Haye vs Bellew

12 Rounds of boxing 3 minute Rounds

The time has come for the much anticipated Heavyweight Grudge Match, David Haye vs Tony Bellew. There’s no wall of security between the men to hold them back now. Seconds out.

Round 1

There was some big shots exchanged early in the round between the two men. Haye hits hard and fast, Bellew wasn’t phased at all. Tony countered whatever was thrown at him with his own left hooks and jabs. Late in the round, Bellew started to assert himself, coming in big with some heavy hits to close out the round.

Round 2

Haye connects with another big right hand to Bellew’s face but again he shows his strong chin as he stays up and absorbs the shots. Haye comes out with some big punches. Bellew once again unloads a late onslaught but Haye wasn’t rocked as the second round comes to a close.

Round 3

Haye stalks Bellew around the ring as the two come out from their corners. Both men throw jabs from range keeping their distance. Bellew goes on the defensive in this round he’s a lot more reserved than usual.

Round 4

Haye swings for a big hook and misses early in the round. Haye connects with a big left hook but Bellew isn’t phased. Tony stays in the fight taking the punches and remains on his feet.

Round 5 

Bellew’s influence in this fight is beginning to grow more and more as he slowly beings to take control. Both men slug it out in the ring neither man is letting up. Haye leads an attack from his jab and forces Bellew back. Haye’s attack open a small cut on Bellew’s face.

Round 6

Haye comes with some quick jabs. Bellew rocks Haye as he struggles and slips to the floor. It appears his ACL has gone, Haye can barely stand but Bellew senses it and goes for the kill Haye can barely stand he keeps slipping to the floor as his legs buckle. Bellew unloads on Haye. Somehow, Haye manages to struggle through the round.

Round 7 

Haye can’t even move like he was doing earlier in the fight he’s in serious trouble and in a lot of pain. Bellew unloads again but Haye won’t go down. Tony really goes for it in this round sensing Hayes injury. Tony tires through the round as he probably isn’t so used to carrying round the extra weight. Haye is avoiding most shots even though he can barely walk. Haye tries to fight back valiantly.

Round 8

Bellew and Haye trade shots. Haye comes in with some big shots and tries to fight back like a true fighter. The two men go back and forth with the shots. Bellew is exhausted in this round and its really showing now as he slows down.

Round 9

Haye comes out firing with big shots trying to get a finish but he doesn’t phase Tony. As he comes back and unleashes his own onslaught. Haye never stopped fighting if he was going to go down he was going down swinging. Haye finally rocks Bellew although it probably was a low blow.

Round 10

Haye is now taped up at the start of this one Bellew goes for it but Haye isn’t backing down. Haye is staying in this holding his own. Haye goes for a big shot but misses.

Round 11

Tapes off for Haye. He is barely mobile but still trying. Bellew knocks Haye out of the ring after some heavy shots. Haye gets back in the ring but the towel is thrown in from Haye’s corner.

It was a great fight tonight, Bellew looked somewhat comfortable as a heavyweight and Haye was in good shape. Unfortunately it seems Haye tore his ACL in the 6th round however the Hayemaker refused to quit trying so hard and fighting bravely on one leg. Haye’s corner eventually threw in the towel in the 11th Round just after he was knocked out of the ring. Both men embraced and showed a lot of sportsmanship and respect for one another putting the war of words to a rest. Haye claimed if Bellew allowed it he’d love a rematch. Bellew called out Deontay Wilder.


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