This Is My Yard Now!

6/3/17 Raw 

Y2J opens Raw. He says tonight in Chicago, is the Resurrection of Jericho. He screwed Owens because he deserved it after he turned on him at the Festival of Friendship. He calls out KO. Jericho asks why Owens did what he did. He claims he didn’t stab his best friend in the back as Jericho was never his best friend. He claims Jericho was a tool he used to remain champion and Chris outlived his uses when he accepted the match with Goldberg on Kevin’s behalf. KO admits Y2J outsmarted him. KO says Jericho’s mistake was costing him the title and Jericho says his biggest mistake was trusting Kevin. Jericho challenges Owens at Wrestlemania. Owens accepts providing the US Title is at stake. The two brawl in the ring as Jericho appears to be getting the better of his new rival, Samoa Joe ambushes Jericho. This brings out Sami Zayn and he clears the ring alongside Jericho.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

KO is in total control. Sami begins to come back. Owens hits a running cannonball and attempts his pop up powerbomb but Zayn counters knocking him out ring and then dives onto Owens. Kevin hits the pop up powerbomb before he unleashes an assault on Zayn. Owens hits a second pop up powerbomb and pins Sami for the victory.

Cruiserweight title match Neville vs Rich Swann

Swann starts fast taking early control of the match even taking the match outside. However Neville regains control on the outside. Swann finds a way back as he flies from the top rope onto Neville. Swann gets a near fall. A huge suplex from the top rope by Neville, however he can’t capitalise. The two go back and forth. Swann attempts but misses the Phoenix Splash, Neville locks in the Rings of Saturn and submits Rich Swann for the victory.  Austin Aries interviews Neville and he says he’s done exactly what he said he would do. Neville says nobody is at his level with the crowd chanting Aries‘ name he claims the WWE Universe disagrees with Neville. Neville tells Aries that he can’t be serious and tells him to get out of his ring and threatens to re-injure Aries. Austin makes a “statement” as he goes after the Champ.

Cesaro & Sheamus call Enzo & Cass a cuppa chokers as they choked in the title match on Sunday.

New WWE Universal Champion

Goldberg says he’s humbled and that the title belongs to the fans. He is interrupted by the Advocate of Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman. Paul says he isn’t alone. He introduces The Beast who comes out to a massive pop. Lesnar makes his way slowly down to the ring circling Goldberg like a shark circling his prey. The two men go face to face in the ring. Heyman says Lesnar will shake Goldberg’s hand because he’s proven himself to be every bit as good as Brock. Paul reveals his Wrestlemania spoiler claiming that at the end of the match, there will be a new reigning and defending WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. He goes onto say that everyone will look at Goldberg as “Brock’s Bitch” as The Beast F5s the champion.

Tag Title Match The Club vs Enzo & Cass

A rematch from last nights tag title match due to a controversial finish as Enzo’s foot was on the rope but Gallows knocked it off before the ref could see. Enzo and Gallows start as Gallows is stunned, Big Cass is tagged in but it’s not long before The Club take control. However, Cass tries to take control as he and Karl Anderson go back and forth. Anderson manages to control Enzo and wear him down. Just like Fastlane, they isolate the smaller man. Enzo tags in Cass who dominates Anderson and only gets a two count before Gallows breaks up the pin. Enzo takes out Gallows, an altercation between Cesaro and Enzo leads to Cesaro causing a DQ win for The Club. The three teams brawl in the ring as Sheamus and Cesaro clear the ring.

Ravishing Rick Rude inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2017.

Mick Foley announces Cesaro & Sheamus vs Enzo & Cass for next week.

Akira Tozawa vs Daivari

The two men battle back and forth in an extremely physical contest. Until Tozawa hits a Snap German Suplex and pins Daivari. After the match, he calls out The Brian Kendrick to fight him face to face. Kendrick says he’ll answer the challenge at 205 Live.

The Shining Stars vs The New Day

Kofi starts with Epico. The Shining Stars take control of Kofi early on. The New Day quickly regain control and Big E pins Epico for the win.

Mick Foley brings out Bayley, she talks about the controversy surrounding the match when  Bayley beat Charlotte’s PPV streak. She says she needs to keep moving forward and needs to look to Wrestlemania. Mick questions who Bayley’s opponent will be and out comes The Boss Sasha Banks. Sasha says it should be Bayley vs Sasha, Foley takes a vote from the crowd. The music hits and out comes Charlotte. She claims Sasha used Bayley to get a title shot and Charlotte is the real victim. Another interruption this time from the Comissioner Stephanie McMahon claiming she’s the real boss. Stephanie announces Bayley vs Charlotte at Wrestlemania. Foley backs up Sasha claiming you can’t leave her out of the match after her awesome year. Mick announces Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the next week however Stephanie makes a match immediately Sasha vs Bayley. If Bayley loses, Wrestlemania becomes a triple threat.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

The two women lock up as they go back and forth in a great technical exchange. Bayley starts to take control of the match and frustrates The Boss. Sasha gets a series of near falls. Sasha gains the upper hand as she begins to wear down Bayley. Both women exchange near falls in a back and forth contest. Sasha begins to hammer away at Bayley as Charlotte & Dana make their way ringside. Bayley misses a cross body, Banks immediately locks on the Bank Statement but Bayley forces a rope break. Dana distracts the referee as Charlotte tries to get involved but The Boss kicks her down and reapplies the Bank Statement and Bayley submits. Sasha wins by submission. Charlotte drops Sasha after the match. This win now means the Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania will be Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte.

Triple H joins via satellite. He claims WWE will spare no expense on the health and welfare of their talents and says he hopes Seth Rollins listens to the specialists advice. He calls Seth ignorant and stupid. He calls Seth a liar and says he never made up his nicknames in his career. He says if Seth calls him out at Wrestlemania then there will be a nightmare waiting for him as it will be the last thing Seth ever does.

Samoa Joe vs Chris Jericho

Y2J and Joe go back and forth in the early going before Joe takes control. Jericho tries to battle back but Joe is just too much, as he continues his dominance. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Joe powers out as Jericho begins to come back into the match. Joe catches Jericho with the cocina clutch on the outside and locks in it until he passes out and wins the match by count out. Joe tries to continue his assault after the match but Jericho connects with the Codebreaker and sends The Destroyer into retreat.

Braun Strowman calls out Roman Reigns. Roman’s music hits but it suddenly changes to the very familiar gongs of The Deadman! The Undertaker is live on Raw! He slowly makes his way to the ring and goes face to face with the Monster Among Men as the two state each other down. Strowman backs away and leaves the ring. Taker’s music hits and now he’s interrupted by Reigns. He makes his way to the ring and the two men go face to face. Roman tells Taker this is his yard now. Taker chokeslams Reigns and walks away slowly to close Raw. He gets to too the top of the ramp, with the Wrestlemania sign in the back ground.

A rather average Raw with its ups and downs, 3 hours simply has more bad points than it does good points if they cut down to, we’d have more memorable moments and less boring segments or constant repeats of “earlier tonight” we all watched it and we know what happened earlier. I’m going to give this week an 8/10 simply for the appearances of Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and of course The Deadman himself the Phenom The Undertaker.


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