but Tony Nese shoves TJP into his partner and them rolls him up. Tony Nese & TJ Perkins win via Pinfall.

The Club claim they are no flash in the pan and that if they don’t get the spotlight they will take it.

Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn/Chris Jericho

Owens has the spotlight on him as he talks about the Festival of Friendship. He says he put the spotlight back where it needs to be. Owens says who needs best friends when you’ve got a Destroyer, out comes Samoa Joe.

Jericho starts off with Joe and The Destroyer soon takes over. Jericho fights back with a top rope drop kick and tags in Sami Zayn. Sami tries to get the better of Joe, but his size and speed is too much. Joe turns over the action to KO who comes in to beat down Zayn. Sami fights back,  he sends them both to the outside and then flies over the top rope down onto his opponents. Sami brings Joe back into the ring but Owens attacks Zayn’s injured knee. Joe and Owens force a DQ. Jericho fights back and tries to lock KO in the Walls of Jericho but he is attacked by Joe and the two men wear down Y2J before KO hits a powerbomb. Chris Jericho & Sami Zayn win via Disqualification.

Nia Jax interrupts Mick Foley and Stephanie claiming she wants to be in the Women’s Title picture. Stephanie gives Nia a match against Bayley.

Mick makes a match between Jinder Mahal and Roman Reigns.

The New Day debut New Day Talk. Show talks about his upcoming movie Robo-Wrestlemania however he gets interrupted by Titus O’Niell who claims he should be the star.

Enzo/Cass vs Sheamus/Cesaro

Cass and Cesaro start as Cass gets an early near fall. Cesaro brings in Sheamus. Cass fights back from Sheamus‘ onslaught as he brings in Enzo and the two double team Sheamus. Cesaro is in firm control of Enzo as he and Sheamus begin to wear him down. They begin to isolate Enzo. Cesaro intercepts as Enzo tries to leap across the ring but after he fights away Cesaro he makes the tag to Big Cass. Cass fights off both of his opponents as he ends up outside as a result of his big boot to Sheamus. Anderson and Gallows attack both teams causing a double disqualification. They complete the assault and hit the Magic Killer on Cesaro.

Mick Foley makes the match at Wrestlemania a triple threat tag team match due to the interference.

Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns 

The two go back and forth but Roman takes control wearing down Mahal in the corner, but the familiar gong of The Undertaker sounds. The distraction allows Jinder to take advantage and he begins to beat down Roman. Roman fights back connecting with a Superman punch. Roman Reigns wins via Pinfall.

Roman calls out Undertaker after the match. HBK Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring. Roman says Detroit loves HBK, but he didn’t call out HBK he called out The Undertaker. Shawn tells Roman he’s distracted and unfocused because The Undertaker is already in his head. Roman says The Undertaker should be thinking about what it’s like to be in the ring with Roman Reigns. Shawn tells Reigns he’s been where he is and he knows how he feels and that he’s on Roman’s side. Roman says he appreciates the advice but Undertaker retired HBK and he will be The Guy to retire him. As Roman leaves, he’s ambushed by Braun Strowman.

Stephanie tells Mick he has one hour to make his decision or she will make it, he may not like the decision.

Austin Aries vs Daivari

The two go back and forth. Daivari sends Aries to the outside and begins to take control gaining a near fall. Aries starts to fight back as he flies in between the middle and bottom rope onto Daivari. Aries hits the Rolling Elbow. Austin Aries wins via Pinfall. 

Big Show vs Titus O’Niell

Big Show dominatesas he just wears Titus out. Show Chokeslams him 3 times. Big Show wins via Pinfall.

Sasha tells Bayley to ignore the haters and that Nia is beatable she says “you got this”.

Chris Jericho claims at Wrestlemania, he will get the Revenge Of Jericho. He also announces that next week he will host a special edition of his Highlight Reel and his guest will be the “real” Kevin Owens.

Bayley vs Nia Jax

Nia takes control early but the Champion holds her own. Nia begins to wear down Bayley. However, Bayley keeps coming back she refuses to give up. Nia quells the momentum as she throws her opponent onto the top rope before she crushes her in the corner and ignores the referee’s count which leads to a disqualification. Nia continues her assault launching Bayley into the barricade. Bayley wins via DQ.

Mick Foley’s Decision

Stephanie is in the ring saying she gave Mick an opportunity to show he has grown as a business man. Stephanie wants to hear who he’ll fire. Mick thanks Stephanie for the assignment. He thinks it will make him a better GM. He says he wants to fire Stephanie McMahon. She tells him to stop joking. Mick retaliates claiming she is the only one who deserves to go. He says Triple H is only a creator of his personal army. Mick says he will not be silenced and out comes HHH. He tells Mick to say things to his face. Hunter mocks Foley and tells him he would never brought him back. Mick says he doesn’t have to pretend to like HHH. Hunter threatens Mick with the careers of his children. He tells Foley to leave, but Mick locks in the Mandible Claw on The Game. Stephanie low blows Mick, HHH stalks a wounded Foley. The music hits, Seth Rollins hobbles down and stares at The Game. He throws the crutch down and runs at Hunter, the two brawl Seth knocks him out of the ring. Hunter picks up the crutch and marches into the ring assaulting Seth’s knee. He continues the assault as referees pull the two men apart, he nails Seth one final time before leaving.

Not the best Raw tonight, however I loved the Brock Lesnar segment with Heyman’s brilliant promo skills. With the majority of the matches not having clean finishes, its clear that WWE want to portray that aggression is at a high on the Road To Wrestlemania. None of the actual matches were that exciting, my personal favourite had to the debut win of Austin Aries. The build up in the Rollins/Triple H feud is gathering some real pace. Hopefully Seth is fit for Wrestlemania and we get to see an epic street fight. I’m going to give Raw 7/10 tonight mainly because of the promos in the show.


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