The Kevin Owens Show

WWE Raw 13/2/17

We started Raw, with the Commisioner Stephanie Mcmahon coming out to kick off the show. Only she was interrupted by “The Guy” Roman Reigns. Reigns demanded a one-on-one match with Braun Strowman after the Monster among Men absolutely obliterated Roman. Stephanie refused to make the match and announced Mark Henry vs Braun Strowman. Stephanie was once again interrupted, this time by the Tag Team Champions Gallows & Anderson. The Champs, seemed to side with the Commissioner thus leading to the opening match of the night a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, Roman Reigns vs The Club.

2-on-1 Handicap Match Roman Reigns vs The Club

Anderson started this match in control, however Roman managed to turn the momentum in his favour by managing to keep Luke Gallows off the ring apron while he dealt with Karl Anderson inside the ring. Roman managed to catch Anderson with his big Superman Punch, this lead to an assault on Reigns by the champions leading to a disqualification. After the match, Gallows & Anderson attempted the Magic Killer, Roman managed to break free and clear the ring he followed that up with a big Superman Punch to Gallows.

Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas

The New Day came out to their usual “Longest Tag Team Champions” line, I personally wish they would quit it with that its all done now and they lost the belts so they may as well just go their separate ways now. This one didn’t last very long as it only took a couple of minutes before Kofi hit Dallas with the S.O.S for the victory. It’s slightly annoying how most of New Day’s entrances and promos last longer than their matches. I suppose they’re really the perfect thing for “PG Entertainment” shows.

Jack Gallaher vs Noam Dar

There was some great technical wrestling in this one and good chain wrestling between the two, they had a good chemistry for this match up. Noam Dar began wearing down Gallaher looking for an early victory. Jack turned the match around and it wasn’t long before his signature Headbutt followed by the Running Dropkick lead to the 3 count. Gallaher wins. I’m a big fan of the cruiserweights, however I really don’t see the need for the them to be on Raw every single week when they have their own show 205 Live.

Emmalina to Emma???

Emmalina walked out on stage told us all she was here, then dropped a bombshell and promised a makeover back to Emma and then walked away to a resounding chorus of boos.

Bailey interview

Bailey claims to be nervous but ready for the main event where she will take on current women’s champion Charlotte. She says she will achieve her dream and win the title.

Jeri-KO segment

Cameras catch up with Y2J conversing with best friend and Universal Champion Kevin Owens discussing their “Festival of Friendship”. COO Triple H interrupts and asks for a word with the champ.

Mark Henry vs Braun Strowman

This is a massive match up literally both these guys are absolutely huge. Mark wasn’t backing down as the two began to throw hands and went back and forth. The referee pulled Henry away as Strowman takes a cheap shot and used this to take complete advantage of the match and grounded The Worlds Strongest Man. Even when Mark got back up, Braun knocked him straight back down however Henry began to mount a come back. Mark attempted the World’s Strongest Slam, he couldn’t carry Strowman and Braun fell on top of him. As both men made their way back upto their feet, Strowman hit Henry with a massive dropkick , followed by his finisher the Running Powerslam and covered Henry for the Pinfall Victory.

Following the match Roman Reigns made his way down to the ring. Strowman knocked Roman down off the apron. Reigns charged the ring and hit Braun two Superman Punches. Strowman came back with the Running Powerslam.

Cameras catch Cesaro & Sheamus training Bayley, they are then interrupted by Big Cass & Enzo who argue over Cass costing them their Tag Title Rematch.

Samoa Joe Interview

Michael Cole interviews Joe. Joe claims he’s only concerned with pleasing Triple H because he gave him the opportunity. Joe say’s it took him 18 years because WWE were scared to hire a “dangerous man”. Joe claims he will put Seth right back on the shelf. Samoa Joe is here to make a statement in his words. Michael claims that Triple H has a history of giving opportunities to people and leaving them laying, referring to Batista, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels & Seth Rollins. Joe says he’s nothing like them as he doesn’t need to be propped up.

Sami Zayn vs Rusev

Rusev uses his strength advantage to ground Sami and take control of the match early on. Zayn manages to break free and starts an exchange with Rusev. The Bulgarian got the better of Zayn, however Sami uses his speed to nail Rusev with a drop kick before flying through the ropes onto Rusev. Rusev nails Sami with a brillaint kick to the face to reassert his dominance. Sami fights back from the top rope only to be caught with a kick to the back of his head leading to a series of near falls. Rusev regains control with huge blows just wearing out Zayn. Sami managed to get out of the way of the corner splash however, again Rusev quickly regains control outside of the ring and throws Zayn back in the ring. As Rusev gets back in the ring, Sami nails Rusev with the Helluva Kick out of nowhere and pins him for the win.

