WWE Fastlane 2017

A look back at last Sunday’s WWE Fastlane 2017

Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe 

The match begins with early domination from Joe. He uses his kicks to wear down Zayn and eventually locks in a knee bar submission. Joe continues to wear Sami down. Sami tries to come back but Joe nails with him a cheap shot. Joe keeps Zayn grounded and just punishes him. Zayn somehow hits Blue Thunder Bomb but Joe kicks out. Joe comes back dominating. Sami begins to fight back. Sami attempts the helluva kick but Joe counters and locks in the Cocina Clutch as Sami passes out. Samoa Joe wins by submission.

Tag Title Match: The Club vs Enzo & Cass

Cass takes control early for his team and tags in Enzo. The Club begin to dominate and isolate Enzo. Eventually, Enzo tags in Cass who cleans house. Anderson tries to roll up Cass only gets a near fall. Cass hits the big boot before tagging in Enzo and hitting a double team move on Anderson. Luke Gallows pulls Enzo off the cover to keep the match alive. Enzo takes out Gallows and on his way back in the ring, Anderson boots him in the side of the head and covers him. As the referee is counting the pinfall, Enzo’s foot is on the rope but before the 3 hits, Gallows moves Enzo’s foot. The Club win via Pinfall.

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

Sasha tries to take control early but Nia is too strong. Sasha uses her speed. Nia begins to take over and uses the power game. Nia continues her domination of BanksSasha begins to fight back but Nia launches her across the ring. Nia only picks up a near fall as she continues to dominate. Sasha locks in a guillotine choke but Nia fights out. Banks locks in a sleeper hold before Nia again fights out. Sasha locks in the Bank Statement but Nia breaks the hold. Sasha rolls up Nia for a pinfall victory.

Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro

Cesaro takes control and gets a near fall for his efforts. Mahal comes back into the match. Mahal starts wearing Cesaro down but only gets a near fall. Cesaro fights back as the two go back and forth. He catches Mahal with his running uppercuts and then the Swiss-1-9. Cesaro gains a near fall off of a crossbody splash. Cesaro hits his signature Uppercut and wins via pinfall.

Big Show vs Rusev

Big Show takes the fight to Rusev dominating the match. Show gains a near fall. Rusev  tries to knock down his opponent but he fails as Big Show hits a series of clotheslines. Rusev hits a chop block eventually grounding Show. Big Show begins to fight back but Rusev remains in control only able to get a near fall. Rusev attempts The Accolade but Show counters and hits a Chokeslam. He then picks Rusev up and hits him with two more Chokeslams. He sits Rusev in the corner hits him with the Knockout Punch and covers him. Big Show wins via Pinfall.

Cruiserweight Title Match: Jack Gallagher vs Neville

The two Brits go back and forth. Neville takes control outside the ring. Gallagher tries to fight back but the Champion remains in control. Gallagher takes over and begins to wear down his opponent. Gallagher only gets a near fall. The Champion comes back and begins to wear down Gallagher. A series of headbutts from the challenger leads to a near fall. Neville counters a top rope suplex and hits the Red Arrow and wins the match via Pinfall.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

The two go back and forth but Braun seems to take the upper hand as he throws Roman out of the ring. Roman begins to fight back. Braun pulls Reigns out of the ring and throws him over the steps. Roman tries to fight back but he’s grounded by Strowman as he begins to take control. Reigns attempts the Samoan Drop but Braun powers out, then hits his own Samoan Drop. Strowman begins to wear Roman down. Braun gets a near fall for his efforts. The two battle on the outside as Braun stalks the wounded Reigns. Roman starts to come back as he drops Strowman with the Samoan Drop, only gets a near fall though. Roman attempts the Superman Punch, Strowman steps out of the way and regains control. Reigns attempts the Spear on the outside, but Braun counters and drives him through the announcers’ table with a Running Powerslam. Back in the ring, Roman hits a quick Spear but Braun kicks out at 2. Roman connects with 2 Superman Punches but he barely phases Strowman as he comes straight back, flooring Reigns. Braun goes to the top rope, very much unlike the Monster Among Men. He dives from the top rope, Roman rolls out of the way just in time. Roman uses this to his advantage as he hits the Spear and covers Braun. Roman Reigns wins via Pinfall.

Raw Women’s Title Match: Bayley vs Charlotte

A quick exchange between the two women leads to two quick pinfalls. Charlotte begins to dominate as he repeatedly takes Bayley down with a series of Clotheslines. The Champion comes back knocks Charlotte out of the ring and rolls her back in the ring for a near fall. Charlotte takes the fight outside and regains control. Charlotte only gets a near fall. Bayley tries to fight back but her momentum is quelled by Charlotte leading to another near fall. Charlotte continues her domination of the Champion as the match continues. Charlotte hits a top rope moonsault and then a running senton again only getting a near fall. Charlotte keeps up the pressure as she brings the fight to Bayley. Bayley goes on the attack. The Champion can only get a near fall. The two women trade shots on the apron and Charlotte gets the upper hand. This doesn’t last long as Bayley hits a huricanrana from the top rope. She flies off the top with an Elbow Drop, Charlotte kicked out at 2. Charlotte hits Natural Selection, Bayley kicks out. Charlotte throws Bayley off the apron and as she goes for the Moonsault. Sasha Banks runs down to ringside. Charlotte jumps down to negate the threat of The Boss, as Sasha hasn’t actually laid a hand on Charlotte, the match continues as there was no reason for a DQ. Charlotte follows Banks out of the ring but gets hit on the floor with the Bayley to Belly. Charlote rolls up Bayley but Sasha points out to the ref, Charlotte has a hold of Bayley’s tights. Bayley hits another Bayley to Belly. Bayley wins via Pinfall and beats Charlotte’s Streak.

WWE Universal Title Match: Goldberg vs Kevin Owens

Owens wastes a lot of time walking around the outside before the bell rings. Once he’s actually ready and the bell rings. As the match begins, Jericho’s music hits and he comes out and Owens‘ looks on in pure shock. He turns around into a massive Spear, followed up by a Jackhammer and the 1-2-3. Goldberg wins via Pinfall. Goldberg is the new WWE Universal Champion.

A good pay per view in my opinion. I thought the matches involving Jinder Mahal & Rusev were absolutely useless and a waste of time. I have to admit, I’m not a massive fan of the Cruiserweights but Jack Gallagher and Neville gained a fan in me that was the Match of the Night.



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