WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 The Era Of Wyatt

Mickie James vs Becky Lynch

We kicked off the night with some Divas action, returning veteran Mickie James vs Becky Lynch. Mickie controlled most of this match, going straight to work on Becky’s arm, probably so she wouldn’t be able to execute her finisher the Disarmer. Mickie dominated in parts and Becky had flurries here and there. However Becky managed to pull a jack knife pin cover out of nowhere and surprised Mickie to get the 3 count and the win. Not the best opening match, an average contest in my opinion.

Dolph Ziggler vs Apollo Crews & Kalisto

Before this one even got under way, this new and improved heel Ziggler, attacked Kalisto mid entrance. He jumped Kalisto and then threw him into the LED boards that make up part of the stage. Leaving this as a one on one contest, Ziggler had the majority of the offence. Before Kalisto came struggling down the ramp, this distracted Ziggler and allowed Apollo to capitalize and surprise Dolph with an inziguri kick. Apollo immediately tags in Kalisto and the Mexican luchador used his high flying attacks and speed before a blind tag (to Ziggler that is) allowed Apollo to pick up the win. As the victors were celebrating Dolph attacked both men knocking Kalisto off the middle rope and out of the ring. He then went to work on Crews using his newly found friend the steel chair, Dolph unleashed a vicious attack on Apollo stomping on his ankle twice while it was locked in the chair. Dolph calmly exits to chants of “Thank you Ziggler!”. I personally really like this heel gimmick and it seems the WWE Universe are getting behind it too.

Tag Team Turmoil: Tag Title Match

First in, we had the team of Rhyno & “Mr I Got Kids” himself Heath Slater. They were joined by Fandango & Tyler Breeze. Heath started this match up against Fandango and was in firm control as Breeze was tagged in. The tag was made to Rhyno and as expected the famous “ECW!” chants filled the arena. There was nice tag team work between Slater & Rhyno before the Fashion Police took over. There was a tag made by Slater to Rhyno, without Fandango realising as he argued with official as to why he wouldn’t count Heath down, Rhyno hit the Gore and eliminated Breezango. Up next entered the Vaudevillains, they bought their mean streak and aggression with them isolating Heath and picking him apart. Not before Rhyno, intervened and caused Heath to eliminate the Vaudevillains after a DDT. The Usos, entered third. A great back and forth mini contest, ended with a vicious super kick to Heath Slater resulting in a pinfall for the Usos. The champions entered next and The Usos met American Alpha on the stage, Alpha started brightly but they were soon quelled by the tandem of Jimmy & Jay. The Usos began to take control and isolate Chad Gable from his partner Jason Jordan.A quick flurry and a double clothesline lead to Gable finally making the tag to his partner. Jason Jordan entered this match throwing The Usos about, not long after a clever pinfall saw Gable pin Jimmy. The Usos brutally attacked American Alpha after their contest. The final entrants were The Ascension who made their way to the ring with American Alpha left laying at the hands of The Usos. Conor & Viktor immediately hit Fall Of Man on Jordan only to be denied by Gable breaking up the cover. The Ascension completed dominated the champions. However it took one mistake from Viktor, who missed a corner splash leading to a suplex from Jordan who then tagged in his teammate Chad Gable and the duo hit the Grand Amplitude for the pinfall victory. American Alpha retain the Tag Titles. A hard fought victory, I’d have liked to see The Ascension get a title win though.

Nikki Bella vs Natalya

This one has been billed as a real cat fight grudge match, between the two former besties. The Fearless one herself Nikki made her usual awesome entrance looking as good as only Nikki can look. Immediately Nattie mocks Nikki’s boyfriend, John Cena. This leads to a good technical exchange between the two. Before the Queen of Blackhearts eventually took control she used her power to repeatedly slam Nikki down and especially making sure she took time out to once again to mock John Cena. Nikki used this as fuel to fight back taking the fight outside the ring leaping off the apron onto Natalya. Once Nattie got into firm control, more taunting and jokes followed as she continued to wear Bella down. The crowd was firmly behind Nikki, with “Let’s go Nikki” chants as she continued to wear down Nikki. Nikki came back strong catch Natalya off her game but the flurry didn’t last long.The match went back and forth between the two women. A big suplex from the top rope lead to Natalya applying the sharpshooter before Bella countered into the Fearless Lock (basically a modified STF). The match once again spilled outside with both women tumbling down to the floor and brawling out on the floor until the referee counted them both out. Nattie clocked Nikki with a cheap shot before making her way to the back she was recipient of a brutal spear from Nikki on the ramp. This rivalry is not over.

