He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

We begin the night, with the new WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt as the arena fills up with his fireflies the champion makes his way to the ring. Bray goes on to talk about how “she” said it wasn’t going to be easy, obviously referring to Sister Abigail. The crowd is massively in favour of the new champion with repeated, thunderous chants of “You deserve it!” and of all the roster there isn’t anyone who deserves it more. Bray tells everyone he has the whole world in his hands. He welcomes us all to the Era Of WyattBray is then interrupted by 16 time world champion John Cena, who will be invoking his automatic rematch clause later in the evening just 48 hours after losing the title. Cena introduces Wyatt as the new WWE Champion. He makes it clear he doesn’t want to main event, John wants to open the show. AJ Styles’ music hits as he interrupts Cena, he is also owed an automatic rematch for the title. This isn’t about John Cena, this is about AJ Styles as AJ highlights he’s beaten Cena in the past and also demands his own rematch. This brings out GM Daniel Bryan, who congratulates Bray on his title win, and books a huge main event for the night a triple threat match pitting Bray Wyatt against John Cena against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship.

Cameras catch the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose, entering the arena screaming for Baron Corbin obviously wanting revenge for the beating he took.

American Alpha vs The Ascension

The opening contest pits the last two teams remaining from Tag Team Turmoil against one another. Viktor and Chad Gable start the match with Gable using his technical wrestling skills to take control and frustrate Viktor. Gable stays in firm control until Viktor nails Jason Jordan and all 4 men enter the ring, The Ascension clear the ring. The champions come back with stereo clotheslines from the top the rope. The Ascension begin to wear down the champions, isolating Gable well. The tag is made and Conor keeps control of Gable grounding him and wearing him down. Gable manages to lock Conor in a hanging armbar leading to an eventual tag to Jason Jordan who comes in and cleans house, using his suplexes to perfection. Gable makes the tag with Jordan and Conor tags himself in also. The Ascension double team Gable but only get a near fall. Viktor is tagged in, but the double team attempt is foiled by Jordan and the Champions hit Viktor with the Grand Amplitude for the win. The Usos appear on the Titantron, issuing a stern warning to the Champions. This is going to be a great feud, as I’m loving the heel Usos.

Ambrose’s rage leads him to interrupting Carmella & James Ellsworth, Daniel Bryan shows up and agrees to Dean’s request for a match with Ellsworth.

Dean Amrose vs James Ellsworth

Ellsworth horrifically introduces the Princess of Staten Island, this guy has no charisma whatsoever, but there is something so lovable about him, maybe I enjoyed watching AJ beat the crap out of him I don’t know. Ambrose music hits, interrupting Ellsworth, thank god! However, out comes Corbin dragging a beaten Ambrose onto the stage so he can continue his assault in front of the whole world, Ambrose fights back however Corbin hits him with the Deep Six straight into some electrical equipment. I am really looking forward to this feud hopefully we see it culminate in a no holds barred street fight for the Intercontinental Title at Wrestlemania.

GM Bryan is talking with his sister in law Nikki Bella, Natalya interrupts and the women start arguing once again before they end up in another fight security pulls the two apart and Daniel announces a falls count anywhere match for next week on Smackdown. I can’t wait for this one!

Baron is interviewed claiming he isn’t WWE Champion because of Dean Ambrose.

Rene Young interviews Dolph Ziggler, she questions Doplh’s attacks on Kalisto & Apollo Crews. Dolph claims the new generation will not replace him and that he will single-handedly put them all in their place.

