The Queen Has Arrived


Charlotte kicks off the show claiming the Queen has arrived on Smackdown Live and she’s already lost her patience. She makes it clear she wants a shot at Naomi’s Smackdown Women’s Championship. Naomi tells her that on Smackdown Live, there aren’t any Kings or Queens however there is Champions. Naomi claims she knows what Charlotte wants and she’s going to give it to her. Naomi jumps The Queen as an official fails to restrain her, The Commissioner Shane McMahon makes his way out. Shane tells Charlotte that here on Smackdown, Charlotte has to earn her spot and says if she can beat Naomi tonight she’ll get a title shot next week. Upon hearing this news the two women continue their brawl.

Natalya says she’s the only woman on Smackdown Live who deserves to be Women’s Champion, and Charlotte is having everything handed to her. Carmella says that she agrees with Nattie. Tamina then interrupts and all three women bicker before Natalya says she has her own plans and that they need to discuss them.

6 Pack Challenge: Dolph Ziegler vs Erick Rowan vs Jinder Mahal vs Mojo Rawley vs Luke Harper vs Sami Zayn
A brilliant action packed match with plenty of high risk manoeuvres and some great wrestling. However, a controversial ending with Zayn ready to hit the Helluva Kick, a distraction allows Jinder to capitalise. Jinder Mahal wins via Pinfall. A decision that didn’t go down well with the fans.
Jinder says he’s booed because he isn’t the stereotype of a real American as well as other reasons and says Americans don’t accept diversity but they’ll have to accept Jinder Mahal as the next WWE Champion. Randy Orton congratulates Jinder and says he may have won the jackpot but he only prize he’s getting is an RKO. Orton then goes on to discuss his match with Bray Wyatt and claims to not know what a House of Horrors match is but he’ll still burn it down. Bray appears on the tron and says all the pain he has felt at the hands of Randy will fail in comparison to what Randy will feel in the House of Horrors. He says that Orton may walk in Champion but he’ll never walk out.

AJ Styles claims that he has home advantage and it doesn’t matter whether he faces Jericho or Owens for the United States Championship. He’s interrupted by Baron Corbin who says he was never pinned last week. As they go back and forth, AJ tells him he’ll be more than happy to wrestle tonight.
Charlotte is stopped by the new alliance of Carmella, Natalya & Tamina on her way to the ring.

Charlotte vs Naomi
The two women go back and forth in an early technical exchange. A series of near falls for both women and still no one has established control of the match as they slug it out in the ring, Charlotte’s chops vs Naomi’s kicks before Naomi unloads on The Queen. A great exchange leaves Charlotte in control as she begins to dictate the pace of the match however she’s only able to get a near fall. Naomi fights back bravely. This is a brilliant match the two women are really putting on a show. Charlotte counters the Rear View into Natural Selection. Charlotte wins via Pinfall.

American Alpha vs Primo & Epico
Gable and Jordan take early of Primo but a distraction from Epico allows The Colons to take over. Gable manages to tag in Jordan, the powerhouse of the two gains a near fall after he clears the ring. Primo and Epico team up on Jason Jordan and a knee to the head leads to a Pinfall. Primo & Epico win via Pinfall.
We have another raunchy vignette of Lana looking beautiful as ever, finally pushing her as a wrestler I hope.

The Face of America Open Challenge Kevin Owens vs Gary Gandy
KO makes quick work of the local jobber and absolutely dominates Gandy. Owens hits the Pop Up Powerbomb. Kevin Owens wins via Pinfall.
After the match Kevin says he’s the Face of America and Chris Jericho isn’t taking the title away from him nor is AJ Styles.

Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles
Corbin shows his power early as he rocks AJ with a hard right hand. Corbin dominates the early going as he drops AJ face first down on the ring apron. Corbin totally dominates the match even when Styles tries to fight back Baron stops him dead in his tracks. AJ manages to dodge a shoulder block and begins to fight back. Corbin counters the Styles Clash into a Backbreaker but only gets a near fall. AJ locks in the Calf Crusher but Corbin forces a rope break. AJ runs into the Deep Six but again only a 2 count. AJ stares down KO and his Styles Clash is reversed as Baron throws him into Owens. Styles reverses the End of Days and hits a Phenomenal Forearm sending Corbin into the Universe. AJ manages to just beat the referee’s count. AJ Styles wins via Count Out.

A great show tonight plenty of good matches, not much in the way of promo segments besides Orton and Bray Wyatt and the brawl that kicked off the show between Charlotte and Naomi. AJ and Corbin really put on a show for the main event they outdid the 6 Pack Challenge by a mile and I’m so disappointed that Jinder won that as I feel that he shouldn’t have even been in it. However besides that it was a very good show tonight and I’m going to give Smackdown 8/10.


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