Luke Harper vs Randy Orton

An extremely physical contest between the two athletes, inside and outside the ring. Momentum went back and forth, there was a slight turning point as Orton knocked Harper off the the top rope and down to the floor. Randy didn’t relent after this, taking Harper outside and throwing him down back first on the announcer’s table. The Royal Rumble winner grounded the big man and began to take control. There was a lot of posing and taunting by Randy as he continued to pick apart Luke Harper. Harper came back into the match with a nice offensive flurry though in only led to a near fall. Harper and Orton went back and forth until the big man took flight with a suicide dive to Orton on the outside. Harper picked up another near fall after countering the RKO into two vicious super kicks. After more back and forth action, Randy blocks the Discus Clothesline and counters with an RKO outta nowhere! 1 – 2 – 3. Randy Orton wins.

This one has to be Match Of The Night, it was an absolute brawl.

Naomi vs Alexa Bliss: Women’s Championship

Naomi really started this one aggressively asserting her until the champ Alexa took over and unleashed an assault of her own. Hard fought back and forth contest. Naomi blocked the Twisted Bliss as she got her knees up and quickly hit Alexa with the Split Leg Moonsault for the win. New champion Naomi.

Its great that Naomi won the title, she really deserves the push and is about time considering that Wrestlemania is in her hometown.

Elimination Chamber: WWE Championship

Inside a new look Elimination Chamber, John Cena puts his title on the line against AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin and The Miz.

Starting the match in the first period we had, John Cena and AJ Styles in a little mini Royal Rumble rematch.. Brutal back and forth contest. Next in we had Dean Ambrose. With all 3 laid out, Bray Wyatt enters the match and dominates everyone, throwing AJ into the cage. AJ & Cena both climb the chamber and battle back and forth until Cena falls to the floor. AJ is then met by Dean on top of the Miz’s pod. Dean lays out AJ and Bray pulls Ambrose down and brings the action back into the ring. AJ is flung half way across the ring by some sort of tower of doom manoeuvre by Dean Ambrose. Baron Corbin enters and takkes the fight straight to Ambrose connecting with the Deep Six. Then Baron sent Bray into the Miz’s pod. Corbin hits AJ with the End of Days, and counters his way out of Cena’s STF into the End of Days. Corbin brawls with Dean and sends him twice into the cage, first time he throws him into the cage and the second time he pushes Dean off the top rope. Baron absolutely dominated. However, once the Miz’s pod is unlocked he reluctantly enters the match as Baron stares him down. Ambrose capitalised rolling him up for a pin fall. The elimination prompted Corbin to destroy Dean Ambrose first throwing him through one of the pods then hitting the End of Days in the ring. Miz quickly runs in, pins and eliminates Dean. The Miz hits Bray with a Skull Crushing Finale on the floor but then falls into the AA from Cena. Cena eliminates the Miz.Cena hits a 10 knuckle shuffle on Bray and AJ and then catches Bray with the AA. John tried to take AJ up for the AA, however AJ countered into the Styles Clashes but John kicked out at 2. AJ missed his springboard Phenomneal forearm and runs into the AA, but kicks out at 2. Cena climbs on top of a pod, and hits Bray and AJ with a flying cross body. Bray hits Cena with the Sister Abigail to eliminate John leaving just AJ and Wyatt, guaranteeing a new champion. Styles and Wyatt go back and forth AJ connects with Pele kick before connecting with a springboard 450 splash. Wyatt kicks out at 2. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, Bray catches him and hits Sister Abigail and gets the 3 count. Bray Wyatt is the new WWE Champion. As Bray Wyatt celebrates his title win, Randy Orton appears on the ramp and the show ends with an intense staredown.

Absolutely over the moon that Bray Wyatt finally has the WWE Title, and the Era Of Wyatt begins!

A rather average PPV from the WWE the big moment without a doubt was the crowning of new WWE Champion the Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt. Randy Orton vs Luke Harper was definitely Match Of The Night. This new scenario with the Wyatt Family is going to be an interesting storyline to follow on the Road To Wrestlemania.


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