After the match, Sami responds to Joe’s claims that he isn’t Sami Zayn. Sami said Joe is damn right as Sami doesn’t sell out this prompts Joe to ambush Zayn from behind on the stage. The Destroyer leaves Sami lying on the stage after locking him in the Cocina Clutch.

Hall Of Fame Inductee

WWE announce Teddy Long as the newest inductee into the 2017 Hall Of Fame.

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Back to cruiserweight action, again kind of pointless at they already have their own show. Momentum shifts back and forth between the two superstars. Daivari shows ruthlessness in his attack. Tozawa displays some superb athleticism as he flies over the middle rope on top of Daivari. After a brilliant exchange Tozawa nails his signature German Suplex for the win.

Festival Of Friendship

The time has come for Chris Jericho’s “Festival of Friendship”. Y2J, is flanked by dancers and introduces KO. Owens comes out looking rather uninterested. The dancers escort Jericho to the ring. Jericho has lined up many surprises for the Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Jericho presents KO, with the “Art of Jericho” a golden intertwined sculpture. He then unveils the “Creation of Kevin” a painting of Y2J & KO topless touching hands. KO questions all of the gifts and isn’t at all impressed with Chris. He then brings out Friendship the Magician who pulls Chris a green scarf out of his mouth. KO claims his son can do the same tricks. Jericho adds Friendship to the List of Jericho. Jericho calls out Goldberg and threatens him with “It”. The music hits, the crowd chant his name as Owens & Y2J prepare themselves. Out comes Gilberg, a star (if you could call him that)  from the Attitude Era used to parody Goldberg. KO rushes Gilberg and takes him out. Owens snaps claiming this is all he gets, he wanted Goldberg not Gilberg and asks Jericho for an explanation. Y2J claims Owens will beat Goldberg as Jericho has his back just like he has his entire title reign. The two stars hug it out in the middle of the ring, Owens presents Jericho with a gift, The List Of KO. Jericho questions his name on the list. Immediately, KO attacks his former best friend we can now assume and he trashes the ring and all the art work. He follows Jericho to the ringside area and continues the assault. He hits Jericho off with a Powerbomb into the ring apron before rolling him into the ring and sending him face first through the “Festival of Friendship” monitor.  Owens leaves as he booed out of the arena by the fans.

Cesaro vs Enzo

An early exchange leads to Cesaro using his strength advantage to toss Enzo around the ring. Enzo plants Cesaro with a DDT before Cesaro hits Enzo with the big European Uppercut for the win.

Main Event Women’s Championship

Charlotte vs Bayley

Once again the women are main eventing Raw. I like this push the women of the sport are receiving, however I question some of them and their abilities to sell main event calibre matches. Charlotte starts off controlling Bayley and grounding her opponent. Both women use some technical wrestling as Bayley starts to build momentum Charlotte slips out of the ring to slow down the momentum. The Queen of Pay-Per View takes control briefly until the challenger comes back with a near fall. Charlotte begins a ruthless attack beginning to wear Bayley down as she whiplashes her into the turnbuckle causing damage to Bayley’s neck. The neck became the focal point of Charlotte’s offence, Bayley tried her best to come back but the Champion had too much. Charlotte begins to take control of the match. Bayley eventually finds a way back in to the match reversing a dragon sleeper hold and coming back with a slight flurry, however a big boot from The Queen sends Bayley down to the floor. Charlotte moonsaults off the barricade onto Bayley’s neck only to get a near fall. A double cross body leaves both superstars laying in the middle of the ring. Bayley comes back full of fire throwing everything at the champ. Bayley picks up a near fall but doesn’t relent as she continues her attack. The Queen kicks out after the Macho Man Elbow Drop. The challenger gets another near fall after the top rope hurricanrana. Dana Brooke attempts to intervene but Bayley knocks her down and locks Charlotte in the figure four, Dana rakes the eyes of Bayley to break the hold, Charlotte capitalises on this locking Bayley in the figure 8, The Boss Sasha Banks and hit Charlotte  with her crutch. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-belly for a pinfall victory. Bayley is the new champion!


This wasn’t the best Raw, the Festival of Friendship segment seriously impressed me I was always expecting the break up but that was brilliantly done. Also the main event was a great match and the fans certainly loved the result. I just hope someone beats Charlotte on PPV as that would really make a strong woman in the division.

Raw Rating 7/10



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