I Have Nothing Left To Lose

Monday Night Raw 27/2/17

We open the show with Goldberg coming out addressing his title match at Fastlane with Kevin Owens. Goldberg promises spear, jackhammer & new WWE Universal Champion.These comments bring out the champion who claims Goldberg won’t win, Owens runs down all of his career highlights & achievements. Owens says that beating Goldberg is just the next step in the evolution of Kevin Owens.

Jinder Mahal & Rusev vs The New Day

Rusev & Jinder take control of this match early on, dominating Xavier Woods and wearing him down. Woods eventually manages to create some space and finds a tag for Big E. E comes in on fire clearing the ring. Big E manages to regain control of the match before tagging Woods back in. With Jinder distracted by an argument on the outside between Kofi, Rusev & Lana, Woods manages to roll up Jinder for the pinfall victory.

Cass tells Enzo to remain focused on Sunday’s title match.

Joe has a backstage altercation with Sheamus & Cesaro.

Steph apologises to Mick saying he’s got weaker and he’s fallen from grace and isn’t what she expected she apologised for putting him in a position where he can’t even stand anymore.

Akira Tozawa vs Noam Dar 

Dar takes advantage of a distraction and begins to wear down Tozawa. Tozawa regains control and hits the Snap German Suplex for the win.

Kendrick attacks Tozawa from behind after the match and tells him that’s lesson number 3 and he needs to have eyes in the back of his head.

Mick announces Cesaro vs Joe after a backstage confrontation with The Destroyer.

Charlotte & Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks & Bayley

Charlotte calls Bayley selfish for not doing the right thing last week and also says that Bayley is a one hit wonder. Bayley says she’s the one hit wonder who’s beat Charlotte three times. She says she wants to walk into Wrestlemania as the champion. The Boss comes out telling everyone Bayley is a deserving champion. Charlotte brings out Nia as her partner.

Nia starts for her team dominating the match. Charlotte comes in and Bayley and Sasha begin to take control. Bayley hits bayley to belly on Dana. Nia and Charlotte begin to wear down Sasha. Sasha counters the double team attempt and tags in Bayley. Charlotte tags in Nia. Nia dominates Bayley and Sasha and pins Bayley for the win.

Braun demands a contract signing with Roman Reigns for their match at Fastlane.

Big Cass vs Luke Gallows 

Gallows dominates early on. Cass comes back flooring Gallows as he begins to take control. Cass hits the Empire Elbow. Anderson distracts Cass, however Gallows fails to take advantage and a running boot allows Cass to get a pinfall victory.

Titus O’Neill vs Sheamus 

Titus jumps Sheamus and assaults him on the outside. He continues his assault once the bell rings but Sheamus catches him with a quick Brogue Kick and gets the win.

Cory Graves interviews Seth Rollins after the vicious assault from Samoa Joe. Seth says he’ll back soon but also thinks that maybe he deserves it. Seth says it’s unlikely he’ll be at Wrestlemania. This brings out The Game. Joe appears behind Seth as he’s cornered. Trips tells him he won’t be at ‘mania and he tells him Seth knew what he got in to and that HHH made him. He claims he used Seth and that’s life Seth should get over it. He tells him he’s just another washed up worthless superstar. He tells Seth to make the right decision and not show up at Wrestlemania. Seth reiterates that he has nothing left to lose he says he’ll be at ‘mania and he wants The Game.

Shining Stars vs Big Show 

Big Show knocks them both down and takes control. He KO punches Epico and choke slams Primo and pins him for the win.

Tony Neese/Neville vs Jack Gallaher/TJ Perkins

Neville attacks Gallaher. TJP tried to take advantage but Neville takes control. Gallaher gets the tag and takes control of Neese after The Champion tags out. TJP hits the detonation kick before Gallaher taps out Neese for the win.

Beth Phoenix inducted into HOF

Stephanie announces Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks for Fastlane.

Cesaro vs Samoa Joe

Joe rushes Cesaro before the bell, however Cesaro gut wrenches him over. Samoa Joe begins to take over and knocks Cesaro out the ring. Cesaro begins to fight back with a top rope cross body onto The Destroyer and he tries to wear Samoa Joe down. Joe takes control going after Cesaro’s injured knee. Joe begins to dominate. The two trade blows as Joe gets the better of the exchange and lands a kneebar submission. Joe takes advantage of the injured knee working it over until he hits a urinagi and gets a pinfall victory.

Joe says he’s here to hurt people. Sami Zayn ambushes his rival and the two brawl until security keep them apart but Sami dives onto Joe. Security eventually separate the two men.

Contract signing 

Braun tells Mick to leave. Roman comes out and the two brawl outside the ring and through the crowd, Reigns spears Strowman through the barricade. Braun gets back up only to be hit by a Super Man Punch and Roman attempts another spear, but Braun catches and launches him into the turnbuckle causing it to come loose. We end the show with Strowman standing at the top of the stage and Roman signs the contract before Braun walks away.

A very good Raw tonight, I loved the contract signing. The build up in the Samoa Joe/Sami Zayn feud looks interesting. I feel like that one could go all the way to Wrestlemania. The best segment of the night by far though has to Seth’s confrontation with HHH where Seth announced he will be at Wrestlemania a huge improvement from last week’s show. I’m gonna give this week 8/10.


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