Somebody’s 0 has to go!

Kieth “One Time” Thurman 27-0 vs Danny “Swift” Garcia 33-0 

WBA & WBC Welterweight title unification bout.

Round 1

Big punches from both men. Good shots in from Thurman who’s putting together some good combos. Thurman finds his range early with hooks to the head. Thurman rocks Garcia but can’t knock him down. He presses Danny keeping up the offence. Thurman starts to dominate at the end of the round.

Round 2 

Swift is more cautious after the first round blitz. He catches One Time with some counter hooks. Thurman is more reserved as he gets in some good body shots. Thurman gets in some big hits at the end of the round.

Round 3

Thurman starts fast taking control early with big shots to the head and the body. The two exchange powerful body shots throughout the round.

Round 4 

Both more cautious on this round trying to conserve energy after an explosive start. Garcia connects with some big right hands.

Round 5 

Thurman looks to come forward through his jab but can’t connect. Garcia lands a nice jab but can’t follow up. Thurman lands some powerful punches late in the round as he looks to take control. Garcia has strong hooks of his own preventing One Time from mounting too much offence.

Round 6 

Both men have a good defence not many of the early shots in the round connect with the target. Both fighters go back and forth exchanging shots. Garcia connects with a big hook to the body late on. A quiet round compared to the rest so far.

Round 7 

Thurman does more of the work moving around trying to find a way inside Garcia. Thurman connects with a right hand to the head and continues to try break Danny down as he also finds Garcia’s chin. Garcia has come at Thurman in this round but One Time won all the exchanges and found the bigger punches.

Round 8

Garcia stalks Thurman in this round but again he counters the majority of Danny’s offence before landing some on his own punches. The two men exchange big right hand shots before Thurman lands a flurry to the body and head.

Round 9

Thurman moves around to try find a way inside Garcia’s guard. Thurman finds easy shots and begins to pick his spots in this round not much offence from Garcia. A late exchange of punches closes out the round.

Round 10 

Garcia lands some early jabs but nothing comes of it as Thurman again manages to use his footwork and movement to frustrate Garcia. He doesn’t connect with many of shots in this round but the ones he does connect with are the big punches that land flush. Garcia catches Thurman with a body shot at the end of round seemed to hurt One Time.

Round 11

Quiet round for both boxers as Thurman blocks most of Garcia’s punches but does land a nice hook. Garcia cuts the ring off and Thurman’s movement is one way before the the two men get involved in a late exchange.

Round 12

The two men touch gloves at the start of the round as Thurman comes out with a quick start and a big head shot. Thurman avoids Garcia’s attacks and tries to find a way in with a couple jabs. Garcia hits some big blows late on as he stalks Thurman and pins him in the ropes. The two men engage in a ferocious late exchange in the corner.

The result of the fight was decided by the judges ringside. The judges scored 116 to 112 to Thurman, 115 to 113 to Garcia and 115 to 113 in favour of the winner Keith “One Time” Thurman. Thurman’s record now stands at 28-0.


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