Becky Lynch vs Mickie James 

This one is an Elimination Chamber rematch which saw Becky win on Sunday. Mickie starts this one in control, trying to once again work on the arm she weakened at the Elimination Chamber. A great exchange saw Becky take control and lock Mickie in a hammer lock submission. Becky tries early for The Disarmer but Mickie quickly gets too the ropes. The two women go back and forth till the Becky shoves Mickie down. Mickie rolls out of the ring but when she comes back in the Irish superstar regains full control working on Mickie’s arm. Becky sends James onto the apron and hits her with springboard sidekick knocking the veteran down to the floor. Both women hit each other with clotheslines on the floor. As they get back in the ring, Becky goes high risk and misses. Mickie wastes no time in going to work on Becky’s neck. Becky begins to fight back with an offensive flurry leading to a near fall. The two battle back and forth until Becky once again knocks Mickie off the apron. With Mickie seemingly injured, the Irish Lass Kicker rolls the veteran back in the ring immediately. The referee ushers Becky back so he can tend to James. As the ref calls for a doctor, James hits Becky with the Mick Kick and pins her for the win.

New Women’s Champion

Rene Young brings out new Women’s Champion Naomi, and congratulates her. However, it appears the Champion picked up an injury in the title match. Naomi claims nothing will stop her and she’ll walk into Wrestlemania in her hometown with the gold. Alexa Bliss interrupts Naomi claiming it was a lucky win. Alexa says that she’s the real Women’s Champion and that she will invoke her rematch clause next week or Naomi can hand over the title.

WWE Championship Main Event

Triple Threat Match Bray Wyatt vs AJ Styles vs John Cena

As the new champion makes his way to the ring with the challengers waiting, the lights come back on and Luke Harper is staring right at Bray. Harper attacks Wyatt as referees escort him to the back. AJ and Cena battle back and forth as Bray recovers from the beat down on the outside. Once he’s back to his feet, Bray pulls Cena out of the ring and sends him head first into the steps. AJ then launches himself onto the outside hitting Wyatt with a Phenomenal Forearm leaving all three competitors down outside the ring. AJ is first up and he begins an attack on the Champion taking control inside the ring. Wyatt regains control with a mean block on AJ before dumping him outside the ring. Cena hits Wyatt with the 5 knuckle shuffle and attempts an AA, however Wyatt counters and attempts Sister Abigail but AJ comes flying in to take out the Eater of Worlds. Styles runs straight into an AA but he kicks out a 2. This is a thrilling main event. Cena knocks AJ out of the ring but again he’s caught by Wyatt who this time manages to connect with Sister Abigail only to get a near fall as AJ breaks up the pinfall. Just as we come back from the break, AJ lands on Bray on top of the announce table. At the behest of the crowd, chanting “one more time”, the Phenomenal One obliges this time putting the Champion through the table. AJ makes his way onto the apron measuring up Cena for the Phenomenal Forearm. John manages to rush AJ and catches him in position for the AA, Cena immediately attempts a second, however, Styles manages to counter his finisher and locks in the Calf Crusher. Cena powers outs and counters into the STF.  Wyatt breaks up the submission keeping this awesome match alive and his title safe. The Champion throws AJ out of the ring and measures up Cena only to fall victim to an AA. However, Cena only managed a near fall as Wyatt kicked out. Styles hits Cena with the Styles Clash. The match continues as Cena kicks out. AJ once again goes for his Phenomenal Forearm, however Cena knocks him off the rope and down to the floor. Bray nails Cena wih Sister Abigail and pins him to retain the title. 

As Wyatt celebrates his victory, Orton makes his way out and declares that as long as he is Bray’s servant he wouldn’t fight Bray for the title he then kneels in front of Bray Wyatt and we close the show with both men posing for the crowd and the fireflies light up the arena.

A great show this week, the Ambrose-Corbin feud is coming together nicely. The main event was incredible, however the ending has left me wondering what the Wrestlemania plans actually are. I’m going to say this week Smackdown was the better show and deserves an 8/10 because even though Raw had a great main event, and the festival of friendship three hours is simply way too long and WWE don’t really use that extra hour well, it mainly consists of a New Day promo and some cruiserweight action, which again is totally pointless when they have their own unique show specifically for the cruiserweights.


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